Deepak's Intro to Linux


Deepak's 13-min PowerPoint slideshow presentation. Sit back & learn about Linux by selecting Slideshow from the View menu.

Linux, originally developed as a free Intel operating system for personal computers became popular mainly because it fit the personal budget of students, academics and coders. It is still considered one of the most successful free, open software operating system and is still freely distributable, making it commercially popular.

Deepak is from Bangalore, India. You might also want to check out Magoo's Intro to Linux, or maybe my foray into learning the Unix shell command-line. Get your Linux questions answered » here.

Lame MP3 Audio Encoder v3.98-2

» DOWNLOAD HERE (1.38-MB, released Sept 2008)

The Hydrogenaudio forums are the best place to get your LAME questions answered. Mark Taylor's LAME home page is » here. Check out the Rad guide for more info about » Encoding MP3s with Lame.

System Files Boot Floppy


I created this boot_disk by formatting a floppy while in Windows XP and putting a check in the box labeled:  "Create an MS-DOS startup disk". Perfect for creating images with Norton Ghost.

See here for info about Imaging with Norton Ghost. If these files don't work for you, try   If you get the message "NTLDR not found", try using the WINME boot disk found here.

Ghost Boot Floppy


Created specifically for Windows XP. It has everything you need *except* the Ghost executable. See this thread for info about this boot disk, compliments of Sirhc (Chris). If you have trouble booting from these files, see this thread.

See NightOwl's guide to creating bootable CD's/DVD's, and my Rad guide to Drive Image Cloning for more related info.

My Favorite Winamp Skin


It looks like » this, and goes in Program Files\Winamp\Skins directory. Winamp home page » here. I use Winamp to stream MP3s from the Net. See here for info about Streaming MP3s. More Winamp skins here.

WCPUID (v3.30)


H. Oda's WCPUID homepage is here. Try downloading from the home site first. WCPUID screenshot posted here.

Winamp v281 Lite


Newer versions are available, but I still say this is the best & most stable version. It's what I use.



Use delpart.exe to delete NTFS partitions that defy FDISK. Copy it to your floppy & execute it from there. Then reboot & use FDISK to create Windows partitions. More info here about Deleting partitions.

ASPI check (by Adaptec)


This file is for ASPI drivers v4.71.2 The *.exe executable will extract to a folder named "Adaptec" with a subfolder named "aspi". In there, you'll find the file named aspichk.exe

An older version of aspi_check is HERE (112KB) This is for version 4.60 that ForceASPI uses. See here for info about Updating your ASPI layer.

Exact Audio Copy v0.95pb5


Andre's EAC home page (Dortmund, Germany) is HERE. Newer versions are reported as "unsafe" downloads, due to e-Bay links contained within the executable, so I don't mirror them. But those links can be disabled.

See here for info on » Ripping CD audio with EAC.

FDISK Boot Floppy Disk Files

» DOWNLOAD HERE (864KB, self-extracting)

Note: If you already have a boot floppy, and merely need the version of FDISK.EXE that supports hard drives larger than 64-GB, that file is posted here (63KB). This will save you some download time. Simply replace your FDISK.EXE with this one.

I use these files to partition drives with FDISK. It contains the updated version of FDISK (used to partition hard drives larger than 64GB). 

Don't use this floppy with NTFS partitions. See here for info on Partitioning a hard drive with FDISK.  See here for info about Partitioning Strategies. You might also want to try Ultimate Boot Disk. Check out for more. Many folks report success with an Win_ME bootdisk when nothing else will work.

SCSI Boot Floppy


To access SCSI CDROMs & burners from DOS. These files work with a Tekram DC-390U3W. If you have a Tekram DC-390U2W adapter, use these » HERE (243KB). I have Plextor optical (SCSI) drives.

Thanks to Stan (the Man) Chan for whipping up these puppies. See here for info about Booting from a SCSI hard drive.

Tekram DC-390U3W driver diskette » HERE (753-KB, Might have to hit your F6 key when installing Windows.)

IBM's Wipe & Zap


Compliments of Steve Quinn, who insists that, "having fun is mandatory". Before Steve posted his page, these files (which can work wonders when nothing else will) were difficult to find. Tell him, "Rad says 'Hey'," for me.



Compliments of Glenn McCorkle. See here for background info on these files.

ForceASPI Drivers v1.7


More about ForceASPI can be found here » ForceASPI. For general info about ASPI layer drivers, check out the Radified guide to ASPI.

This page last updated: May 15, 2012


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