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Upgraded the Rad Community Forums to the latest version of YaBB (» v2.3.1), which was released in Jan.04. Had to wait until the mods I use were upgraded to Y.231-compatible.

YaBB = Yet another Bulletin Board

No matter how many times I perform this upgrade, I always get antsy .. about the prospect of losing 40,000 posts (which would suk gigantic goose eggs).

A tech from our ISP come out today (to install wired connections, using the home's pre-existing electrical wiring). But I didn't know he was here (cuz he was working over in the main house).

Immediately after transferring some 15,000 files (to complete the upgrade), I launched the forums to test-n-see if everything was working hunky-dory.

At that very moment, the ISP dude here disconected our wireless gateway, which gave me a bizarre error I'd never seen before .. something like » "Dude, your gateway is completely trashed. Better contact your Internet Service Provider for help."

I panicked. The thought ran thru my head » "Oh my God. I screwed up the forums so bad that they trashed my router gateway .. (which is physically impossible, if you think about it) .. but you know how disorienting untimely error messages can be .. when you're already on edge.

Upgraded Ye Olde Rad Blog to Moveable Type 4.21 (released 21.Aug). Had problems when I tried a new upgrade-method.

Movable Type Open Source v4.21

I used the same procedure I use to upgrade the forums, so I was surprised it didn't work. But the forums don't use a database (and the blog does), which is why I suspect I had problems. Finally got 'er working again. Whew! That suk'ed.

On another note, I found these $80 Sennheiser earbud headphones for $15 (with rebate) + free shipping .. if you need a new pair. Good deal. Many positive reviews, so lotsa people are buying these, and happy with their purchase. (September is my favorite month. Warm days, cool nights.)

For more along these lines. here's a Google search preconfigured for the query » upgrade movable type open source mtos blog

Upgraded my copy of Movable Type blogging software today (I use » Movable Type Open Source) .. to » v4.12, released last month.

Upgraded Ye Olde Rad Blog to Movable Type Open Source v4.12

Despite using Movable Type since 2003 (beginning with v2.63), this is the first time I've upgraded.

Previous "upgrades" were actually new installations, such as MT v3.35 (in April 2007) and v4.1 (last January), while leaving the old installations of Ye Olde Rad Blog untouched.

Upgrades make me nervous, cuz there's always a chance something might go wrong, and cause me to LOSE all the entries. (MTOS currently hosts ~50 entries.)

Now, with the new VPS, upgrades are easier, cuz I can use the Linux command line, which lets me overwrite old files with a single command. Very powerful .. but dangerous .. if I make a mistake (such as a simple type-o).

Now that the site has been moved (to a new server), and the forum script upgraded (to YaBB 2.2.1) my sights turn to Ye Olde Rad Blog (MTOS 4.1).

NightOwlOne of the coolest differences between pre-MTOS versions and this (very first) open source release .. is that we can now create as many different blogs as we want.

Prior to MTOS, the Personal Use license limited you to 1 blog per installation, with a max of 3 authors. (Still does, actually.)

Now (with MTOS) » unlimited blogs, unlimited users/authors. So! Of course, I wanna try out this new feature (multi-blog config .. from the same installation).

NightOwl has reluctantly agreed to be my Guinea pig. Yesterday I created my first blog for someone else (on the same Movable Type installation).

First Post with Movable Type Open Source


First post with Movable Type Open Source (MTOS v4.1). Had lots of problems trying to install this puppy. Finally solved my problems by uploading the entire *.zip file (which I downloaded from the Movable Type site), and unzipping the file ON THE SERVER (via cPanel "Files" module) .. instead of uploading each file individually.

The new blog still needs lots of tweaking, but at least I'm over the biggest hurdle .. uh, if this post works, that is.

UPDATE - Hey! It worked! Woohoo!

This is the default style that comes with MTOS, called "Minimalist Red". More designs can be found at the Design Assistant. Info about designing MTOS can be found HERE.

Installed Movable Type Open Source (MTOS v4.1)

Installed Movable Type Open Source (blogging software) last night. Woohoo!

Movable Type Open Source 4.1I've installed previous versions of Movable Type a few other times, such as v2.63 (back in 2003), and v3.35 (last April) .. all with no problem. But this version gave me fits .. due more however, to server weirdness than the software itself.

Learned much in the process. Finally resolved my problems by uploading (to my server) the *entire* archived ZIP file (which I downloaded from the Movable Type site), and UNzipped the file ON THE SERVER (via cPanel).

This method is way faster than unzipping the archive on my laptop and uploading the (2,000+) files sequentially. Was a beautiful sight to finally see the MT installer appear in my browser window. (Hallelujah!)

I was up 'til 1:30 AM the other night/morning trying to figure out what the heck was goin' on. Still have lots of configuring to do, but over the biggest hurdles (installing MTOS + posting first blog entry).

So I've installed & used MT 2.63, MT 3.35, and now » MTOS 4.1 .. the first open source release. Looking forward to lifting the hood on this puppy and familiarizing myself with the full range of its power. Almost forget .. HERE's the new blog » Ye Olde Rad Blog III (based on MTOS 4.1).

For  more along these lines, here's a Google search preconfigured for the query » install movable type open source mtos


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