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Re: beginner
Reply #15 - Sep 23rd, 2008 at 9:22am
By definition, "Clone" means "Exact Copy".....
, so why ask if the clone will boot the PC?

If it's truly an "Exact Copy" or Clone, of course it will boot the PC. Roll Eyes
That is, if it's properly installed as the master drive on the lowest numbered drive port.
It seems like there's always an "IF"......right?
Like, "It will work IF you don't screw it up"..... or something like that. Wink
Ya know I'm jus funnin' wit ya,,,,,right?

I think the question was asked previously about what software to BUY since Ghost 2003 doesn't work for Vista. (?)

I think we've rendered that question 'Mute' as The FREE software from either Seagate (Disk Wizard) or Maxtor (MaxBlast) does the job very nicely.

Cheers Mates!
The Shadow  Cool

PS:  I just did some searching, and it appears that to get any backup or support software from WD, you have to specify an exact model number.
It's not FREE for any WD user, like the Seagate or Maxtor software is.
Just one more little reason to never buy a WD drive.

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