Thursday: 15.May.2003

Matrix Reloaded

Saw the Matrix Reloaded today .. at the "largest screen in the west" .. aka The Big Newport. Place was packed. Especially for a weekday night. Seats 1100. The line wrapped around the block.

What a roudy bunch. Kids were amped. Yelling & carrying on. Theater management tossed out 6 or 7 beach balls. The crowd tossed them around while waiting for the show to start. Kinda fun. Before the flick started, a lady came down front with a blow horn and told everyone to shut-up, turn off their cel phones & behave.

Filmmakers went all out on this movie. It's a spectacle. I try to give you my impressions without spoiling it for you. Things that got my attention:

1. plenty of passion in this flick, surprisingly so .. downright erotic in parts .. all done well.
2. the loving making scene was excellent .. realistic and vulnerable .. one of the best such scenes I've seen. Kenau & Trinity get naked.

3. kenau reeves, who i've never thot of as a great actor, did a superb job. this performance puts him in another league.
4. morpheus seemed chubby, which diminished his stature in my eyes. I mean, he's supposed to be this great warrior.

5. trinity gave a great performance also. this helped, cuz she's in a lot of the movie.
6. Cool as the battle scenes were (and they were), they got a little carried away. These began to drag on.

7. One of the coolest parts is when Neo does his launching-into-superman thing.
8. Filmmakers wax metaphysical in parts. Felt like I was back in Philosphy class, studying the question of "free will vs determinism". BF Skinnner would've loved it.

From many different sources, MetaCritic compiled a bunch of reviews on the Matrix here. On the way home, we saw the lunar eclipse, right in front of us, which added to the magic.

Saw previews for T3: Terminator 3 .. Arnold's baaack. And Bad Boys II. It's going to be a good summer.

Posted by Rad at May 15, 2003 11:49 PM


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Have you seen the "Matrix Essays" blog? They have a link to it from

I left the movie with many more questions than answers...

Also, I don't think T3 will be that good.

Posted by: Glenn at May 18, 2003 08:10 PM

What makes you say you don't hink T3 will be good? It's usually impossible to tell from the trailers. Also, one person might love the same movie another hates. It's a personal thing.

Yeah, I went to & checked out the Matrix essays.

Sent Elias an email.

Posted by: Rad at May 19, 2003 06:28 PM

I'm just kind of fed up with the Terminator franchise. Maybe that makes me biased or something :-)

This just seems like a desperate grasp for cash to me...

Posted by: Glenn at May 20, 2003 12:05 AM