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Moonrise over Crystal Cove State Park, Laguna Beach

Copyright © 2003, Rad

Moonrise over Crystal Cove
This is the final photo of the series. Hope you enjoyed the journey.

Hungry after the run.
Time to get some salmon tacos at La Sirena in downtown Laguna [on Mermaid street].

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Crystal Cove: California Parks  ●  Alliance to Rescue Crystal Cove

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File: crystal_cove_22.jpg
File size: 733KB
Image Serial Number: 100-0082
Camera Model: Canon PowerShot G2
Firmware: Firmware Version 1.10
Owner: Rad
Date/Time: 2003.06.13 19:08:50
Shutter speed: 1/60 sec
Aperture: 2.5
Exposure mode: Program
Flash: Built-in Auto + Red eye reduction
Flash EF guide number: 6.50
Metering mode: Evaluative
Drive mode: Single frame shooting
ISO: 50
Lens: 7.0 to 21.0 mm
Focal length: 20.0mm
Subject distance: 66 m
AF mode: Single AF
Focus point: [Center]
Image size: 2272 x 1704
Rotation: none
Image quality: Raw
White balance: Auto
Saturation: Normal
Sharpness: Normal
Contrast: Normal