Sidney, Mom (Nancy) & Joe at Noguchi Gardens, Costa Mesa, California

Photos #15/17 - Made Sidney bust a gut. He laughs harder than anyone I know. I told him the joke about the two well-endowed guys standing on the
Golden gate bridge, on a foggy day... Maybe you've heard it. Goes like this:

Two guys standing on the Golden Gate Bridge on a foggy day, pee'ing off the side. One guy says, "Whew, that water is cold!" Other guy says, "Yeah. Deep, too."

Guy-joke. Funnier after a couple of glasses of Chianti.

The babbling brook provided the appropriate sound effects. Didn't know Wendy was gonna snap the pic. Background geometrics made for an interesting photo.

After-dinner stroll thru
Noguchi Gardens in Costa Mesa. I love mom's face in this pic. She likes guy-jokes, too. Can you tell we had a little too much Chianti with dinner? 

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