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Registering a domain name

Radified selected domain name registrar: Domain discover, an ICANN-certified registrar operating out of San Diego. They were ranked #2 out of 25 registrars evaluated by the Domain Name Buyers Guide. (The #1-ranked registrar was in Australia, mate.)

Our research reference: Domain Name Buyers Guide, an international, non-profit org.

Learn more about the Domain Name Buyer’s Guide here, and read their Buying Tips here.

Read about Domain Discover specs here. (worth a peek)

Go to Domain discover and search for new domain names. This is fun! You can spend hours at it. Don’t be surprised if many of your favorites are taken already. We heard that people are investing chunks of their paychecks in domain names - like playing the lottery. The best names are short & easy to remember. For example, we heard that movie.com was sold a cool US$1M (have not verified). Also heard that Koreans, as a people, are investing heavily in American-oriented domain names. See here for info how folks are buying up truckloads of domain names.

Purchase your selected domain name. DD makes it easy. If you do use Domain discover (no reason why you couldn’t use a different registrar), it’ll cost you $30/yr for a minimum of two years -> totals to $60 per domain name. (Don't be surprised if you find yourself buying more than one, when you see how few good ones are left. We found some that were too good to pass up). They’ll ask you to select a password (PW) when you register the DN. Write down both the password & the domain name & stick it in a place safe.

One you’ve registered the DN, log into their ‘Existing customers’ section with your new DN & selected PW. Click on the link titled Nameservers. Don’t do anything yet – simply note where this section is. You’ll need to come back here later & modify the ‘Nameserver’ entires to those of your web-hosting provider.

If you know you’re definitely gonna use Communitech, then you can change the Nameserver entries now to:


You can always change them again if need be. If you did this correctly, you should see the associated IP addys:

This tells browsers that the website for your particular domain name is located on a server owned by Communitech in Kansas City. Typically takes 1-to-3 days for the net to update itself, so that, when somebody types in your domain name, the internet knows where to find it. If you change the ‘Nameservers’ as soon as you register, you’ll be ahead of the game & it won’t take quite so long to get your website up and running. I think the Nameservers at Domain discover are updated (once) daily at 2PM PDT. Then the rest of the net has to update their DN Servers before everyone can find your website by typing in your new, cool domain name.

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