Full Moon Thru the Trees on June 1, 2015

Photo #9/9 » Full Moon Viewed Thru the Trees Rising Over Palomar Mtns

This full moon came up while it was still light out.
I prefer the full moons of the next few days .. which come up over dark mountains.

It looks more dramatic that way, and usually an exotic shade of orange.

I still remember waking spontaneously at O'dark thirty .. to go out and see the blood moon on April 4th.
I remember feeling very bad from the treatment, very spacy, lightheaded.
Compared to that, I am feeling much better now.

Photo taken June 1, 2015
Shortly after sunset
San Diego county

This is the last photo of this series.
You can find more photos of the casa posted here » Photos from the New Digs (2011).

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