Wendy & Lani - campsite at Yosemite Creeek campground

Photo #8/17 - Same campsite. Can see the rock on the other side of the creek that you climb up on, & jump off of - directly above the sticks piled up in the fire-ring. Behind Wendy is the bear box where food is stored -> big, heavy, metal box, bolted to a concrete foundation. This is bear country & they particularly like the smell of tuna-fish & hamburgers. 

At the far right of this pic (can't see) is a rock bridge/dam we built to cross the creek. 

Elevation here is 7500 ft - mornings are cold enuf to make your pee steam. =) Air is thin, & it takes a few days to overcome that feeling that you can't get enuf air. No showers anywhere in this campground - either warm or cold - and it's not easy getting to or out of, but they do have several outhouses & one pay-phone at the entrance to the campground. Solar showers work well cuz the days are hot & sunny. There's a big, magical swimming hole within a 20-min walk of here. 

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