A newborn in the hand of a brand new dad (Peter)

A Newborn in the Hand of a New Dad (Peter)

Very intimate. So intimate that you can hear the generations speak.

I love the way his little arm props up his chin ..
.. the way I do myself .. especially when I'm trying very hard to be cute.

He is still wearing the hospital tag,
so they must have took this photo while still at the hospital.
The hand pictured so prominently dramatizes the smallness.

The very FIRST day that we took home the Bug from the hospital ..
.. I took him for a walk at the beach at Crystal Cove (right next to Laguna Beach, in Newport Beach).

Carried him like a football. (That why he's so tough now.) Mom stayed and rested.
Down at the shoreline two ladies were walking the other way.

"Oh my God! Do you have a baby there?
Can we see? How old? Five days? Oh my God. He's beautiful. Hi little guy.
Welcome to the world."

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