News for March 2006


Radiation tri-blade 30.mar.2006 - I moved again. (Can you believe it?) Julie's folks graciously offered me the use of their guest house, which is ideal for my needs right now .. and much closer to the little guy, too (same city) .. only 10 minutes away, vs 30 minutes to Laguna .. a factor, since I do both the pick-ups & drop-offs (= 2 hours of driving each day).

The custody battle has decimated my finances. Anybody who has gone thru such a thing knows how expen$ive it can be. The legal fees have been staggering.

But in the end, we all do what we have to. Her folks have been warm and inviting, hearts big as hers. The remainder of today's entry is continued in the blog here:> Moved Again

Radiation tri-blade 27.mar.2006 - Ever have one of those days filled with strange, unexplainable coincidences? That was yesterday. I'm still trying to understand what such occurrences might mean.Ad-Aware

After church, Miss Julie drove her convertible bug cross town to her folk's place (my first time there). Our bikes spilled out the back seat, draped over the reclining convertible top. Sun shining. Warm day.

After changing out of our church duds, into bike-riding duds, we happened to meet a man at her folks place who had stopped by to handle some business for them.

Briefly we introduced ourselves before heading out on a ride down to the Balboa peninsula in Newport Beach (my first bike ride there).

En route we stopped at a bike shop to put more air in the tires .. when I started getting hungry. So Julie led the way to El Ranchito, a Mexican restaurant on the peninsula. (She rides fast.) Place was packed. Musta been 70 or 80 people there. Some waiting for a table.

Hostess get us and seats us at a table .. right beside the guy we met earlier at her folk's place. Our tiny tables sit mere inches from each other. Of course we discuss the chance encounter, the proximity of the seating arrangements, given so many table at the restaurant, and so many restaurants on the peninsula. They ordered another round of margaritas as we left to continue our journey south.

The remainder of today's entry is continued in Ye Olde Rad Blog here:> Synchronicity, Serendipity & Seemingly Chance Encounters

Radiation tri-blade 21.mar.2006 - Transferred the longer entries found here to the blog .. (now that it's finally working again) .. to save space on the home page. Left only the first few paragraphs of each entry, so readers can decide whether they want to continuing reading.

In other news, saw Failure to Launch last night: romantic comedy starring Matthew McConnaughy and Sarah Jessica Parker (Sex and the City). Caught it at the local theater here in Laguna.

Critics panned it, but I enjoyed it. Yeah, it had some dumb parts (the mocking bird resuscitation scene), but still made me laugh.

Loved Terry Bradshaw playing the role of the dad (former Steelers hall-of-fame quarterback). Cracked me up to see his naked butt walking around on screen. Good date flick for a load of light-hearted laughs.

Radiation tri-blade 20.mar.2006 - First day of spring today (for those of us who live in the Northern hemisphere), also known as the spring equinox, when hours of daylight = hours of darkness.

At precisely 1:26 PM (EST) the sun crosses the earth's equator, entering the Northern hemispere.

This astronomical event is also known as the Vernal eqinox. The word "equinox" means equal night. Hours of daylight continue to grow .. until the summer solstice, on June 21st.

We celebrated the day yesterday by going for a vigorous hike up in the mountains above Laguna. Found a lemon tree enroute, and picked some juicy lemons on the way back. (Best ones were near the top.)

Radiation tri-blade 18.mar.2006 - Starting this month, I get the little guy (Rad Jr, 1 yr old) for 3 days/week .. one extra day each week. Even tho it's nowhere near half the time I want, it's still way more than what I had last year .. and (for some reason) feels like a *lot* more time than last month.

I pick him up early in the morning, and bring him back late in the afternoon.

On days when I have him, I've developed a peculiar habit, which has become something of a tradition: I get up extra early (4:30) so I can stop by the club (on the way) .. and take a long, luxurious sauna.

Interestingly, I only do this on days I have the little guy. Not sure why, but even on days when I decide to sleep in (e.g. tired the night before), I still wake early, and can't get back to sleep ..

.. as if something is *making* me do this. I don't work-out these mornings, only sauna & shower. The sauna is kinda surreal at 5AM, while I'm still half asleep, sweating rivers.

In discussing my quirky behavior with friends, it was suggested I could be doing this to de-stress, pre-emptively, so I don't transfer any of my stress to the little guy.

The remainder of today's entry is continued in the blog here:> Rad Dad Tradition: Early Morning Sauna

Radiation tri-blade 17.mar.2006 - Happy St. Patty's day. Erin go bragh and the luck of the Irish to you.

I called the Dog today to wish him a happy St. Patty's day (he's pure-bred Irish-Catholic). I happened to call while he was at the St. Patty's day parade in New York City, which has been going on every year since 1762.

Said he had business in town, and stopped to watch the parade. Said it's the largest Irish parade in the world .. proceeds down 5th Avenue, past St. Patrick's cathedral. Goes on all day long, from 10AM 'til sunset.

I love the Dog. He has been there for me every step of the way during the last year of trials & tribulations.

Radiation tri-blade 15.mar.2006 - Beware the ides of March. Posted my first blog entry today since moving the site to a new host. Had one problem after another, but finally got Ye Olde Rad Blog working, so I can again create new entries.

