Falls at the Glen Aulin High Sierra campsite. The water isn't bad - not too cold - tho certainly refreshing & invigorating. I wore a quick-drying (swimming, surfing) top to help take the chill off. Swimming here is best on a hot day, which we had, between 1 & 5PM, after the sun has had a chance to warm the (Tuolomne river) water. 

This was one of the high-points of our vacation. There's something enchanted about swimming at the foot of a roaring waterfall. No matter how hard I swam toward the falls, the flow pushed me back downstream. A Mark Spitz I am not. 

These falls are at 7800-foot elev, hence the term high-sierra. Nearest road is over 5 miles away (gotta hike in).

Wendy brought her DV camcorder & got some footage of us swimming here, which she may post if she gets the time. 

The next shot is taken from the top of the falls, to the left, back this way. The mountains are behind you now, as you'll see.  

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