Campsite at Yosemite Creek campground, Yosemite National Park

Photo #7/17 - Spent many an afternoon snoozing in the hammock by the creek. Can hear the creek babble ever so gently. This is campsite 51 at the Yosemite Creek campground - our personal fave, where we've stayed a few times now. This campground is not as crowded as others in Yosemite, cuz it's accessed only via a 4-mile dirt road, have to drive slow, & big trailers don't even try to come down. The campground fills up on the weekends, but is deserted weeks days. 

There's a 8-ft deep swimming hole at this campsite. Water is snowmelt, & therefore cold - refreshing during the heat of the day. The only problem is that everybody & his brother wants to invade the campsite to use the swimming hole. Seems like a bunch of noisy kids show up just about the time you wanna nap. You can actually see small brook trout swimming around, but they're crafty little critters, too smart for me & my fishing pole. =) 

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