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Summer arrived like God shut the breaker. Seriously hot yesterday/today. (No wonder the polar ice caps are melting.)

Rock climbing in Alaska

Took the Bug swimming today » "Uncle Tom's" pool.

Of all the cool/fun things we do, he seems most enchanted with aquatics. I mean, we're talking squeals-of-delight. (There's something hyper-gratifying to see that magical look on your kid's face.)

He reminds me of my brother (whose nickname was the Frog). Only way to get him to come out » drain the pool.

The Bug jumps in the deep end (!) and swims back to the ladder & climbs out (by himself). Fearless. (Too fearless.)

When I try to help him, he waves me away and tells me he wants to do it himself. (He does however, let me toss him high in the air.)

After the pool, we took the kids (+ Tom's daughter) to a rock-climbing gym (Bug's first-ever trip there) where he wore a real climbing harnass. (Tho he didn't climb very high.)

My buddy Tom worked his way thru college by teaching rock-climbing. So he constantly emphasizes safety, and knows how to make it seem less scary to put distance between you and the ground. He doesn't push kids any higher than they're comfortable climbing.


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