News for October 2004


Radiation tri-blade symbol 26.Oct.2004 - I know I've been slacking on keeping the site updated. Been busy with other stuff. You know how it gets sometimes.

Today I posted my reasons why I'm voting for Kerry next week. I won't bother regular readers (techies) with my politics, but if you're interested, I blogged them here: > Why I'm Voting for Kerry.

On Frontline tonight: Rumsfeld's War.

Radiation tri-blade symbol 17.Oct.2004 - If you live here in sunny California, and haven't yet registered to vote, you have until tomorrow (Monday, the 18th). Your registration form can be mailed in, long as it's posted marked by the 18th.

There are many places online that will walk you thru the registration process, such as Rock the Vote and Declare Yourself. Both offer specific registration info/procedures for voters from either party in all 50 states. Millions have downloaded registration forms online.

I tried it out. It's easier than ordering a book from Amazon.com. You simply answer the questions, print the form, stick it in an envelope, lick a stamp, and drop it in a mailbox. This seems to be one of those elections that actually matter.

Frontline (one of my favorite programs on Public Broadcasting) has the best (objective) comparison of the two candidates I've seen yet: The Choice 2004 .. is an enlightening 2-hour special, which I found downright fascinating. You can view this special for yourself online > HERE (video).

Just like with the debates, you get a better idea of what each man is really about when they are viewed in the stark light of objectivity .. compared (e.g. both men went to Yale *** ) & contrasted (e.g. Kerry: serious A-student; Bush: partying C-student) side-by-side ..

.. instead of with the usual carefully-worded, spin-ridden 10-second sound-bytes we normally get from cable news networks, while each man is stumping in a different state at different times, amid their adoring, sign-waving fans (and no one else).

*** - I grew up 15 minutes from Yale (New Haven). My brother went to Yale. Anybody been to Toad's Place, or Pepe's pizza on Wooster street? How about Sally's? You can't get pizza like that here in California, no matter what Sid says.

Radiation tri-blade symbol 07.Oct.2004 - RADIFIED set a new daily site record yesterday, breaking 10,000 Unique sites served (10,022). See here.

Unique sites served
is one of the more meaningful metrics regarding site usage, or so my web-guru buddies tell me. Each computer has a unique IP address which identifies it. I think this metric means that RADIFIED was accessed by ten thousand different (unique) computers yesterday.

I might learn more about the various statistics if I were selling advertising banners. But then I might not be able to say whatever I want. Right now, it's just fun to watch the numbers grow. Heck, it wasn't that long ago when RADIFIED didn't get 10,000 visitors a month. "Over ten thousand visitors a day" has a nice ring to it.

Radiation tri-blade symbol 02.Oct.2004 - Several readers sent this link (cost of war.com). Watch your tax dollars being spent, real-time. This is money our government don't even have; it's borrowed money that your kids will have to repay (with interest). Sadly, the numbers don't stop spinning when you close the browser page. And there seems to be no end in sight. Someone is obviously making a lot of money off this war.

Of course, the real cost of this war can't be measured in tax dollars. The notion of a "free Iraq" might represent a lofty ideal, but the reality of the situation on the ground is sadly becoming clear, more so each day. There was obviously a lack of foresight and planning going into this thing.

The remainder of today's entry is blogged here:> Cost of the War.

Radiation tri-blade symbol 01.Oct.2004 - RADIFIED broke the 2-million-hits-per-month mark last month. See here. You know what they say: The first million is always the hardest. =) I'm not sure how these statistics compare with other sites, but I can see the numbers continue to grow.

Watched the presidential debate last night. Actually, got home a little late from my massage (still zoned) and missed the first 15 minutes. It was very enlightening to see the two men debating side-by-side, on the same stage.

Kerry did significantly better than I expected. He actually looked presidential and in command of the issues. On the other hand, the president did markedly worse than I expected. The remainder of today's entry is blogged here:> First Presidential Debate