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No More Diapers or i-key on Laptop


Got rid of the Bug's last few diapers today. He hasn't worn diapers for months, even at night. Seemed symbolic when I dropped those Huggies into the trash. End of an era. (He's 4 now.) Good that he's developing, but kinda sad, cuz they're only small once .. for such a short time.

Speaking of little ones .. the Dog called today and said his wife is pregnant. Due in October. I'm so happy for him. Couldn't stop smiling.

He's in New York. He will make a great dad. (His first.) He married a girl from the Czech Republic. (You know what they say about Czech girls.)

My laptop had a sticky i-key. So I popped it off with a thin flathead screwdriver and broke the dang mounting clip that attaches the key itself to laptop. Or at least it popped off too.

Tiny parts. Hard to work with. Broke out a magnifying glass. Hard to do anything with a magnifying glass in one hand.

I'm back. With 2-gigs of memory + 160-gigs storage. Very impressive. Didn't know this krappy ol' laptop could still sing. Very satisfying upgrade. It's a new day in Radland.

Kinda sore at myself for not doing this sooner. From a seat-of-the-pants perspective, it feels roughly twice as fast. I mean, everything now takes half as long, and some thing are simply ยป 'whoa' quick.

Desktop icons rebuilding blows me away. And launching Outlook Express (where I have 2 years worth of emails) .. goes wicked-fast now.

Upgraded RAM first. Couldn't have been simpler. Almost too perfect .. if ya know what I mean. Like maybe I used up all my techno-luck on that one upgrade.

Biking to Coffee Shop with Laptop


Rode my mountain bike to the coffee shop today with laptop in tow. Now, I've carried my laptop along to the coffee shop numerous times (in the car). And I've ridden there plenty of times. But this is the first time I've biked there *with* laptop.

Rad's Mountain Bike

Not sure why this feels like such a cool thing, but it does. Maybe it's the sense of freedom it brings, like backpacking. Liberating.

I was patting myself on the back, telling a friend how I'd rode there with a zero-carbon footprint .. to which he responded, "Yeah, if you don't consider all the jet-fuel they burned flying in that coffee you're drinking."

On a more technical note, I started studying PHP & MySQL this week. Been wanting to learn those technologies for some time. Now felt like the right time.

PHP has become a powerful scripting language, and also very popular (used by more than 20 million web domains). And since it's based on the C programming language, I might learn some of that in the process.


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