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Today's Key Word » 'Tragic'


Spent all day in court today. I hate that place. Been there so many times. Have wasted so much of my life (and money) there.

Tragedy Mask

I want to say I won, but reality is I merely didn't lose .. again. (Well, sorta.) I lost nearly a month with the Bug. Or maybe I should say, he lost a month with his dad. (Not the first time this has happened.)

There is a "system" in place, which appears to be begging to be abused/manipulated. And of course, some unscrupulous people are only too eager to oblige .. time & time & time again. And all the while, it's the little ones who suffer.

The key word that stuck out today was » "tragic". That's the word which resonated with me .. and still resonates. Because it *is* tragic. Woefully tragic.

I get the Bug tomorrow morning. I have promised him I'll "always come back" .. no matter what.

But something definitely shifted today. Serious cracks have appeared in the opposition. The spotlight has turned toward these cracks. And now we have a pattern. A history. Doncha know I wanted to say, "I tried to tell ya," .. (but I didn't).

Detective: "Could you please come in?"


Just returned from the police station. I'm still buzzing. Very emotional stuff. Received a call earlier this afternoon .. not from a police officer, but from a full detective, asking me to come in.

Detective Badge

Of course, this isn't the first time a detective has called for an interview, tho this is the first time they asked me to come in.

My saga continues yet anew. I have been accused (again) of the most horrible, vile, despicable acts you could imagine. I cannot even say the words aloud. What kind of mind can even come up with this stuff?

All went well. (As usual.) I have been cleared. (Yet again.) This time it was a lady-detective. She was very nice to me (just like the other detectives, who were understanding of my plight).

But they have a job to do .. and when accusations are made (no matter how absurd) they must investigate. In fact, many people have been involved in this particular investigation .. from various professional disciplines.


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