Ariana singing Into You in New York City on May 19, 2016

Ariana Singing Into You in New York City
May 19, 2016

Look at you here.
What are you doing here, Ariana?
This is not possible .. what you are doing here.

This is how I knew that I was beyond the realm of the possible.
When I saw this image.

» The Thing I have been Searching For for Centuries

There is a scene in Bram Stokers Dracula
where Dracula sees a girl on the street that looks like and reminds him of his long-gone lover.

I thought of that scene when I saw this image.
What does that mean?
What could it possibly mean?

I should not be having these kinds of thoughts about you.
Should I?

» Vampire-Chick Sophie Michelle Presents You with an Interesting Boolean Option

Speaking of Dracula and girls who make me feel things that I probably shouldnt be feeling ...
check out this hypnotic ASMR that Sophie Michelle does here.

Sophie Michelle ASMR hypnotic vampire roleplay (3 March 2018).

I found this ASMR to be a clever thing .. the way she speaks telepathically, and the things that she says.
And notice how she has white circles surrounding her pupils.
I wonder how she does that.
Her eyes are obviously reflecting some sort of light.

At around t=15:45, about halfway, she really gets going.
She is just toying with you before that.
Having fun with you.

This is a remarkable head-trip that they are able to do.

» How Can Such a Little Girl Pack Such a Big Wallop?

You pack quite a punch, girly.
Being such a little thing .. kinda messes with the head.
Because, it doesnt seem like someone so small should be able to hit so hard.

But you have obviously learned how to pack a wallop.
You somehow fill the thing that you do with a supercharged effect.
I am not really sure how you do this .. but I can certainly feel its effect.

I have been trying to figure out what you are doing.
And how you are doing it.

Look at you here.
Describe yourself to me.
Make a list for me .. of all the adjectives that apply.

Tell me what is going on inside you right now.

By grabbing this particular image here
I feel like I ..
.. uh, maybe I shouldnt say.

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