Saturday: 08.November.2003

Vector Cutco 'Work for Students' Marketing Scam

I have a friend who is a student at Saddleback college in Mission Viejo, California. He recently responded to a vague ad at the college for a job paying $16/hr, and discovered it involves selling Cutco knives for a company named Vector Marketing.

He has already attended several (unpaid) sales classes. Today he asked to borrow $145, and I thought it strange he had a job where he pays *them* money. So I did a little research and discovered literally *hundreds* of allegations of fraud and deceit, saying this is a major scam .. all over the country and in Canada. Perhaps you know a someone who might benefit from this information. Here is only a small fraction of what I found:

1. Did you hand over the last of your money to them yet?
2. The SAVE Campaign · Students Against Vector Exploitation

3. Consumer Affairs: Students want to slice up Vector
4. Important Information for potential employees and class action law suit

5. Complaint Station for Cutco Cutlery
6. Petition Online: STOP the Scamful ways of Vector Marketing and Cutco Cutlery

7. The Vector Scam
8. Epinions: Disadvantages Of Cutco Knives and Comparison to the Others

9. Students Stand Up Against Summer Work Business
10. Vector and Cutco discussion

11. Illegal Business Practices from Vector Marketing
12. Vector manipulates people into taking a job that they would not normally accept

13. Vector Marketing / Cutco knife vendor misleads prospective workers with false claims
14. I got scammed (June 02 entry)

Unfortunately, I think he already left to go give them the money.

Posted by Rad at November 8, 2003 11:49 AM


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this is quite funny, I actually went on a interview with this company in lanham, md about 10 years ago. Something just didn't seem right so I never followed up or responded. This was durring summer vacation before my first semester of college. Fortunatley my intuition saved me, because the net wasn't like it is today.

Posted by: q at November 9, 2003 09:11 PM

you are all idiots
the vector program was great and i made a ton of money from it
also, the training and experiences were fantastic
if you find something wrong with the program then you're probably too stupid to know how to do it right

Posted by: Toper at December 3, 2003 11:53 AM

So is this company good or bad? For real...I just went on an interview the other day and the guy hired me and I am supposed to give my $145 to them after x-mas. I mean it really is alot of work money but I know you have to work hard to get appointments. I have spoken to some people and they say that they have made alot of money. The only wierd thing I noticed was that everyone that worked there already was "white". You have to understand the situation. I live in a bordertown where it is almost impossible to go somwhere without it being prodominently mexican. So that was a little fishy. and I look white but I'm not so yeah, leave me some comments I want to hear them. Thanks, Marisa

Posted by: Marisa at December 5, 2003 07:50 PM

Vector Is as good as you want it to be. if you want to make money, do what Vector Says will work and you WILL make money. you will make as much money as you want as long as you put in the effort. i've been working for vector for the last 2 months, and i've made more money than i have at any other supposed "REAL JOBS". the $147 dollars that you spend to buy the knives will be earned back with in the first 30 mins you work, i can almost promise you because thats wheat worked for me.

Posted by: Nate at December 7, 2003 11:51 PM

the only people who say vector is a scam are people who sucked at it. even if you don't like the job, they'll give you the money back for the starter set you paid for. like nate said, you will only make as much as the time you put into it.

Posted by: mike at December 7, 2003 11:54 PM

People who sell these knives don't realize that people view them as a NUISANCE. You right up there with used car salesmen. Actuall, you are BELOW used-car salesmen, because they are selling something the sonsumer actuuallly wants.

Nobody really wants your knives. I don't think you get it. Ever had a call from a telemarketer? Nobody thinks "oh, joy." Why don't you just ask for a flat donation? That will save you friends and relatives time and money.

Posted by: Dillon at December 8, 2003 01:27 AM

I think Vector Marketing is a scam because you are losing more money than you are making. The manager will give you a base pay of $17.25 if you do a demo with someone and sell nothing and take it away from you after nine weeks. After nine weeks, the only way you can through them is by selling a knife.

Posted by: David Tyrrell at December 11, 2003 11:23 AM

Alright youngins and oldins, here is the real story. Vector is not a fraud or a scam, it is simply an mlm (multi level management) and a lot of people think this means that it is a pyramid scheme (they seem similar and they are, but mlms are legal and the money is very top heavy). The important thing to remember before you take any job is to research the company and its reputation.

I worked for Vector/Cutco for a summer and it was a job. It wasn't that hard, but you have to ask yourself if you really want to sell people $1000 worth of knives when there are probably a hundred other things that they should be buying.

Just make sure that you look into the tax situation among other things. You are considered an independent contractor (this means that vector doesn't have to pay taxes for your work) and you are technically self employeed. If you were to be a crazy salesman and made 50K, but forgot to take out the taxes and FICA you would need to come up with approximately 10K at the end of the year to give Uncle Sam.

My only advice is do you homework. Everything in life is what you make of it.

Good Luck.

Posted by: B at January 5, 2004 07:34 AM

well im about to start my training tommorow with vector any advise should i give them the 145$. Is there really room to advance in this company? let me now please....

Posted by: justin at January 7, 2004 12:49 PM

I worked as a receptionist at Vector, so I know exactly what prospective job applicants are told. I was new to the Chicago area and really needed a job, so I decided to take it. There were about five receptionists total and it was our job to get people to come in...if we didn't schedule enough people to come in we got lectured. We had a script we were suppossed to follow and if people asked questions we were suppossed to say we didn't know anything...when obviously we knew exactly what was going on. We also weren't allowed to tell people they would be selling knives. If someone said they couldn't make it that day, we were suppossed to say that the positions are filling fast, etc. when in fact they never fill up, it's just another tactic to get people to come in. That is where I saw most of the convincing people to come in and basically lying to them. I got sick of getting paid next to nothing and the ethics of the company, so I quit. I honestly can't believe that this company is still in operation...I've seen behind the scenes and it is awful. Oh and did I mention discriminatory? People the manager deemed "too old" or "too qualified" wouldn't be accepted. Also if people called from the South Side of Chicago after seeing the ad in the Sun Times we were suppossed to tell them no positions were open at the moment....because of their skin color basically. But yeah, not a good company, i'll leave it at that.

Posted by: Erika at January 8, 2004 09:03 AM

I worked as a receptionist at Vector, so I know exactly what prospective job applicants are told. I was new to the Chicago area and really needed a job, so I decided to take it. There were about five receptionists total and it was our job to get people to come in...if we didn't schedule enough people to come in we got lectured. We had a script we were suppossed to follow and if people asked questions we were suppossed to say we didn't know anything...when obviously we knew exactly what was going on. We also weren't allowed to tell people they would be selling knives. If someone said they couldn't make it that day, we were suppossed to say that the positions are filling fast, etc. when in fact they never fill up, it's just another tactic to get people to come in. That is where I saw most of the convincing people to come in and basically lying to them. I got sick of getting paid next to nothing and the ethics of the company, so I quit. I honestly can't believe that this company is still in operation...I've seen behind the scenes and it is awful. Oh and did I mention discriminatory? People the manager deemed "too old" or "too qualified" wouldn't be accepted. Also if people called from the South Side of Chicago after seeing the ad in the Sun Times we were suppossed to tell them no positions were open at the moment....because of their skin color basically. But yeah, not a good company, i'll leave it at that.

Posted by: Erika at January 8, 2004 09:03 AM

hello all. i'd figure this may help comming froms omeone who just started. its not a scam. it seems the one thing that all these upset complaints have in common is that they were disceived into comming in for an interview. Almost every job looking to fill positions will do this so get people to commit. And how many people would come if we said "you get to sell knives". We dont lie to them to and tell them we sell another product, they give as much information as they can and offer them two choice "come or dont". There's a reason (and listen closely) that they wait for you to come to the interview to tell you this, you can see it and believe it for yourself. If your still not intrested then dont take the position. Also i ahve not seen many people who dislike vector taht actually stay with it beyond the initial seminar or even before three weeks after they're allowed to sell. Thats because they heard "145 for the set" (which you can return anytime and get your deposit back) or heard how we run things and ran without trying it out or tried it for one week then ran before advanced training.