I enjoy working thru problems. The most recent glitch - and final hurdle - was resolved by determining the site's full server path .. to the weblog directory and entering this data on MovableType's Core Setup configuration page (not in the MySQL database, as I'd previously planned).

The remainder of today's entry is continued in the blog here:> First blog entry since moving site to new host's server

Radiation tri-blade 14.mar.2006 - Having trouble last few days with pesky spammer spamming links to pr0n site at the forums.

Never had this type of problem before, even tho the forums have been up for years. Tonight's posts came ~10-11 PM Pacific time. That seems to be his time.

The remainder of today's entry is continued in the blog here:> Problems with pesky spammer in Rad forums

Radiation tri-blade 13.mar.2006 - Tried to post a new blog entry today .. the *first* such post after moving the site to a new host (beginning of last month) .. but received the following error: mkdir /~radif2: Permission denied at lib/MT/FileMgr/Local.pm line 104.

Arrrgh! I use MovableType as my blogging software of choice. mkdir (I'm guessing) = make directory. The blog works fine for readers. I can also log into the blog's administrative interface, which is used to create new blog entries. And I can also SAVE DRAFTS fine.

The remainder of today's entry is continued in the blog here:> MovableType blog publishing error

Radiation tri-blade 10.mar.2006 - Have a special treat for you today (by popular demand): photos of the new squeeze. I agree it helps to have a picture in mind when you hear someone mentioned.

Three photos: julie_01 (40-KB) .. julie_02 (30-KB) .. and julie_03 (40-KB). Doesn't she look like a sweetheart? Told ya she doesn't look 37. The Dog thinks she looks 19. Super affectionate. Big heart. Very giving.

Did I mention she regularly goes down to Mexico with her church to help build homes for the homeless there? So far, she's taken me to church, sailing, horseback riding and, uh, to the cleaners (playing scrabble).

The remainder of today's entry is continued in the blog here:> Photos of new squeeze

Radiation tri-blade 08.mar.2006 - Sweet Jesus! Finally figured out how to solve the problem I was havin' getting the blogging software I use (MovableType) to work with the new server.

I mean, the blog itself always worked fine for readers (see here: Ye Olde Rad Blog), but I could not connect to the interface that allows me create new blog entries. (It's a CGI script .. refer to entry below for 24.feb for details).

In my entire digital career, there are only a handful of things I haven't been able to resolve. Troubleshooting has always been a strength. Or maybe I'm just too stubborn to let a stupid piece of software wup my butt. I mean, this shouldn't have been that difficult.

The problem I was having was that I couldn't connect to site's the MySQL database, which drives the blog's administrative interface (used to create new entries). I was getting an error which said essentially that.

The remainder of today's entry is continued in the blog here:> Resolved MySQL database connection error (since moving site to new host)

Radiation tri-blade 07.mar.2006 - Received a note from Magoo today, regarding the status of his recent migration to the Linux operating system, which continues to be developed by thousands of gifted coders around the globe.

Most Linux-users dual-boot a copy of Linux while retaining their trusty copy of Windows on their PC .. whereas Magoo has gone solo-Linux, which makes his experience more interesting (and him very cool). His note is here:

At this point, I consider my Linux migration complete. I currently use all the features I had in Windows, with many notable improvements.

The remainder of today's entry is continued in the blog here:> Magoo completes migration to Linux (from Windows): Final Report

Radiation tri-blade 04.mar.2006 - The front page of yesterday's USA Today featured an article on Laguna Beach, which describes how residents here feel the MTV reality show (Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County) is giving the town a bad name.

The paper's headlines read: The real Laguna Beach disdains its MTV image. In smaller print, the subtext reads: Locals say reality show "has hijacked our identity".

The featured front-page photo is taken from Heisler Park. (I was there earlier today.)

To be honest, I've never seen an entire episode. Nor has anyone I know, except for some teenagers. But .. I have lived in Laguna for nearly 10 years (having become a full-fledged Lagunatic).

The notion that Laguna Beach is somehow the *real* Orange County is absurd, cuz everybody here knows Laguna is nothing like the rest of Orange County.

The remainder of today's entry is continued in the blog here:> Laguna Beach makes the front page of USA Today

Radiation tri-blade 02.mar.2006 - Friendly reminder for those of you living locally here in Laguna Beach (LaBeana Gooch) .. today is the First Thursday Art Walk.

Free vino & hors d'oeuvres for those who get an early start .. and the art isn't bad, either.

Radiation tri-blade 01.mar.2006 - Rad tie-wearing day today. Say a Rad prayer for me. Think Rad thoughts. Think Rad dad, playing Rad dad.

In other news, at dinner last night (Muldoon's Irish pub), where two of the most important people in my life met for the first time, the Dog said of Miss Julie, "She's a sweetheart, Dogger."

I replied, "So you approve? That means we can go ahead and indoctrinate her into the Dogbrother society?"

"Definitely," the Dog said. "Let's do it." Then he grabbed a knife off the table and said to Miss Julie, "Give me your hand." =)

On the ride home, Julie said (of the Dog), "You can tell he really loves you."

"How so?" I asked. "From the way he looks at you," she answered, "By the things he says. It's obvious he really cares about you."

Proverbs 18:24 says: A man of many companions comes to ruin, but there is a Friend who sticks closer than a brother . "A Friend who sticks closer than a brother" .. that's the King James version of a Dogbrother.