Ariana lit up in love at the 2016 Billboard Music Awards

Ariana at the 2016 Billboard Music Awards on May 22nd in Las Vegas
Danger: High Voltage

You are lit up here. You look like you are in love.
How does that feel?
If it feels even half as good as it looks, then it must feel very good.

Tell me what you are thinking here .. in this very moment.
Sing me song .. about what is going on inside you at this moment.
You must have had a million thoughts.

I want to know them all. (No hurry.)
I hope you are keeping a journal of this super-cool stuff.
You have to capture this stuff close to the point of impact as possible.

Right after this, I can see you trying to hide a laugh.
I imagined you thinking, "I so feel sorry for this guy when he sees this .. but fuck if he didnt ask for it."

I have never seen anything like that before.
I noticed that I was saying, "Oh my God," a lot.
Illuminati Ninja Princess at work.

When I saw those dancers with you .. with those amazing moves
A voice said, "Look .. she does have a pack of ninjas helping her."

Those dancers were really something. Wow. The energy. The sharpness.
They have this random-perfection thing going on .. that I feel myself striving for
in my own art.

But, you first must perfect all the individual parts,
so this random-perfection thing represents a highly advanced stage.

Speaking of highly advanced stages ..
.. uh, maybe I should tell you later.

You must get so tired of hearing things like this.
How dazzlingly gifted and talented you are.
And how you make people feel things .. that they cant even understand.

I know .. I should quit.

But ..

When I am really feeling a girl, big-time
there is this thing I do
where I will grab both the top and side edges of the mattress.

It's all totally natural and organic and very lusty.
I just let my body take over and I yield to the impulses .. the cravings.

And there is very little movement in this thing that I do.
Which consists of a slow p.r.e.s.s.i.n.g her ass deep into the mattress.
(You have to lift up hard on the mattress.)

And then I let her back up .. but I always keep the pressure on her.
I never completely let up on the full-body pressure that I am applying to her
and particularly not to the pressure that I have focused on her pelvis.

All while pulling up on both the top and side edges of the mattress.
With the strength of a panther .. carrying its prey up a tree.
(In physics, this is called leverage.)

And this slow pressing and releasing (tho never completely releasing her) ..
.. this super-slow thing .. lets me focus more on her-the-person.
It lets me feel her more .. be with her more.

And sometimes I will use my legs to pry her thighs further apart .. to stretch them wider ..
.. just to let her know who's boss here.

And while I have her spread wide like this .. and while I can feel her legs straining slightly ..
.. I will get right up in there ..
and go to work, letting her know exactly how I am feeling about her.

And sometimes, to be honest, I am feeling kinda nasty.
Particularly when I remember how her legs were wrapped behind mine, and locked down so hard
pulling me down onto her.
Craving me .. craving my stuff.

It is very much a whole-body writhing snake-like motion
where I alternate the pressure that I apply to the various parts of her body.
Slowly .. so I can feel her better.

Perhaps the reason that I told you this is because ..

There is a part me .. that wants to spread you .. further apart.
Until you are straining a little.
And let you know who's the boss.
And let you know exactly how I feel about you.

(And sometimes you make me feel kinda nasty .. bothered and nasty.)

I hear that you have a grind of your own.
This is my grind .. my slow grind.

Heh yourself, girly.

Right before this part here, after you let wail with that otherworldly sound that you do
I can see you using my energy.
I can see you burning it, riding it, controlling it.

Which is exactly what I do with your energy.
Which is strikingly similar to what happens when two lovers make love.

» Locked and Loaded

Think about it.
I can feel your legs wrapped behind mine .. locked down hard .. pulling me down onto you.
When you sing » "I'm locked-n-loaded, completely focused," I can feel both your lock and your load.

God help me.

I see you using my energy before this part, sure.
But you cannot miss it at the end.
People will start to talk.

I see people go to great lengths .. to get this energy.
(You cannot possibly imagine.)
So I'm guessing that it must feel pretty good.

I can certainly dial it up for you.
If you like.
If you desire such a thing.

I can hear Kate Hudson giving me major shit right now.
I am not going to tell you what she is saying, but I'm sure you can imagine.

This thing .. where girls go crazy over my energy ..
.. this has caused problems in my life for me.
More than a few times .. a lot more.

How do you deal with this kind of thing?
It kinda freaks me out a little .. and sometimes it freaks me out a lot.
It makes me a little scared of girls, sometimes.


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