Look don't believe me, and certainly don't believe anyone else who posts their opinion. go or do not. but if you go, wait it ot for some time, don't do with half of these people had and give up when it gets slightly difficult. it's not free money, its a real job with real obligations. but personally i'm aoout 1 month into it and i wanted to leave my first two weeks but stayed with it, and it only gets easier.

as for the post above asian...i work with every race and every color from almost every social class imaginable. i have no experience selling, but i work with someone who had over 20 years of the figuring out for yourselves and dont give up.

Posted by: doug at January 10, 2004 09:39 AM

Alcas/Vector/Cutco is not and can not be a scam. If Cutco was a scam, they would not have been in business for over 50 years. Places like dollar stores are scams. You buy a product for a dollar because it's a good price, but it breaks after a short time of using it.

Yes, you do have to pay $146 for your sample kit. But if you do the job correctly, you can make the money back in a day or two, plus you will have a high quality set of knives that you will never have to replace.

No, it is not a "get rich quick" scheme. Most get rich quick schemes say "make $5000 in 3 days!!" or something similar. At Vector, it will take work, just like any other job, but if you do the job as they train you and do it good, you will make a good amount of money. I have been working with Vector for 4 months. I have made well over $12,000, and I am a full-time college student, I am in a band, and everything else I do. I made $5000 last month alone.

As for the training, a lot of jobs do not pay for training anymore, because many people will go to the training where they just sit around for a few hours, and then not go to work.

Vector is not a soliciting company. For me to contact a person, I MUST have their permission to do so. After I have an appointment, that person calls any of their friends, family, neighbors, or co-workers and asks permission for me to call them. I cannot call anyone or make an appointment with anyone without having their permission, meaning everyone who makes an appointment with me wants to have the appointment.

Finally, it is not a nuisance for people to make an appointment. They don't have to buy anything, but all of Vectors sales reps get $11-19/appointment. I get $15/appointment, so even if I didn't sell anything, if I made 10 appointments per week, that would be $150 every week. But if you follow the program, you will make sales and not need to worry about the $11-19/appointment.

If you don't want a job or career in sales, don't go to Vector. Otherwise, Vector is a great place to get training and knowledge for sales; not just for Vector, but for any sales job. Who cares if you don't get paid for the training? You learn things that will help you in the future with other sales jobs. As Mike posted on Jan. 7th, the people complaining are probably people who worked with Vector and did not do a good job, or people who have not even tried working with Vector. But if you are good with sales and you make personal goals to succeed with Vector, then you will have no problems.

Posted by: Steven at January 10, 2004 03:33 PM

I worked for vector last year... they owe me a check for the clients I contacted and set up an appointments with to sell the knives. I did sell their knives, but one year later I have not recived any money!!! They have been telling me for over six months they do have a check for me... One year later and I have recived no money from those basterds!

Posted by: Leah at January 10, 2004 07:37 PM

vector is deciptful. and the people who say that the people who dont like vector because they sucked at selling are stupid because they dont know...i sold for over 2 years and sold a lot and made money but i was deciving my family and friends, plus they lie about how much henckels costs. fuck them

Posted by: marc at January 11, 2004 04:06 AM

Anybody got a starter set for sale?

Posted by: Bob at January 11, 2004 05:54 PM

You couldn't sell me that crap if it were gold plated.

Posted by: Bill at January 11, 2004 06:03 PM


Posted by: NO RESPONSE at January 13, 2004 10:11 PM

Vector is the BEST job anyone can have, especially in college. My NET income was $3,000 over the first two months and I didn't work that much! This is much more money than any "Real job". The ones who complain about Vector are too lazy and too stupid to realize what a gold mine it is. Yes, it's challenging but it's sales and a real adult job IS Challenging (OMG! it is?? :) ), but is SO worth it. I showed my resume to one of my carrer consuelers at my school, and she said it was one of the best she has ever seen! So there!

When someone gets out of college and gets a "Real job" for those business majors, one has to go through unpaid training; that is the industry standard believe it or not! Also they put in a lot more money than $135 for startup costs. Also, it takes about a year for one to make a net profit for any business.

Let's put it this way, if I was a BMW salesman and someone wants a beamer, I would have to smash their dreams of their dream car because it's $90,000 (The Goremaker or Complete set) or they could move down to the Z5 (Galley Set), or a $30,000 3-Series (Studio set), or a $15,000 used car ($200 piece order). And there, I HAVE to sell the car to make any money, and there's no base pay in a real job!!!!! Vector is sales, just like a real job, so don't be a baby and just do it!

Plus, a REAL set of 18 pieces of Henckels is $1,800 in a REAL catalog like Williams-Sonoma. The Henckels in Macy's are CRAP, and those are $500!!

Now I earned 18 MORE pieces for my sample set WITHOUT spending a dime and I can use forever because I followed Vector!!!

And guess what, I made $230 in 1 1/2 hours and $385 in one day! (Just to let you know I made $190 the next day)!! Ummmm....for a "Real job" that takes about 48 hours for $8/hour, 63 for $6/hr!

Plus I'm not bugging my family and friends because I show them the world's finest cutlery!!! It's not the $50 Wal-Mart brand that last you two years, it's something they'll cherish for a long time, and they are so happy I'm into it! Then the people I do see, first get called up and then want me over!

Right now I'm a management candidate and I'm running a recruiting class on January 16! How many 19 year olds can say that?! So when I graduate college, I'll have a job and those who give up Vector and see it as a scam will have the Me-Too jobs making $8/hr or won't even have a job!!!! :)

Posted by: Paul Palazzolo at January 14, 2004 12:45 PM

I'd rather sell drugs than Cutco. I attended two seminars and then decided to research Alcas and Vector and found out about their shady business practices. My first and second seminars were on a Thursday and Friday with my third being on a Saturday. After the Friday seminar, we were supposed to set up at least 6 appointments for SATURDAY and SUNDAY. I'm like, "Fuck that, I'll make them for like Tuesday and Wednesday or something." So I call my manager and tell him I had about 7 appointments for the following Tuesday and Thursday, which was true. He says, "No way, they need to be for this weekend. Get back on the phone and reschedule." He then tells me he'll call back in an hour and I'm like whatever. So he calls, and I don't answer, and I repeat this process about seven times afterwards. I had the "Cutco" notebook/catalog in my possession and he left me colorful messages accusing me of stealing it. I just sent it back to him in the mail. He then called after receiving it, and asked what the hell happened with me in a rude manner. I just told him I was in jail (I was fuckin with him, though...LOL) and he seemed a little surprised, but then he asked If I was still interested in selling Cutco!! HAHA!!

Posted by: Cutno at January 25, 2004 03:07 PM

I was the one who rad originally posted about. I took the job and I sold 5,500 dollars of cutco in approx 2.5 weeks of work.

During those two weeks of work, I was on the phone for 10-15 hours, preparing for the phone calls for 3-5 hours. Going into people's house's took about 2 hours per appointment, and i did around 10 each week. I made around 800 dollars before taxes

Prior to those those two weeks of work I went to a 2-2.5 hour interview, and the weekend following that, 18 hours of training in three consecutive days.

So summing that up make for
25 appts x2hours =50 hours
3 days training x 6 hours =18 hours
10 hours phone x 2.5 weeks =25 hours
preparing phone calls x 2.5 weeks =10 hours

so that is 103 hours for 800 dollars which is approx 8 dollars an hour for a job that you have to work your ass off for.

But there are a few things to consider;

1.Your comission pay increases as you sell more and more cutco
2.If you get your friends to work for cutco you will get 5% of what they sell
3.As you become more experienced, it is easier to sell more cutco.
4.The job is almost brainless they give you a manual to read (word for word)
5.It is awesome experience for someone just getting their feet wet in the adult world.

The bottom line is that cutco is not a scam. Some people say it is a scam b/c they couldn't figure out how to make money from selling knives so they claimed it was a scam.

