Backpacking Yosemite National Park
August 2-15, 2000

Vacation pix, in no particular order
See here for an intro to the pix, and a little about the vacation. 

Wendy with GL1

Rad Falls

Backpacking clan

Rad packer 


Wendy packing at sunset

Wendy packing during the day 

Yours truly at Glen Aulin falls

Wendy in the woods

Bear-proof food-storage containers 

Car packed

Water reflection


Wendy sits

Leaves of the field clapping

More reflections

California Falls

The boys, Jahmar & Brendan

Wendy at the river




Swimming at the falls

Boys at the top of falls


Wendy at falls

Scarf dancing at the falls

Pond spy

Pond at sunset

Vistas on the trail

Rad packer 2


Top of California Falls at sunset

Wendy & Brendan

More vistas

The gang

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