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NORTON GHOST FORMAT ! (Read 1582 times)
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Dec 29th, 2009 at 2:07pm

I want to format my HDD SATA 250 Gb Segate, Downloaded a Norton Ghost (1.2) Mb but dont know how to use it of make a Bootable floppy out of it ! Please advice

Thank you in advance.

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Reply #1 - Jan 6th, 2010 at 10:16am

Norton Ghost is not a partitioning or formatting tool as such.  It does perform those tasks, but as part of the restore process of a previously created Ghost image file--or on the fly cloning from one HDD to another.

Seagate has HDD tools for formatting and partitioning that you can download:  Downloads

There is a command line tool that's included with the Ghost installation package called *gdisk*--it is Ghost's equivalent to MS *format* tool--which can do most formatting tasks:

Switches: GDisk

Switches: GDisk and GDisk32 for Norton Ghost 2003

Downloaded a Norton Ghost (1.2) Mb

Based on that size, if it's the DOS executable program--then you probably have a copy of the Corp. version of Ghost--and probably v8.xx.

User Guides can be found here:  Ghost v8.xx Guides and Manuals

And, you can learn about using Ghost here:  Rad's Original Guide to DOS based Ghost:  Guide to Norton Ghost

but dont know how to ... make a Bootable floppy out of it !

Well, based on what you have said, I'm assuming you have a *pirated* copy of the program--if you had the licensed version, you would have the *Ghost Boot Wizard* that would help create the needed boot disks or discs.

You can get DOS boot disks from any number of sources:  Boot floppy disks and ISO files for bootable CD discs from Allbootdisks.com, and Boot Disks.

Once booted to DOS, you can then eject the boot disk and place a second disk with the *ghost.exe* program on it into the floppy drive and run Ghost from there--but again, you will not be able to format a HDD with the *ghost.exe* program as a separate function from Ghost's cloning function.


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