(love the site rad)

Posted by: Evan Solid at January 27, 2004 08:48 PM

I was a 'sales rep' for vector. I was one of the stupid ones who belived everything my manager told me. I bought the knives, went to two regional and two national confrences and spent more money than I could make. Altough I enjoyed the national confrences alot I couldn't afford it. And even though I made some good friends from the office most of the people were shady. The only ones who will ever defend Vector are the Ignorent and the dishonest. I was ignorent until I was taken off the base pay without notice. I needed that pay. I also found out that the managers had their asst. managers do all the work but for a fraction of the pay. The only good thing I've learned from being involved in this company is that people can be decitful and cruel. I now feel dirty, ashamed, and decitful because I actually sold these outragously priced knives to family and friends. If you get a chance to work for them take my advice and don't do it. Because if you do and you really want to be in marketing chances are you'll never be hired by another sales company because of it. I just wish I would have done my research before I made my choice.

P.S. I was not a lazy sales rep. I worked every day doing things for this company and sacrificed A LOT during the way. I even lost the trust and respect I once had from friends and family because of this company.

Posted by: dannielle at January 28, 2004 08:32 AM

If all you guys had any idea about the world of business then you would understand the opportunity that is given. I do know that all you guys have no degrees and no clue about anything but nintendo and bullshit. While you all work at your factories i will work about 20 hours a week and make three or four times the amount you do. Now who is the sucker

Posted by: Bill Lumberg at January 28, 2004 11:45 AM

just a little note, i'm curious, the original guy who this post was about, how is the job going? it sounds like you started well, i am just curious about how all is going. i've been a Vector Rep for over two years now, and i worked only over the summers, making about an average of $30 per hour both summers. it is hard work, but it's fun to figure out what the customers need, then you know they have the best product available for a reasonable price. you know they will have cutco forever, and that it is worth it. i personally purchased a set (with my own money) that my parents now have, and they use it all the time! my family and friends that i sold to keep asking me how the job is going, and the ones that purchased keep telling me how much they like what they have. some have even asked if they can get more, which i gladly help them out with. i have awesome experience with some of the best people in business out there, as well as two letters of recommendation from both my manager and the manager of the region my office is located in. i'm sure that, if i move away from vector any time soon, i will get a great job thanks to what i've learned at vector. it is a good opportunity to learn marketing skills and make great money. i would urge everyone who is interested in this kind of job (it really isn't for everyone) to give it a try and see how they do. it is a long-term commitment that will pay off if you stick with it.

Posted by: Douglas at February 2, 2004 08:56 PM

VECTOR IS NOT A SCAM! I've worked for them for three summers and made over 60k with them. If you put in the work, you make money. Just like every other real job. I also recommended this job to a friend, who also made $15,000 last summer.
As a sidenote, the $145 is completely refundable should you chose to return your knives. Furthermore, I was actually a sales rep who earned the $15 base pay for the first month I worked (it is legit, trust me).
As for the sales rep being a nuisance to customers. I've seen almost 1,000 customers, and when handled with profesionalism most of them enjoy my visit and product. I don't think some one would shell out an average of $300 because they were bothered. Additionally, about 1/4 of the people I see already own cutco, and I have only ever heard how much they love it.
Vector has a good product and program. If you fail you should blame yourself, not the company.

Posted by: carrie at February 5, 2004 05:35 PM

[because I actually sold these outragously priced knives to family and friends.]

Every person I have sold cutco to has come up to me later (2 years now) and thanked me for the products. People LOVE cutco, thats why they buy it. It is not a sympathy product such as girl scout cookies.

Posted by: Erik at February 6, 2004 02:54 PM

*Every* person? Sure you're not exaggerating a bit? Sounds like hyperole.

Posted by: Max at February 6, 2004 05:44 PM

(I was a 'sales rep' for vector. I was one of the stupid ones who belived everything my manager told me. I bought the knives, went to two regional and two national confrences and spent more money than I could make. Altough I enjoyed the national confrences alot I couldn't afford it. And even though I made some good friends from the office most of the people were shady. The only ones who will ever defend Vector are the Ignorent and the dishonest. I was ignorent until I was taken off the base pay without notice. I needed that pay. I also found out that the managers had their asst. managers do all the work but for a fraction of the pay. The only good thing I've learned from being involved in this company is that people can be decitful and cruel. I now feel dirty, ashamed, and decitful because I actually sold these outragously priced knives to family and friends. If you get a chance to work for them take my advice and don't do it. Because if you do and you really want to be in marketing chances are you'll never be hired by another sales company because of it. I just wish I would have done my research before I made my choice.

P.S. I was not a lazy sales rep. I worked every day doing things for this company and sacrificed A LOT during the way. I even lost the trust and respect I once had from friends and family because of this company.)

Danielle... ditto.

What was worse is the fact that I busted my butt... I would spend HOURS on the phone recruiting in appointments, and doing demos- I think the total amount of what I got paid was maybe around $150. I know I sold about $3k worth of products. I believe they still owe me money, but I haven't even seen another paycheck. I never saw base pay.

At one point in time I would have recommended the program, but not now. Get a steady job- even if you're only making $8/hr. At least you'll have pay and reliable opportunities for advancement while still receiving pay. Better yet, go get your college degree while you're at it. Its the only REAL way you're going to make money in this world.

Posted by: kokopeli at February 8, 2004 03:52 AM

Whew! Thanks for the heads up...had an appointment today at 5pm with those people

Posted by: Chad at February 11, 2004 03:52 PM

I think that all those who advocated the malpractices of Vector and posted it on this site as if it were a legitimate company to work for, are either current company executives, who enjoy the exploitation of the "struggling college student," by posting their argument to discount the ones made by those who experienced it. Or, they could be just top salesman, who with little experience or skills, was able to make more than enough money to put a down payment on a house, in just one summer.

All I see on this site from those clowns, who support Vector, claims that they did a half-ass job and got paid a substantial amount. Not only that, they did it in a couple of months and some in just a few weeks after they got the job. Honestly, anything that is too good to be true really is e.g. the Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus. I am well acquainted with top executives from my company and if I were to ask them if they got the job because they half-assed there way to the top, what answer would you think they give me? (Warning: Vector employees may attempt to refute this or answer this question child-like manner by posting more bullshit.) Other claims they make is that “…it is brainless…” hey, come on man, they tell us that we don’t have to utilize the skills and knowledge we learned or are learning in college in our job. Are they trying to say that were stupid? That’s bullshit.

Another thing that bothers me is that why those who post comments in defense of Vector do, seem to know so much about its business practices like a refund policy, unless they were in management. Would anybody in any store want to go through a refund knowing that they will lose money? The idiot who wrote this also says that it (and I use “it” referring to that person) have seen 1,000 customers. That is more customers than some retail department stores see in a week and they sell more products that is more practical to customers than just knives.

When I graduated from high school I to called this company thinking I was going to land a good job. During the interview, the manager or supervisor (I can’t remember but it was some undeserved prestigious title they gave to some clown, who cares), asked me so many questions that without effort I passed. The second interview came and this time it was a presentation, presented by the joker, among many people who got suckered into it like myself. The fool presented knives and said that we will be selling it to customers. I started to ask him questions, which he began to find really intrusive and revealing about his scam. After the presentation he told me that they were not looking for a person like me and that I was too young to work for them. But all I remember about this guy is that he wore an oversized suit that he probably got from the company’s props department to prepare the fool for his show and that his breath stunk like shit maybe from the bullshit he was spewing from his mouth.

For anyone who reads this. Do not even get tempted by these bastards. Do not call them. But if you still choose to go, please remember to take a box of “Tic-Tacs”, it will smell in there because you will have to listen to a whole lot of bullshit.

Posted by: dasr at February 13, 2004 07:10 PM

I hope that more people start filing lawsuits against this ridiculous company. And that they will like Lauren, founder of Students Against Vector Exploitation (SAVE), be reimburesed. Now let me get this straight about the few idiots who supported Vector, and claimed that it is not a scam. If a judge was able to find Vector guilty of malpractice, then why do these idiots claim it is not? What kind of judgement or opinion do those fools have against a judge?

Posted by: at February 13, 2004 07:34 PM

Girls scout cookies as a sympathy product, that may be true. But at least they have a better chance of selling their cookies than a stranger who goes to someones house and try to sell knives. If you want to talk sympathy tell Vector not to sell to family and friends first, the very people who will show sympathy. Stupid idiot, get your head out of your ass, moron.

