A Chronicle of the 546 Semester at USC Film School
USC School of Cinema-Television Production
Los Angeles
, California

The World's Finest Film School

In their second year of grad school, students combine to form larger filmmaking teams.
11 students join forces to make a single 12-minute film comprising:

1 writer, 1 director, 1 asst director, 2 producers
2 cinematographers, 2 editors, 2 sound people

Each student must crew on a 546 to satisfy graduation requirements.
Four 546 films are made each semester.

The following pages represent the experiences of an Editor on one such project, 
titled [

1. [
Welcome to 546] 20jan2001
2. [
546 Screenings] 22jan2001

3. [
Stress Returns] 25jan2001
4. [First Primary Shoot] 31jan2001

5. [Making an Unconventional Film] 09feb2001
6. [Editor's Cut] 25feb2001

7. [
Editor's Cut Shown] 04mar2001
8. [
Workprint Screening] 09mar2001

9. [
App for 546 Director's Position] 23mar2001
10. [
508 Answer-Print Screening] 03apr2001

11. [Final Editing Crunch] 09apr2001
12. [
546 Answer-Print Screening] 11may2001
13. [
Grades] 30may2001

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