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Need help in recovering files from a corrupt Ghost Image file on DVD's (Read 5082 times)
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Need help in recovering files from a corrupt Ghost Image file on DVD's
Mar 11th, 2008 at 1:30am
I am using Ghost that came with the Suite Install of of Norton SystemWorks 2003. I wanted to try creating a Ghost image and saving it directly to DVD's. I went and set up everthing in DOS, needed to have FireWire support for the DVD Recorder. No big deal. Ghost booted up fine and all that. Did the typical things to get started: source = my auxiliary drive, copy to = my DVD Recorder. Chose Fast Compression, which was later realized as being my first mistake. The file creation took about 5 DVD's and everything appeared to be going okay. The whole process took almost 2 hours. I then went on to do the Integrity Check. Shortly after I started the Integrity Check, was in too much of a hurry to get done and I was so confident that the Image file was okay that I shut down the machine, and proceeded in zero-ing both of my HDD's. Had I run the Integrity check just a few more minutes I would have found that the Ghost Image file had been corrupted and I would have never erased my HDD's. The errors that I was getting in DOS when Ghost exited itself was Decompression Errors when I later went back and tried to do an Integrity Check. That is when I realized I should not have used Fast compression, rather I should have used No Compression. Makes sense. Most of the data on my Aux drive were Ghost Image files and they were already compressed enough as it is.

So, here is my dilemma, and a serious dilemma at that. All my vital data for my business is stored in that corrupted Ghost Image File. I have 5 DVD's with several corrupted segment files and have yet to find a way to at least read the files. I can't restore back to the HDD, that's for sure. I've tried using a few command line switches in XP to run Ghost Explorer and nothing works. The files will not load. I did manage to find some folders listed but they were empty.

Anybody have any ideas on how I can recover any of my data from these corrupted Ghost files???

Here is a portion of the GHOSTERR.TXT file:

Date   : Sun Mar  2 23:23:46 2008
Error Number: (19235)
Message: Decompression error 10
Version: 2003.793 (Dec 17 2003, Build=793)
Command line arguments:
Active Switches :
      CRC Ignore
ProgMode            : PROG_LOCAL
PathName            : 2764 Current.GHO
DumpFile            : @CD-R1Ghost CD/DVD Image
DumpPos             : 2314625878
File64 buffersize   : 0
FlagImplode         : 0
FlagExplode         : 2

Operation Details :
 Total size.........41888
 MB copied..........2289
 MB remaining.......39599
 Percent complete...5%
 Time elapsed.......5:37  
 Time remaining.....1:37:09

Makes me wonder if the Decompression Errors are not caused by Ghost itself but rather caused by the DVD Recorder and/or media.  You'd think something more would happen in Ghost Exp with those switches.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Need help in recovering files from a corrupt Ghost Image file on DVD's
Reply #1 - Mar 11th, 2008 at 2:04am

Find another system that has an IDE DVD drive that in installed internally and determine if you can either:  

1.  load the image files from the DVD to Ghost Explorer--it's a stand alone program that can simply be copied to another system and run.

2.  or boot to DOS and see if you can run a successful integrity check

3.  or if there's a spare HDD--see if it will load the image to a HDD!

But, it appears that your image files are corrupt--perhaps the firewire external DVD drive was not completely compatible.  If that's the case--I've seen no means to recover data in that circumstance.

It's too late now--but, this is why we try to advise folks to test this type of restore onto *spare* HDDs to confirm that everything is compatible and works as planned before you *assume* all will work!

I wish I could offer better news--maybe someone else will offer other advice!


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