Posted by: at February 16, 2004 03:14 PM

Please visit this website to read more about the clowns and jokers of the circus, Vector. You will also get information about filing complaints with government agencies. Please look into it and find out the SCAM they are practicing.

Posted by: at February 16, 2004 03:26 PM

like any job, cutco isn't for everyone. all you people who complain about buying the knives, you should listen a little more in the interview. it is actually a deposit. you do get paid whether you sell or not. yes it is a sales position so guess what - you are expected to sell. the base rate ($11-$19 an appt.) is like a safety net. it is there to help you. the company is going in a direction where you will find little to criticize. for all of you who didn't get "paid", you probably owed the company, didn't actually do the appointment, or your manager was a little shadey. if you read the contract, it states that the manager has the right NOT to pay the base rate after the first two, that's right TWO weeks. it is up to their discretion. this is not wellfare. if you want a handout, go file un-employement. as far as taxes go, i have worked with vector for two years. i have yet to pay any taxes. i have enough deductions that i don't have to worry about it. if you make 20,000+ a year, and don't have money for taxes, wake-up and get a financial planner, or someone who will slap you around and teach you about the real world and taxes.
this job is for people who want to work. you can make good money. i am from a small country town, i am extremely lazy, and i still sold over 25,000 with the company.
but you know what, don't listen to me. don't listen to any of these people. go into an interview and listen for yourself. who would you rather believe, someone complaining about how they weren't successful with something, or something that you can form your own opinion about because you have that first hand knowledge.
give it a try.

Posted by: jim at February 18, 2004 04:22 PM

Jim, you mentioned that "i have yet to pay any taxes. i have enough deductions that i don't have to worry about it." Does that mean that your income or the earnings you earned from Vector is exluded by the Internal Revenue Code? Any income in the form of cash or check in return for services must be reported. But you seem to sound like you know so much about it, don't you?

Posted by: at February 19, 2004 09:20 PM

Vector is a scam. The product is overpriced, you have to spend hours on the phone making is bullshit....stay away from vector marketing!!!!!

Posted by: Koomani at February 20, 2004 11:03 PM

I have recently started working for Vector Marketing in Nebraska and after my second day of training something didn't feel right.... So on my third day I went played it cool... paid my $145.00 for my started kit.. Sat threw class thinking to myself something is just not right about this company and everything that My Manager was saying he was counter dicting himself and kept throwing up red flags right and left and so I decided after I left that come the following Monday I was not even going to show up for My Advanced Training I was just going to return my friends and family members money that I had collected from purchases over the last 24 hours and show them what FRAUDS VECTOR/CUTCO/ALAS REALLY ARE... AND FILE A LAWSUIT AGAINST THIS COMPANY SO IT WILL NEVER BE IN BUSINESS AGAIN BECAUSE WHAT THEY ARE DOING IS WRONG...

Posted by: Brandi at February 22, 2004 05:27 PM

Hi! I recently started working at Vector and in only two nights I made over $10,000,000. I have absolutely no sales experience, no skills or any special training. Although I know nothing about the product I sell because I am neither a chef nor a knife producer, I believed everything my manager told me. And because my manager told me what he/she wanted me to hear, knowing that I will commit myself to this company after hearing it, I will argue against anybody who tells me otherwise or post a reasonable opinion on this website stating otherwise. While you guys are working at your regular jobs and making a decent wage I will immediately get married and raise a family so that I will have more family members to sell to. While you guys are working hard in your jobs, I, like most of my employees who posted on this site, will only do a half-ass job. In ten years I will have over $10,000,000,000 after taxes. It’s just a small amount but feel free to add more zeros at any time.

One thing I don’t understand is that why all these poor people in the world or better yet in America work for Vector? Let me tell you why, to put it plain and simple, because they suck. If they were as good as I am, raising a family of 30 children (future customers) while doing a half-ass job, it would solve the poverty problem. It’s as easy as that.

If you don’t believe me or the product that I sell, let me come to your house for a demonstration. I will cut all the pennies you have in your house just to show you that our knives take away your hard earned money.

Posted by: at February 22, 2004 11:58 PM

ha i just realized why they have so many sites. It's so when you search for "vector marketing", sites like this one are kept out of the top ten results and such.

smart cons, they are.

Posted by: jackie at February 24, 2004 04:37 PM

Don't type "Vector Marketing" because like Jackie said sites like this are kept out of the top ten. You have to type "Vector Bullshit" to have this come up as a result in the top ten.

Posted by: at February 25, 2004 07:35 AM

I am a recent university graduate who has worked with Vector since July of 1999. As a representative with some experience I feel obligated to post a few thoughts about the company to help out the people who are thinking about joining the CUTCO team. Currently I am at $80,000 in sales with the company. I am very familiar with the managers in my area because I was a full time assistant a few months ago. Here are my thoghts.

1) The job is NOT for everyone. You have to be a positive,highly motivated and organized person to do well. Students who don't have that kind of personality will get frustrated and usually quit. Most of the time those students like to blame the company for their failure because they did not suit the position.

2) Vector managers are indepedent contractors running their own businesses. I too have heard of the occassional manager who does not pay the base pay to the new reps. If a manager does do that, then the manager, not the company is to blame. I have never experienced a manager in my 4 1/2 years who would not pay their reps even if they did not sell.

3)You can definitely make money with this company, but just like all other sales positions, you have to work for it. Yes, it is not a normal job, but it definitely is a REAL job. In fact, I cant think of another position where young adults like us can make an above average income and gain experience. BUT you have to do the work!!!! For those of you who are complaining about it not being a real have to start using your heads. With Vector you can work WHENEVER you want. Everyone else with "REAL" jobs has to work a schedule that your employer sets up for you and those individuals are making ALOT less and still working many more hours.

4) The resume experience is phenomenol. My resume has been posted and I am now in the position to select careers from 3 different businesses that are offering me $52,000-61,000 starting out. My degree is not even in sales or marketing.

5) Yes, the sample kit does cost $. The contents in the sample kit are worth over $465. That is quite a discount. I have heard of reps selling their knives outright when they decide to stop showing the product and they make over a $300 profit by doing so. Others just send the kit back and get a 100% reimbursement. For those of you who are complaining about the $145 you are forgetting to mention these things. Reps should be glad they get to have the discount.

6) The CUTCO products are outstanding. It's typical for some people not to understand the value of the producty, especially students who don't even cook. When I first started the position I didn't think they were worth the price either. But since I have grown up, been able to afford a home of my own at only 23, I understand the value and appreciate CUTCO as a guarenteed appliance. Show me another product that you can will down to your children, and then down to their children, that you can use everyday.

7) If you have tried the position and realize its not for you, its understandable. If the job was for everyone then it wouldn't pay so well. But, if you are still complaining and bellyaching about the company you need to get a life and stop trying to ruin the experience for other students who may be great at the job. Let everyone try it out for themselves and make their own decisions instead of trying to bring others down with you.

Posted by: Laura at March 3, 2004 03:45 PM

Doesn’t all seem strange that when you’re in college and in desperate need to earn some money while in school along comes CUTCO the savior? Out of desperation you call them up and immediately you are scheduled for an interview. They tell you what you want to hear to lure you in such as scholarships, flexible schedule, and like most who posted on this site advocating CUTCO “do a half-ass job and get paid tens-of-thousands.” Some people on this site claimed that they made so much money and did half the work while some say they worked so much and whenever they wanted to. It all seems contradictory. There is no sense of cohesion among what these people are posting on this site and they all work for CUTCO not to mention the poor grammar and heavy use of slang. Ones knows how they are ever able to sell so many knives.

This whole idea of taking advantage of desperate people is nothing new. Historically people do it all the time. For example, Germany in the 30’s and 40’s were so desperate for new leadership after being so poor and distraught after owing money to the allied countries after World War 1, believed everything that Hitler told them. How easily those people were brainwashed that they were willing to die for him like those who believed what CUTCO tells them and then aggressively defends it on this site. They may refute this and claim otherwise but it’s still the same idea. Whether it be the Nazis or CUTCO “a rose by any other name smells just as sweet” (Shakespeare). I am not saying that CUTCO is the Nazis and thank got for that I am simply saying that they exploit people they know are desperate.

