Joe & Wendy at Heisler Park in Laguna Beach, California

Pic 17/17 - Wendy handed my camera to a shady-looking homeless guy, and asked him to snap a picture. He kept wanting to back up more & more. I finally said, "That's far enough, hombré," and whispered to her (thru a smile), "If this guy runs off with my camera, and I have to chase him, you're gonna get it." Didn't have to chase him very far. =)

This is the final photo of this series. These are first photos I ever posted, when I was first learning how to assemble a web site. I learned a lot in the process.

Can't think of a better place to leave you off than at Heisler park, Laguna Beach. We live a few blocks from here, and stroll thru whenever we get the chance. Sunset is our favorite time. It's best when the tide is low, like it is now, in this photo. 

We prefer to cruise the beach, instead of the bluff path (when not wearing good shoes). Some people claim that Heisler Park is the most beautiful park on the entire Southern Californian coast. Hard to disagree.

Sometimes, a red tide will roll in, bringing zillions of phosphorescent plankton, causing waves to glow blue-white when they break. The force of the waves crashing cause the plankton to glow. More plankton + bigger waves = brighter glow. Only visible at night & typically only in summer. Looks downright magical .. especially to an East coast boy.

For those wanting to visit, I  posted a quick guide to -> Laguna Beach Eateries

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