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The 546 semester at USC Film school

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The answer print of Echo, the film Wendy edited this semester, screened yesterday, 
on the big screen, at Norris theater. Four films screened. Echo was saved for last. 

Wendy said many people came up to her afterwards, and offered their congratulations, 
including several upperclassmen. She said, "You could tell they were sincere." 

The head of 546, Mary Jansen, called Wendy over afterwards, gave her a big hug, 
and told her what a great job she did, saying, "Congratulations. It looked even more 
beautiful today than ever. It was all the buzz. I know you worked so hard." 

The other 3 films are more linear, meaning that there wasn't as much room for 
the editors to play with the editing. The stories followed a more conventional 
storytelling model.

The big, official screening for Echo will be sometime in the fall. No official date has 
yet been set. Echo will also go to First Look, at the Director's Guild, where it'll be 
seen by industry wheels (Sunset blvd). 

Keith approached Wendy after the screening (he's not taking 546 this semester), 
and carried on about how impressed he was. He said, "And you can tell that it was 
the editing that made it rock." Lots of other students who didn't take 546 this 
semester attended the screening.

People seem to think that Echo has the potential to win awards, and that the 
editing is where much of the magic happens.


Wendy will be editing an advanced project (581) next semester, titled Seahorses
for Tania. She is honored that Tania would want her to edit her thesis project. 

To refresh your memory, Tania is the girl Wendy committed to Produce for .. earlier 
this semester. They pitched the script together (with Dennis) but weren't selected. 

This is a big thing for Wendy. She doesn't know of anyone else in her class who's 
been approached to edit a 581 advanced project. 

Tania attended the answer print screening. Afterwards, she told Wendy , "I'm sooo  
glad I have you to edit my 581." 

Tania will be shooting Seahorses next month (June). Wendy will have until November 
to edit it.


Advanced projects are unique in that students crewing on them pay no tuition, 
nor receive any units for these projects. They merely receive a credit for the film, 
and it goes on their 'reel'. But it doesn't co$t them anything either. The university 
structures curriculum to prepare students for how the industry operates. 

Students making their advanced, thesis project must have a mentor who's willing 
to accept their project, but students are pretty much on their own when it comes 
to making the film, finding crew, etc. 

Wendy is currently enrolled in a class for next semester titled, Preparing for the 
Advanced Project
. Students must first take this (semester-long) class before 
beginning their advanced, thesis project. 

She is also learning much from Tania about what the advanced project involves. 
Tania says there are a million signatures you have to get before shooting can begin. 

Tania's story is not unlike Echo's .. in that it's also a non-linear story. Tania told 
Wendy that, when she told Mary Jansen who'd be editing her film (Wendy), Mary 
perked up and said, "Perfect, Wendy has experience editing a film like this." 

It looks like Wendy will be editing Tania's thesis project on (Apple's) Final Cut Pro
This will add another editing program to her repertoire of skills. She's been editing 
at home with (Adobe) Premiere for ~3 years. She learned the Avid this semester, 
and now she'll be learning FCP .. 

.. altho she'd rather use her own system, since it's a real-time editing system, 
which means she doesn't have to wait for effects and transitions to render. FCP 
is what they call software rendering. Waiting for scenes to render can take you 
out of the creative flow.

Wendy noted that Tania chose her to edit her advanced project, even tho she has 
no previous experience editing with FCP .. just like Pema chose her to edit his 546 
without any previous Avid experience. 


Wendy has been learning more about req'ments to graduate. Besides the requisite 
courses (for example, every student must crew on a 546 at least once), and 
completing the required units (52), each student must do one of the following 3

1. Complete an advanced, thesis film project. In other words, write & direct your 
own film. There are several versions (581, 582, 587) each with it's own twist. 
Advanced projects are between 12 & 20 minutes long. Completing an advanced, 
thesis project is the ultimate way to go .. and the hardest. This is what Wendy 
wants to do.

Many students shoot & edit on DV (digital video) cuz it's much cheaper than film. 
But many shoot on 35mm ($$). 

Wendy approached and spoke to the guy who runs the new, Zemeckis Digital Arts 
center, and asked if he'd consider being her mentor for her advanced project, cuz 
she wants to use all the cool, new technology now coming into the Zemeckis center. 
He said it'd have to be approved by the Dean, but he'd be interested.

The Zemeckis center is not completely done yet, but should be by the time Wendy 
is ready to begin shooting her thesis project. She also wants to hook up with some 
students in the Animation dept., cuz she wants to inject small bits of animation into 
her project. 

As yet, Animation students have remained in their own, little world .. not interacting 
much with Production students.

She also wants to hook up with some hot Screenwriters, in USC's Writing program .. 
to help her with her story.

2. Students may also opt to crew on a 546 twice. This is considered the lamest 
option, cuz it's the easiest way to graduate, and you come out with no film to call 
your own, except for 508 (5-mins, 16mm, b&w, no sync sound dialogue). 

3. Write a feature-length script. Wendy is currently enrolled in a class next year, 
where (in two semesters) she'll write feature-length script. This is tougher than it 
sounds. Not everyone taking this class finishes a feature-length script. Supposedly, 
a f-l script is a key to success in the industry .. perhaps cuz it's so hard to do .. 
like writing the Great American Novel. 


She's been pretty bummed that she didn't get any PA/TA-ships next semester. 
She feels like she has worked hard for 3 semesters, and would make a great TA. 

However, at the last minute, it seems that a new position has opened up - an 
PA-ship, for an Intermediate Editing class (535, graduate class). She'd 
also work in the Avid room, helping students learn/use the Avid. This would be 
right up her alley. (PA = Production Asst.)

Mary Jansen told her about the position, after giving her the hug after the screening. 
Mary told Wendy to go see another Mary, who is doing the hiring. Mary Jansen 
recommended Wendy for the position, which gives 3 units, and pays an hourly wage. 

The lady in charge of hiring told Wendy that she was "one of the finalists", but that 
she first needed to talk to Mary Jansen before making a final decision.
Wendy said, "I just saw Mary. She's the one who sent me to see you." 

TA-ships are too political to predict, but it seems that Wendy has a good chance. 
She'd be happy to get it. The words Avid tech could look nice to a resume. 

Only thing remaining this semester are grades. She said, "I'll be surprised if I don't 
get an A in 546." Should be out soon.


She entered Liliana in several film festivals. She spent a couple of days researching 
festivals online. One such festival is here (killer Flash into). More listed here.


I upgraded Wendy's PC so she can now edit video in Windows 2000, a more pro- 
fessional (& robust) operating system than Win98. 

While testing the new system, she captured & edited some footage from our (17 mile) 
hike to the top of Half Dome (Yosemite) last summer. Sometimes, the coolest stuff 
comes when she's simply playing around. Wendy hauled her little MiniDV camcorder 
to the top of Half Dome to get this footage. She posted the movie on her site here
It's 7 minutes long (12MB).


Wendy has been working with Lejla, creating a 'reel' for her, based on footage Lejla 
has of her acting gigs. Lejla is interested in having Wendy put together something for 
her like Wendy made for Lani (here), showcasing her acting talents. 

While Wendy was discussing the project with Lejla, one of Lejla's friends became 
interested, and wants to do the same thing. So Wendy may have a side business 
creating reels for aspiring actresses.  


We had a Cinco de Mayo party here. Wendy invited a bunch of her classmates. 
The margaritas probably had something to do with it, but we had a great time. 
Damage report here.


Lani is coming down for the weekend, Mother's day .. flying in to John Wayne, 

This just in. They just called and offered the Editing PA-ship. She took it! 
She's one happy camper, dancing around the house. 

Fade to black.

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