Joe & Wendy on the docks during sunset at Long Beach harbor

Photo #16/17 - How 'bout them glow-in-the-dark sneaks? Never noticed that b4. Musta been the flash. On the docks at Long Beach harbor, where Sidney's boat - the schooner Escape - is moored. Just returned from a week of
sailing to Catalina island .. & points thereabout, like Emerald Bay, where we dropped anchor for a few days, and spent the afternoons snorkeling in the crystal clear waters there. Zillions of fish! Never know what you'll find lurking behind the next kelp bed. Everybody always returns with a dark tan. 

Nice sunset shot - thx to Jahmar, who knows a good shot when he sees one. Wendy had the wide stance cuz I tried to toss her in the drink (see how she's holding my wrist?). Pretty scrappy for a girl. The sailing trip to Catalina is always one of the year's highlights. We're getting good at sailing. Each trip, Sidney gives us more responsibility, sailing his 45-foot *all-wood* schooner .. built it '33 (middle of The Great Depression). 

While anchored at Catalina harbor, people paddle by in kayaks & dinghies, and say things like, "Ahoy, that's the nicest-looking boat in the harbor." We certainly think so. They don't make 'em like that any more.

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