But like what many have said on this site, even those who supported CUTCO, the choice to work for them is up to ones-self and that means going to the interview and making your own rational decision.

Posted by: at March 5, 2004 11:33 PM

Alright, here is the deal. I started working for Vector about three weeks ago. VECTOR IS NOT A SCAM or Pyramid Scheme. However, it is a shameless operation which, unfortunately works within the law. From the first ring of your initial phone call, you are decieved. Obviously, they cannot initially tell you that you will be selling knives, but the lies continue in several ways. Firstly, you are told no door to door selling. This is a stretch of the truth. True, you are not knocking on strangers doors, but you have to sell your family and friends on all these stupid knives and products. THIS IS SHAMELESS. If you are a Vector rep...look at yourself! This is the worst kind of person you can be. Secondly, the training and Advanced Training is a 15 hour misrepresentation of knives and knife products in general. The loophole is that the falsifications are not printed in the manuel, but you are told to pencil them in. Sneaky, huh?? I have since resigned and kept my sample set. Cutco is a good product, I use it all the time. If you are considering Vector for work, I challenge you to go to the interview and training knowing all that you know now. Listen to the way the presenter skillfully avoids serious questions and contridicts him/herself quite frequently. If you are working there now, I would advise you to re-evaluate your relationship with friends and family. This is a shameless operation that is unfortunately-- legal!

Now you know...and knowing is half the battle (GI Joe)

Posted by: Karl at March 6, 2004 06:45 PM

hahaha...i just got done with an interview there...i felt like something was fishy too and i told a friend i had just gotten the job and he told me one of his friends did it and it WAS a scam. so i searched "vector marketing" and saw all the different sites and was wondering why the hell there were so many different ones and thought EXACTLY what jackie thought. FUCK not going back.

Posted by: jason at March 8, 2004 09:07 PM

vector/cutco totally kicks.
If u failed it is b/c u suck.
This is the truth

Posted by: iluvcutco at March 17, 2004 07:05 PM

vector is run by a bunch of decieving bastards who have no morals or ethics. i worked at vector for about 3 months and they were the most disrespectful people ever. i became friends with one of the secretary people and she told me all the lies that the managers try to come across as "truths." vector is a huge joke trying to seperate family and friends, do not work for them because trust me, they don't give a damn about you. if they can get 100000 people to sell there shitty product then they will. they dont give a damn because all they do is bull shit and they are not good people. also they still owe me money from my last check which they seem to have "lost in the mail." bottom line is this company is going to hell just like the people who run it.

Posted by: brandon at March 19, 2004 12:08 AM

What most of you seem to forget is that these are the #1 knife product in the world that are guaranteed FOREVER and that Cuto (the maker of the knives) is a separate company than Vector I work for Cuto and would love to get rid of Vector but the president of Vector has his hands too deep into Cuto now and now they are laying off the people that are making the product, we are all pissed that they are screwing some of the college kids because it is affecting us. I don't care what you guys say about Vector but try to separate Cuto from your redirect.

Posted by: 8334 at March 30, 2004 09:42 AM

I don't know where you're getting your info (since you failed to provide a supporting link) but CutCo is NOT the #1 knife.

Henckels is far better.

See here

Posted by: kj at March 30, 2004 09:54 AM

So what if Cutco and Vector isn't for you. Nobody is holding a gun to your head to make you work there. Thousands of high school and college students work there and do well. If its not for you then fine but why try to discourage others from doing well??? It isn't for everyone and you shouldn't feel bad if you didn't do well. If someone doesn't succeed in any sales job does that mean its a scam or does that just mean it isn't for them? There are jobs out there for everyone and personally I think its a bit silly that you are getting that worked up over a job that you didn't even want... Just take it easy, no one is being forced to do anything. The facts are laid out for everyone to see if someone doesn't want to do it thats fine but do you really think that people who don't want to work there are so dense that it takes someone like you to open their eyes? Let people decide for themselves.

Posted by: KJ at March 30, 2004 01:33 PM

The complaints about Vector rarely have to do with whether or not somebody was successful, they generally have to do with the dishonest, deceptive, and exploitative tactics the company uses. The ability of a person to have success with the company or whether or not the company is for you are side-issues that have nothing to do with the fact that the company is very shady and corrupt, their recruiting tactics are deceitful and offensive, and their sales tactics are underhanded and misleading. Vector isn't a scam because many don't succeed, it is a scam because of their fraudulent business practices, the kind of which they've even admitted to in settlement with authorities in Arizona, Wisconsin, and Australia. Quitting Vector once you find out the truth isn't failure, it's just plain smart.

No one holds a gun to your head but the advertisements are extremely vague and anybody who hears about a customer service job with no telemarketing or door to door sales being paid $15 is going to waste their time coming in to find out the offer is totally different than they were led to belive, and some will end up being roped in not fully understanding the job with promises of great money and being their own boss. People go to a Vector office looking for a job interview and end up finding out they were tricked into coming in for a sales pitch on a business opportunity. Now wonder people call Vector a scam!

Posted by: KL at April 4, 2004 11:48 AM

Thank you KL for elaborating on this issue in a well-defined and articulate manner.

Posted by: ds at April 5, 2004 12:03 AM

If the knives are so good, why not sell them in retail stores, as does their competition? Why goto the fuss and bother of taking on salesmen, training and motivating them through fear and financial need, besides making the guaranteed sale to them and their parents?

Could it be because THIS is how they make their money?!?

Pro-Cutco people defend their decision with hysteria and profanity because it would cause them too much psychological grief to realise that they got sucked into such an exploitative and losing scheme. "I'm not a loser!! Yo'ur a loser!! Our team manager Brad is a great guy! Cutco totally ROCKS!!!"

Posted by: Slashco at April 11, 2004 03:54 AM

This is a very interesting site.

First, for the people who had freinds work with Cutco or never finihsed the interview or seminar need to stop writing stuff in here. It's like me going to your house and holding a sign that says " don't talk to the kid inside because he is a psycho' then they ask how I know and I'll say " i don't know, I heard someone say that' You don;t know what you are talking about.

The ones who did not succedd with cutco- sorry- sales is not for everyone BUT THEN AGAIN- nothing is for everyone.

They can all agree with me whether they admit it or not- or that Cutco is the BEst as far as cutlery. If they do not agree, I'm sure their customers would.,

Sample kit- you're told about it but more importantly- for those that bitch about it- RETURN IT and you will get your money back.

it takes hard work and committment, I would agree. If you did not get paid- I understand that is something different for your appointment. Try calling your manager- you'd be surprised what talking to them NOw instead of saying "You were in JAIL" (that was real mature)
Let them know- and then have a concrete and proven idea of what Vector is about

I do work for the company- I am a student( whever said that I like watching students suffer is not the brihtest- ) I am a students buddy- So I sell and I am not an executive. I have been selling for almost 4 years now.

It is not a scam , and don't just take my word but their are many factors to how people base their opinions.

If you want a high paying job that has great resume experience and is a ton of fun which is very flexible with schedules - than work with Vector- it is not a get rich quick sceem.
There is a catch-

Follow the program (read from a book)
and Work hard.

That's it.

