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sector not found writing drive a (Read 5604 times)
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sector not found writing drive a
Oct 19th, 2009 at 4:12am
New to forum, just built a bootable CD using nightowl guide, but when I boot up I get error 'sector not found writing drive a' error.

Can anyone please advise.

Many Thanks.
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Re: sector not found writing drive a
Reply #1 - Oct 20th, 2009 at 9:42am

when I boot up I get error 'sector not found writing drive a' error

Well, I'm guessing a little bit here, but it sounds like you are getting two different errors--you will have to help clarify...

First, when does this happen using the boot disc?  Is it when the boot process attempts to load Ghost--or is it at some other point in the boot process?  Or, are you able to load Ghost and it happens when attempting to select some Ghost procedure option?

But, whenever it does occur--it looks like the initial error is a report that a *sector is not found*.  And then there's a second error stating that the system can not write to the floppy drive A:>.

When you use a bootable disc, the boot process creates a *virtual* floppy drive--it's not *really* there physically, but it is there in RAM.  So, all the boot files can be *browsed* by doing a *dir* (directory list command) at the A:> prompt.  But, the system does not allow any *writing* to that *virtual* drive--it can only *read* from it!

If an error occurs, Ghost's default settings is to save an error file to the floppy disk in the sub-directory from which the Ghost program is started.  But, because the system will not allow *writing* to the *virtual* floppy drive--you get an error that the error file can not be created.

You can use Ghost command line switches to *re-direct* the destination for that output error file--but, you have to have a FAT partition that DOS has assigned a drive letter to in order to specify that--and, it can not be to an writable optical disc.  Although Ghost has the ability to write a Ghost image file to an optical disc--it does not have the ability to write that error file to the optical disc.

So, clarify--when is that initial error is occurring?


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