Trip to Laguna Art Museum, 04may01

An overly simplified description might be: plastic boxes of different shapes & sizes, 
meshed together, and filled with either rose- or mint-colored lights .. in a dark room, 
with no other lighting. Wendy said the room would be a great place to shoot a scene.

At a party in LA a couple of months ago, we met a professor who teaches Sculpture. 
She is a big Hendee fan, and is the one who told us about the exhibit .. since we live 
so close to the museum. She added that few modern sculptors use clay & bronze 
anymore, cuz they get expensive to work with. Most use 'alternative' materials 
(anything cheap). 

Another exhibit at the LAM is titled Cyborg Manifesto - The Joy of Artifice (pix here). 
One part of the C-M exhibit consists of 10 drawings, framed, and hanging together on 
a wall. The drawing are from an isometric perspective, in the style of today's video 
games .. of scenes of popular cultural events. 

For example, one drawing framed the scene containing the bodies of Nicole Brown 
Simpson & Ron Goldman lying dead at the Bundy residence. I had never seen the 
actual crime scene before, but I knew right away what it was. 

At the time of the murders, Nicole's parents, the Brown family, lived less than a mile 
away, in Dana Point. We'd see reporters & camera crews camped out in front of the 
gated community where the live(d) .. all hours of the day & night. 

Wendy was surprised that I could identify all 10 scenes so quickly. (I was too.) 

Thumbnails of 20 scenes are here. You can click on each thumbnail for a larger image. 
See how many you can identify. The large (gruesome) image of Nicole & Ron is
It's obvious that the artist did his homework, and carefully researched the
details of 
each scene.