Posted by: R at April 11, 2004 05:34 PM

I just sold Cutco for my first weekend and already doubled what I paid to leave a DEPOSIT on my Demo Kit in 6 appts., I get $12 per demo regardless for as long as I represent the company, I am a certified para-legal so I'm not entirely stupid about legal terminology and the contract guarantee's me $12 per demo for as long as I am a sales rep for the company. One of my demo's this weekend was to a couple that has already had their Cutco for 12 years and wanted to expand their set. I am only $60 in sales away from my second promotion in 2 days. I have yet to give a demo to any close friends or family and the very first thing I said to every person to which I demonstrated was "Do not buy anything if you don't want it, I get paid regardless. Don't feel like you have to". My aunt has had her cutco since 1976 and has not even had it sharpened yet. By the by, Cutco has been the #1 selling brand in the United States for the past 3 years. I thought the pitch sounded shady when I heard it, so I did my own research and even Consumer Reports has them listed as the Best Buy in kitchen cutlery. The grade of steel used is no longer 440A, but 544A, it does happen to be the exact same steel as Henkels the difference is that Henckels only offers a warranty for manufacturer defects. Cutco guarantee's their knives for as long as they exist. I already have 7 more demo's scheduled in the next 5 days and 3 of them are already Cutco owners. IF THE KNIVES WERE GARBAGE THOSE THAT HAVE OWNED THEIR KNIVES FOR SEVERAL YEARS WOULD NOT BE EXPANDING THEIR SETS.

Posted by: ZB at April 12, 2004 09:47 AM

Excellent ZB, I was getting such a headache from all the negative vibes being put out here. I had also researched the company before starting with the company. I came across this site in the process. Alot of ugly stuff posted here, however, I went on to work for the company ( Doh!). I love the job by the way. I haven't lost any friends and family over it either. In fact a few of them are calling me to sell them more CUTCO (they love it so much). My conjecture is that some more baseless arguments are going to be posted after this one. See if I'm not right. Relax folks, it will be alright.

Posted by: Joe T at April 12, 2004 09:22 PM

Cutco IS a scam. I knew something was wrong the first day. In fact, a week after workingfor cutco, I researched all the facts Vector told us in those stupid manuals. As was mentioned, the best steel is not 440A, as Vector says, but actually 440c(im a metalsmith). The knives are stamped knives, not forged, which is a cheaper process that produces an "ok" product. Also, as far as the pillsbury bake off, the knives are not used in it, they are given as prizes. dont beleive me? check the pillsbury site yourself. I found that the double d edege is actually not all that efficient, and that the article in consumer digest that vector brags about states that cutco is good for a stamped knife. As far as that henckels set, it can be seen on for about 600 dollars or less, and it is the same one as advertised. what vector doesnt tell you is that that is the price of the knives if bought separately. the set the put together is nonexistant. it is not an actual set that is sold by henckels. when i brought all of this information to my district manager, he didnt have much to say. he tried to explain parts about the steel and the processs, but hmmm im a METALSMITH. also, he could not explain the henckels ad, saying he didnt know it wasnt a set. i dont know about all of you, but if those arent lies, i dont know what is.

Posted by: Cheryl at April 12, 2004 11:20 PM

is it just me or do all these poeple who swear cutco is a good company to work for sound like the same person....

Posted by: at April 13, 2004 06:10 PM

I resent those who are misrepresenting what Vector is all about. We sell very high quality cutlery, with better materials than Wusthof or Henckels, both in steel and handle materials. Our guarantee is much more comprehensive than either of our competitors. Go see for your self in stores, read their guarantee. Consumer Digest ranks us as a "Best Buy" in premium grade cutlery. Dont you think they are smart enough to be able to objectively evaluate our products? After all, they accept no product, no money for advertising or otherwise from manufacturers. They are supported by their subscriber base and are considered as honest an evaluation organization as can be.
Further, if you decide to work for Vector, you do pay about $145 for your sample set. You have the choice of placing that $145 as a deposit, then getting it refunded if you decide to leave Vector. Or you can simply buy it outright. You have the choice. Cutco is charging wholesale prices approximately. The retail value is over $400 for the product in the sample set. Most reps who decide to leave Vector either keep high quality product for personal use, or sell it for a profit.
If you are self-disciplined and ambitious you CAN make money.

Posted by: Karl at April 15, 2004 12:52 PM

Nice to see Vector Marketing spamming the boards of almost every week.

Posted by: Cutco - No Need at April 16, 2004 03:01 AM

Wow, some of you are overanalysing this thing way too much. Working for this company can be a great experience for some folks. Some have it, some don't . Not everyone is meant to be a doctor or a soldier for example. If its not for you.. leave it alone for God's sake. As far as I am concerned that Forever Guarantee is second-to-none. Also, much time and consideration goes into the design of each product item. If the company developed cutlery that people would have to keep replacing...wouldn't they be losing out? Not everyone is forced to buy CUTCO. If the customer thinks that the value is greater than the price(a one-time buy product) they will buy. Free country ; matter of choice. Suck it up and drive on.

Posted by: Joe T. at April 16, 2004 03:57 PM

i worked with vector/cutco for 3 years and have experienced both sides - good and bad.

the problem essentially is that vector has no employees, only independent contractors. as such individual managers are not / can not be held accountable for their actions. accordingly some people get a crap office / manager and have bad experiences and for this there is no excuse. it means that overall the company has many problems.

having said that i was one of the lucky ones who got into a great office with a great structure and an ethical management team. the experience i received there (and the money) was phenomenal and it helped me receive so many job offers when i graduated - from some of the top companies in the world.

the fact is that it is not a scam - if it was it would have been shut down long ago.

however, the fact is that it is not a totally honest company either... although they tell you everything about sample kits, payment structure, etc, in the interview, they do cloud it sometimes in half truths and that's definitely not good business practice.

in short, it is potentially a very good opportunity for students but needs a lot of cleaning-up internally in order to fix up problems, as there are clearly a lot of negative vibes.

each individual should check it out for themselves.

Posted by: agm at April 18, 2004 07:01 PM

since the knives are so much better than the rest if sold in stores they would be a lot more expensive

use common sense: if any good is taken directly to the customer, skipping intermediaries, then it is a lot cheaper

Posted by: to slashco at April 18, 2004 07:10 PM

If it sounds too good to be true, it is. Why would anyone want to work for a company that relys on deception and deceit. Those of you who are making money at Vector, good for you. Drug dealers make a lot of money too. Did you ever wonder why they target college students? Because they are easily decieved and inexperienced, unassuming of the world's cruelty. Take some advice, grow up, stop being immature, stay away from Vector.

Posted by: JayJay at April 19, 2004 08:21 PM

well, im a 19 year old college 4 months, ive sold $30,000 and have made about $10,, i wanna know what other job a 19 yr old college student can have and make that kinda money...whoever can't sell cutco is truly a moron...i really feel bad for those who can't do it :)

Posted by: jeff chapman at April 20, 2004 05:04 AM

If you actually know how to sell and stick with something then Vector is nothing but a great opportunity. I have made tons of money and so have my friends. I have 2 friends that have worked with Cutco and Vector for years, each went to college to obtain degrees, came back with degrees and several job offers only to stay with Cutco and head up locations that some could only dream to live in...not to mention the money they make is awesome. Plain and simple, this is no scam, never has been, and if it doesn't work for you, plain and simple, it's your fault. Get motivated and get a job...dont tell me to get a 'real job' or anyone else that works with Vecotr..we have 'real jobs'...they're just too real for you. P.S. You're one of those that blame everyone for what you do wrong, eh? ..yeah, those types don't sell anything well.

Posted by: Cutco Pro at April 26, 2004 07:46 AM

I am an office manager and receptionist with vector and have been for years. I have never been instructed to hide the truth or be shady, if you did, that is your fault and ur only. Which is why you probably don't work there anymore. Cutco Receptionists are honorable, honest, and helpful, anything else will and should not be tolerated.

Posted by: A Good Receptionist at April 26, 2004 07:49 AM

If you guy's say that Cutco is a scam, then why are they still in business? Do you people suck at everything that all you can do is trash talk. Get off your lazy ass, turn off the nintendo, go out and do something with your life. I haven't went to training yet but I plan on going. Plus I have a job that pays real good anyways. I just want a little bit of side money. Even if I don't sell the knives it's not going to hurt me at all. I think that all the people that talk all this trash just suck at everything, and can't do anything right. They just live at home and suck on there mommys tit. Shut the hell.

Posted by: David at April 26, 2004 02:20 PM

To anyone saying Vector's been around for 55+ years you've been misled. Vector's been around only about half that and during that time the authorities in at least 2 states and a country (Wisconsin, Arizona, and Australia) have come after them for fraud. Vector settled each time, admitted to misleading jobseekers, and promised not to do it again. Cutco has been around 55+ years though. In 1982 Cutco was a money losing company about to be shut down by Alcoa who then owned it, management then borrowed up to their ears and bought the company and acquired Vector Marketing to sell the products and keep Alcas afloat.

