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Rad Job Interview


Had a job interview today. Haven't interviewed for a job since I got out of the Navy. Was kinda nervous. Wasn't so much the interview itself (cuz they were very cool), but rather the idea of interviewing that made me nervous. (Know what I mean?)

Job interview: What NOT to do

I dressed nice and wore a tie. Normally I only wear a tie to court (where I usually get killed by a system that is mom-biased). So the act of putting on a tie is normally associated with impending pain & suffering.

The position is with a software development group in a financial services company. They use bleeding-edge technology to develop cool software products, so I'm very excited about the prospect of working with them.

How it came about .. at the coffee shop last Friday, I ran into this guy who I've known for years (from the coffee shop), who has seen me there reading my books on XHTML/CSS and PHP. So he knows I'm into web development.

On Friday he says, "You looking for work?" (I originally thought he knew about a job .. not had one himself.) He checks his watch and says, "I gotta run, but give me a call later this afternoon and I'll tell you all about it." He hands me his card and runs off.


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