Tony's Video Editing Beast
Posted: 19nov2001
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Selection Cost Comments
Case Lian-Li PC-70 aluminum ATX Full tower server case
Check out
this photo
$235 $229 6x5.25-inch exposed, 3x3.5-inch exposed, 6x3.5-inch hidden, [Review]
Power Supply Enermax EG465P-VE FC 430-watt (P4 compatible) $82 FC = Fan Control [Review]
Motherboard Asus P4T-E $160 [Compatibility list] - Matrox tech sppt has this to say about P4T-E compatibility. More P4T-E info posted here.
CPU Intel Northwood Pentium 4
[2.0GHz, 2.2GHz, or 2.4GHz - we'll have to see]
$Guess Prices should drop a month or two after January release
RAM 4x 256MB Samsung RDRAM ($84 ea) 1-Gig total $336 total (1 gig) [Resellerrating]
Real-time editing card Matrox RT2500 [Compatible cameras] $800 here or here Free upgrade to PRO Pack
AGP Video card Matrox G550 $92 * See Note [Compatibility list]
IDE/ATA hard drives 2X 100GB Western Digital 1000BB ~$207 ea $414 total 7200rpm - 200 gigs for miscellaneous storage
SCSI hard drives 1X 18GB Maxtor/Quantum Atlas III $200 [for multi-boot O/S'es]
1X 36GB Maxtor/Quantum Atlas III $390 [dedicated for video capture]
$590 total [Review]
10Krpm Ultra160 - 1 for boot/system/apps, the other dedicated for video capture.
SCSI adapter/controller Tekram DC390-U3W $185 Comparison review here and here.
CD-ROM drive Plextor PX-40TSi UltraPlex 40max SCSI $89 50-pin connection
Comparison review]
CD writer/burner Plextor 24/10/40A PX-W2410-TA IDE $155 [Comparison review]
Network card
(no dial-up, right?)
3Com 905C-TX-M $34 10/100
Sound card SoundBlaster Something or other,
or maybe a
Turtle Beach Santa Cruz,
if people are having good luck with them.
?$75 I have an email into Matrox tech sppt to see what they recommend these days.

*Note 1

You'll also want to get a 13-inch Sony Trinitron monitor to hook up to 2nd head. This will let you see the picture real nice & big. 


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