Posted by: KL at April 27, 2004 07:46 PM

To KL...I sure hope you never become a weather reporter....ur facts are totally fucked!

Posted by: I Have A Job at April 29, 2004 12:57 PM

I just got back from my "interview" . I've talked to a few people that were there and I didn't hear anyone say they didn't get the job . Since this seems like a scam and legit at once , I'm going part time . Let you all know in a while how it works out .

Posted by: Yves LeBlanc at April 29, 2004 06:54 PM

I just got back from my "interview" . I've talked to a few people that were there and I didn't hear anyone say they didn't get the job . Since this seems like a scam and legit at once , I'm going part time . Let you all know in a while how it works out .

Posted by: Yves LeBlanc at April 29, 2004 06:54 PM

I have worked for Vector for just over a year now and it has been the best experience. I have learned a lot about myself and how to work with people. Vector is not a scam and anybody who says that it is does not deserve the great opportunity that Vector has to offer. I have personally made over 10,000 dollars in income. I love everything about this company and recommend this to anybody who doesn't want to be stuck behind a desk 9 to 5 everyday. I have gained so much experience that corporations look for on resumes and I look forward to working with this company through college and longer.

Posted by: Melissa LaRochelle at April 30, 2004 02:33 PM

My name is Lauren Takahashi and I don't believe anybody who says anything negative about Vector/Cutco. I have now been working for Vector/Cutco for approximately 7 months and it has been an awesome experience. Not only have I learned valuable lessons in communication, managerial development, hard work and effort but I have learned valuable lessons about life. Vector is all about developing people to get them to their greatest potential. Now as a representative I have made over $15,000 in income in the short time I have been working for the company and have had 10 promotions, including my Assistant Manager promotion. I have never seen a company or even heard of a company who promotes advancement in such a positive way. So for those who don't want to take advantage of the Vector Opportunity or even give the opportunity a chance, I believe it's your loss. The energy in every person in Vector is a positive energy. The vibe of success lingers in every office that stands. It feels great to have people who around my age range to be so successful at a young age. At the age of 18, I never would have thought I could be the person I am today. Because of Vector, I've grown so much. And, I plan on growing with this company for a number of years to come.

Posted by: Lauren K. Takahashi at April 30, 2004 03:29 PM

I have been employed with Vector for almost 2 years this October and in a short amount of time, as a 19 year old college student, I have made over 20k. I realize that the Vector OPPUTUNITY isnt for everybody. Its only for those people who aspire to live a successful life. By taking into consideration that in anything good, there's always someone or something trying to bring it down. As our company expands our reputation as a legit corporation will grow. I'm looking forward to many more years as a Vector/ Cutco rep.

Posted by: Ryan Sereno at April 30, 2004 04:31 PM

Mr. "I have a job", get a REAL job. You only have a contract. Here's a Cutco press release outlining Cutco's financial problems in the early 80s and Vector only being around since 1982:

Posted by: K at April 30, 2004 06:09 PM

Here's a document showing the action the Australian authorities took against Vector

Posted by: KL at April 30, 2004 06:10 PM

Note from Webmaster. I run this site. The blogging software used to enter these comments allows me to view the IP address of the person entering the comment.

I have noticed that many of the POSITIVE comments originate from the SAME IP ADREESS .. indicating they come from the SAME PERSON (at the same computer) .. even tho it appears they come from different people.

This would make it seem like there are many more people out there who view Vectr/Cutco as POSITIVE, when, in fact, the number if much smaller.

Posted by: Rad at May 1, 2004 12:20 AM

Doesn't matter if Vector does work out for you and you made money, it's not worth $175 for that lousy set of knives, they brain wash you to think that it's a good set of knives, when in fact it's just a sharp set of knives... they're decent, but not worth $1169 for a set. All the rope cutting and leather cutting presentation works in their advantage, what just because they cut rope it's suppose to mean they cut good? NO! You don't cut ropes with your knives, just food, and being able to cut food is the goal of having a knife, not ropes, i bet if you were to cut something else the other knives might be better (Say pop can or maybe plastic. Remember Vector held numerous test and found out that by cutting rope, it's working to THEIR advantage.

Anyhow, I bet they earn enough from the $175 set of knives they sell to their Sales Rep!

Posted by: Lane at May 1, 2004 04:46 PM

check this out
Then tell me it's so good working for Vector

Posted by: at May 4, 2004 08:39 PM

It's so goooood working for vector!!!

Posted by: A Good Receptionist at May 5, 2004 12:14 PM

its just as easy to assume that all the positives are from the same person as all the negative are from the same person. Static Ip's and Networks make it literally impossible to track location or name due to these factors. But seeing as how you started the site, you prolly would only want people to think that the positives are from just one person but the negatives are all from different people. Ignorance is bliss.

Posted by: Vector_pro at May 5, 2004 12:23 PM

It's Mrs. I have a job to you and also, Im not under any sort of contract. And nice link! It proves Vector is the best selling in Canada and US.

Posted by: MRS I have a job at May 5, 2004 12:25 PM

Part 1:

This is a big scam. Anyone who doesn't believe me is delusional.

I used to work there a few years ago, during the summer of my undergraduate studies. They didn't give me my $800 depost back. They lied about being Forbes 1998, 1999, and 2000 "Company of the Year". They lied about everything. They bring you into the big room with all these trophies in order to make you believe they are really great, sit you down, and just sell themselves to you.

Jobs don't sell themselves to the people getting interviewed. It is the one seeking employment who is supposed to be doing the selling.

And while they are selling themselves to you, they aren't ecven talking about the job. They only do that once you give them the $800 deposit. And even when they get around to telling you, the information they give you doesn't do you any good.

I like the part about having to pay them to attend 'mandatory' confereces too. That was really nice of them. They basically are saying: pay us money to attend our conferences, or else you don't meet the employment conditions and thus you won't get paid. Well thank you Vector, you are making me pay you money so you will give me my paycheque. That makes perfect sense.

Posted by: Joseph Shannon at May 7, 2004 04:33 PM

in a way it is a scam. and in a way is it not. and well, if you did your research you would see that vector. you it has been sued many many times, you can even look up the "SAVE" web site. *student agienst Vector exp* and see many reason way Vector is a scam. and well..the botton line is. you are a sale man. and not a lot of people can sale. it is a tuff job. and that fact don't you have to ask your friends? really. like, it asking your freinds to buy 350 worth of tools. and they are very good tools. and it funny too. the office i went to from my 2 interviews is that they also had a lot of "Awards" i mean a lot. and today, they try to make me feel that i can make a lot of money and win stuff during the "Fast Start 10 days thing" and there is when i started to think. is this too good to be true? and well it is. but the botton line is, you can make lot of money in this job. however, do you really want to bug your friends, your family, into scumming them into buying some thing they don't really need?

Posted by: Y hyde at May 14, 2004 10:40 PM

Yeah i had a interview with vector this past wednesday and it did seem hella suspect and shady, they claim that they are this million dallor company then you think they would be able to afford better offices, the one in rockville maryland is so bootleg, their ceilings were water damaged and they had bootleg trophies everywhere and playing EVE the rappers music in the show room.(the un editted version) Thats not a perfessional business setting, and like someone previously posted, they were all white and i dont know the offer they were giving sounds extremely temping, but a good thing never lasts to long before some serious consquences are dished out. If anyone decides to work for them be careful and watch out for your own personal being

Posted by: Suspect at May 15, 2004 10:25 AM

I have just been hired by vector is this company really a scam if so somebody please let me know before i go to my training on Thrs. Fri. and Sat.

