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Gnarly of Gnarlies


Things are so freaking gnarly here in Radland. (Oh. My. Gawd.) You've heard of the Holy of Holies? (e.g. Indiana Jones & Raiders of the Lost Ark.) Well, I have entered the Gnarly of Gnarlies.

Ark of the Covenant

Just a quick note check-in to say I'm still alive. Keep praying for me. (I think it's working.) Very weird stuff going on. Lotsa strange coincidences.

Just when you think it can't get any more bizarre. Wish I could say more. Stuff you can't plan for and would never expect.

I haven't seen the Bug in weeks. So pray for him, too. Think positive thoughts. Do what you do. (I'm doing what I do.)

Really weird stuff going on .. like it's bigger than me. Electric. I feel like God is taking care of me.


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