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Report Card: Film 4 - Vandancing

Best response yet.

Wendy said that even people who don't usually comment were raising their hands to respond for Vandancing. A few had tears - Patrick & Mun chee. Biggest negative was the voice over, because the speakers where they show films are not that great, which caused the lows to sounds muddied. 

Wendy is still a novice when it comes to recording audio. There's a effect in recording known as proximity effect that causes low frequencies (bass) to be amplified if someone talk too close to the microphone. I think that's what happened. She spent today removing the entire voice over. Several comments said that her images were good enough that she didn't need the voice over.

The overall note is that people came away with a sense that they knew who Van was, & what he meant to people. This was her aim from the very beginning. Looks like she succeeded.

Not many liked her surprise ending. They said it was too different from the rest of the piece.

The interview with George at the USC studio came out great. George is lawyer & knows how to talk - didn't hear him say, 'ah,' 'er,' or 'um' once. He said was eloquent & succinct. He was dressed (appropriately) in all-black. The studio lights gave him a highly-contrasted look. These clips, contrasted w/ the foggy ocean day, worked well.

The fog lent a haunting feel to the piece.

Film ends w/ a shot of a big, grand-daddy pelican in flight, close to water's surface -> pelican glides along water & finally come to rest in the ocean -> fade to black. Footage of pelican was shot at Van's scattering-of-ashes-at-sea.

Selected comments:

John Lennon: Love 
David Bowie: Ziggy Stardust & Ground Control to Major Tom 
Mozart: Requiem
Black Orpheus: Manha De Carnival 
New Order: Temptation

We met in Laguna for sushi last night, to celebrate another completed film. While waiting for her, I stopped into the 'Latitudes 33' bookstore & browsed. Picked up one book titled 'Escape from Film School' by Richard Walter, who is a professor at UCLA, where he 'chairs the graduate program in film & TV writing.

Quote from Francis Ford Coppola on the cover: "Eerily accurate in its portrayal of the student film world."  

The book opens like this:  

"I wish I had died in some Hollywoody way: metal-on-the-highway, sex-drugs, murder-suicide.
The sorry truth is I choked to death on sushi."

I thought it a strange coincidence, since we were meeting for sushi, and bought the book for her. 

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