Radified guide to a video streaming site

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Configuring the stream

Get Microsoft's FrontPage 2000 & start by making a generic web page. You can go back and tweak it later. Working with FrontPage is like working with a regular document in MS Word, & everyone’s used a word-processing program. We simply started by making a page that said ‘Welcome to OurWebSite.com’ and went from there. Save the document you create in FP2K as a file named index.html (not .htm) & write down where (directory) you saved it to - cuz you’ll need to find this file when you upload it to your new server (CT, in Kansas City) with (prgrm called) an FTP client.

We use CuteFTP. Most say it's the best, but there are many good ones out there. CT recommends (and supports only) WSFTP, but I’ve never liked WS. Most people already know how to use an FTP client, but if you don’t, it’s not hard, & it’s something everybody should know. You simply need the following bits of info, in order to connect to your web server & upload files (all info provided by CT or your web-hosting provider):

*IP address

* Login name: (If you use CT, login will likely be 1st seven letters of your DN)

* Password (CT will give you, you don't choose, like with Domain Discover)

After entering the required info, connect to your web server and navigate to where you saved the index.html file that you created in FrontPage. Transfer the file to the directory (folder, on your new server) named ‘Public_html’. This is done with the FTP client. It will ask you if you want to overwrite. Say ‘yes’. Ding! You just posted your first web page. Congratulations! I was stoked the first time I saw my web page posted on my own domain.

Next, put your Real media movie file in the FrontPage documents folder. {Mine is in folder C:\My Documents\My Webs\}. Then, in FP2K, drag the Real media movie from the My Webs folder to where you want the link on your new web page. Right-click on the file/link that’s been created on your web page, & select Hyperlink. You want the hyperlink to look like the following:


In other words, if your domain name is sgtpeppers.com & your Real media movie file is named mymovie.rm, your link would look like this:


rtsp stands for Real Time Streaming Protocol, and is Real newest streaming format. It helps to know what rtsp stands for, so you don’t accidentally write rstp, which looks fine, but will give you an error when you try to stream. If people have trouble streaming your movies, they typically need to update their version of Real Player, which they can get here. Look for the small words that say, “RealPlayer 8 Basic beta is our free player.” (and latest version) They make you hunt for the freebie. If they don’t have at least Real Player v6, they definitely get an error, cuz Real change the streaming format then. They strongly suggest that you use the new & improved one, but folks might have to upgrade their players.

Finally, you’ll need to upload both the new web page (index.html file) and the Real media movie – to your Public_html folder on your web server. Overwrite as necessary. When you return to your website via your browser, you may have to hit the ‘refresh’ button to see your changes displayed. You're streaming video, hoss, for all the world to see. Congratulations!

The end.