West Hollywood Gay Pride Parade

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Photos taken with a Canon G2 digital camera [hand-held, no tripod]
All web pages/images created/compressed with [the wonderful]

Photos taken during the shooting of a USC student film [shot *in* the parade],
directed by Tania Trepanier. Some of the cast & crew pictured here.
I drove the Van .. my first experience in such an openly gay environment .. a real eye-opener.

The film made in this parade will be screened at USC's [campus] Norris Theater [free],
[now called the Frank Sinatra hall] on Sunday, 29 June 2003, around 7:30PM,

along with several other student films, such as Wendy's thesis film: Breakwater,
and Tania's thesis film: Seahorses [the male seahorse gets pregnant]
Everyone welcome. Admission free.

It came out surprisingly good [~15 minutes long].
"WeHo Story" was done as a project for a musical genre class.
The title of the film is "West Hollywood Story": a take-off on "West Side Story".
Contact Wendy for details.

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even tho it's not linked to from the site's home page.
[this page is in the closet, so to speak].
In other words, people are finding it via search engines or personal links.

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