Driveway Good for Skateboarding

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I can hear my son saying, "I'm gonna go outside and ride my penny-board, dad."
The surface of this driveway is very smooth, which makes riding on it smooth.
He is 10 years old.

I stand in the middle of the driveway and push him each time he goes by,
making his eternal figure-8's.

The penny-board is short and flexible, which turns easily.
His feet never touch the ground.
Our record is 14 laps.

Where we talk about all kinds of cool stuff.
And where I feel like I'm at the center of my fatherhood universe.

With all the tranquil contentments that mother nature and society conspire to bestow upon the father.
Especially the father whose heart is turned to their children.

He is surprisingly well-spoken for a 10-year-old.
He can carry on a decent conversation with an adult.

Photo taken June 1, 2015
Shortly before sunset
San Diego county

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