Yours truly at Noguchi Gardens, Costa Mesa, California

Photo #14/17 - Yours truly, holding a book of paintings by
Van Gogh .. Wendy's b-day present from Mom & Sid .. on a hot, summer night at Noguchi Gardens in Costa Mesa. 

Wendy & I went to the LA County Museum of Art (LACMA) last summer, to see the Van Gogh exhibit. They had erected a giant tent for people waiting to get in .. to provide shelter from the hot sun. Due to overwhelming demand, the museum stayed open round-the-clock its final week. Walking thru a packed museum in Los Angeles at 3AM is very strange.

Both Wendy & I appreciate Vincent's art - not only cuz it moves us, but also cuz we empathize with his life. Vincent - the story goes - focused his creative energies on his art .. to the exclusion (& detriment) of all else (or course, the absinthe didn't help) .. which begs the question: 

In order to achieve enduring fame, must an artist focus their energies on their art to the point that it becomes unhealthy? At what point does the artist cross the line of tenacious focus .. and enter the realm of the obsessive/compulsive? Most folks have at least a little Vincent in them.

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