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Ordered more memory/RAM today .. for my laptop. Currently have installed 512-MB (2x256 SODIMMs), but this thing is painfully slow. (Wait, yawn, then wait some more.)

Can't believe it was so cheap ยป $21 for a full gig. I bought two sticks. So I'll soon be upgrading .. to 2 full gigs (which is the max my laptop can handle). Woohoo!

I read somewhere the bottom fell out of the memory market, due to severe oversupply. So now would be a good time to stock up on the max your system can handle. Plus, RAM upgrades are stupid-easy. (Pop-out old, pop-in new.)

Whilst in the upgrade-mood, I also ordered a new hard drive. Currently have a 60-gigger installed (chock-full o' krap).

Upgraded the Rad Community forums to YaBB 2.2.3, which was released a few days ago.

I'm getting good at working our new VPS from the Linux command line, which makes this type of upgrade much easier.

[I use PuTTY launched from WinSCP, which passes login info. These commands are long as your arm, involving files six or seven directories deep. One type-o and it won't work.]

This was the first time I didn't have to ask the techs at WiredTree (our web hosting provider) any questions. Did it all by myself.


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