Posted by: shae at May 15, 2004 04:26 PM

I always look at these things just to see what people are saying about the company but I'm telling you from personal experience (I was an assistant manager) the company is fun to work for, I met a lot of great people, but I worked ridiculous hours and made little to no money doing it. They try to get you into the company, if you want to go and see if it's for you just ask the manager a few questions and see if you get a straight answer. Ask how much the average rep sells before they leave Vector (the avg. is around $2,500 and at the commission rate you get paid it comes to about $270 and that is normally over several weeks of selling) Also if you are constantly getting base pay many managers will take you off it and say that it is just to give you motivation. Also ask how many times a week you will be required to make phone calls, they will tell you whenever you want but you will have to make daily PDI calls and if you don't have the "right" number of appointments they will tell you to make phone calls right then. You will also have to go to weekly meetings (you aren't paid for phone time or meetings). You could sell alot and make some money, but it is not for everyone, you start out by trying to sell to your relatives and then getting references off them to do other appointments with. Honestly I'd say run the other way. I just wish someone would have told me this instead of me working for them for 2 years. The first year I thought it was just the customers I was seeing. Then I was an assistant, I worked about 75 hours a week, had off a total of 10 days the entire summer (including weekends) and made only a little over $3,000, that is less than minimum wage no matter how you figure it. So the decision is yours, just make sure you ask about anything you have hesitations on if you decide to go to training.

Posted by: EX assistant at May 16, 2004 08:22 PM

Working for Cutco/Vector/Alcas was the biggest mistake I have ever made. Eeveryone's all happy and cheerful and shit and it got annoying as fuck the first day I worked there, but slugged it out. Sold a bunch of knives to my fam and called it a summer, but didnt get paid for everything, and when I called they would just bullshit. In order to become a management trainee to open an office first you get like a year worth of brainwashing, you gotta front like a grand or two, and basically have no life whatsoever as long as you work there. My manager was there from like 9 a.m. to 10 p.m., what a loser. I wasted half of my summer before I said fuck it and quit, but they still kept calling me to come to those pep rally ass meetings. Dont sell them shitty ass knives your friends and family will never let you forget it, trust me.

Posted by: Murph at May 18, 2004 07:35 AM

Hi, I am a management major at Purdue University. Let me tell you, selling Cutco knives is a pyramid scheme. It is not good business. The people selling the knives are in denial and will support it all the way. Why would you want to tell someone you were dooped. I feel sorry for those selling because the people on top are just using you. What business makes you pay 145 up front. Makes no sense. You exhaust all of your family and friends and then you have no more customers. That's alright because the people at the top have just made money off of you and your poor family who probably didn't need knives anyway. The product may be legit (although the knives are too pricey for what they are worth) but the business layout is not a good one. Let's be smart...17 base salary and hundreds of flyers over many campuses across the country just doesnt' add up. Make millions at home..just doesn't add up. Let's be smart people. Earn your money the smart way with some integrity. It does not look good on a job app to put you worked for Vector.

Posted by: Libby at May 18, 2004 09:37 AM

I had my interview two days ago and the way it was explained really did seem like it was too good to be true. My training starts tomorrow and after reading this I'm very wary about joining this company. I hope what all of you are saying is true, because I am relying on your information in order to make an informed decision. I'll let you know how the training went... *peace*

Posted by: amyolivia at May 19, 2004 07:32 AM

I just had an interview with them just about 35 minutes ago. I wouldn't even bother to look at this site or type in at "Vector Scam"

Actually another person who interviewed after me was talking with an employee while he was waiting for his interview. He said that his father told him this is all a scam. But he wanted to come down and see it for himself.

The office did seem fishy, with rap music playing, pictures of rafting trips, "trophies" from Vector district mgrs, and names of "employees" like Jay Ballz. The office was not what imagined, I at least thought it would be a telemarketing job.

Though they didn't tell me about the $145 you have to pay to start work. I wouldn't do it anyway, and cause I don't have a car and commute to college via train, I probably wouldn't get hired. Scam or not, it is all what these customers want or not. My guess is if you pressure them after thy invite you in, and leave angry and w/o a sale. You'll might hate Vector and this job. I also saw only pics of white people in the office as well.

Posted by: mallan at May 19, 2004 09:47 AM

its funny how the admin of the site started this site to be "honest" with others about cutco "dishonesty" yet, he continually erases replies everynight that might jeopardize his cynical attitude towards vector. If the admin really wanted you to find out what is true about cutco, he wouldn't erase whatever might not support his thoughts..i agree with "ignorance is bliss"

Posted by: funny at May 20, 2004 10:23 AM

I Am currently working for cutco and I love their knives. They do pay well for the work and time you put in, and true that they don't pay you for training but if you really believe in this product being paid would be no problem. You should feel happy that you are letting people who have never heard of cutco get a good quality knife. I had a woman that i demoed say that Cutco was 10x's better than Henkles. Any one who says Cutco is a joke must be dissalusioned to the truth. You guys are the ones who are trying to scam people by telling them that Cutco is a joke.

Posted by: Sam at May 20, 2004 01:11 PM


Posted by: R_Admin at May 20, 2004 07:23 PM

I worked for Vector for less than 3 months about ten years ago. It made me realize I didn't like sales jobs. But, I ended up with some great knives (and scissors) and have just recently bought a set.

Why would anyone spend so much time maintaining a site like this? Hmmmm.

Posted by: NEM at May 20, 2004 08:16 PM

I haven't "erased" any posts, but I did have a problem with the spam-filtering software I use: MT-Blacklist. It somehow became configured to filter the "dash" character. It took me a while to figure that out. It was even filtering my own posts.

Anyway, I apologize for any inconvenience.

Posted by: Rad at May 25, 2004 11:28 AM

I received a letter through the mail offering me this "great opportunity" to work for Vector, so I applied online and they immediately scheduled me for an interview. (Seemed kind of desperate to me, but hey, a job is a job, right?) So I arrived to the Oakbrook office and more people showed up by the minute. We were asked a few questions, and then invited to a "second interview." During this second interview, JUSTIN DONALD, the district manager of Vector, fed to us the company information, demo, pay, market information, and even displayed some articles in which Vector/Cutco were featured (although he did not pass these around as he had been the actual knives he used in the demo) One thing that he said that sticks out was that Vector was "highly selective" of its employees, and that not everyone would get hired for these positions. I looked around the room and already saw a few who certainly could not qualify. (For example: some guy who decided to wear GYM SHOES to the interview-note: I am not criticizing his wardrobe, but dress up pants, a dress up shirt and a tie with GYM SHOES is NOT business like attire. Also, some girl wore this outfit that looked as if she was ready to head out to a club-not very professional, and she kept interrupting the interview by asking to go to the bathroom. Finally, two cell phones rang during the interview,and both guilty parties mumbled a few words of pardon) After the "introduction" to what we were going to be doing, we were asked to fill out some essay questions while we were called in to another office (by two's) and told if we had a job or not. I was sitting next to some guy and we were asked what we thought of the whole presentation, while I answered well, (I do not exaggarate when I say this) they guy next to me stammered and stuttered, "Umm...well....the products...they're...good..uhh" and what do you know, we BOTH got the job. It seemed to me that as I saw everyone walk out of the double doors in the back to the parking lot, everyone in that room with me had been accepted. EVERYONE. (So much for that "highly selective" crap, huh?) When I told my mother about the job, she seemed wary. As soon as I mentioned the $146 of deposit we had to make, she immmediately said it was a scam. I was quick to defend Vector because I had not stumbled across websites such as these that would make me doubt my words of assurance. However, my training isn't until tomorrow and I have decided not to go. Believe me, it is not because I feel that I am not fit for this position, or that I am too lazy and wont work my butt off to see this job pay off, it is simply because I want to avoid any trouble that working for Vector might bring me in the future.
I have read almost every comment posted on this site and I have a few things in response to some of the most "common" postings that have been made.
#1: "CUTCO's products are awesome-they do not suck therefore stop bad mouthing CUTCO"--these arguments weren't made against the products themselves, they were made against VECTOR MARKETING, and just like someone (I forgot who) posted earlier: Cutco and Vector are two different things to critique.
#2: "I make more money than you and all I have to do is pick my nose while you bust your ass off"--If you choose to work for Vector because of the easy income,then good for you. You are entitled to your own actions. However, it is very immature for you to post a comment on this website and criticize those who prefer to put a little more effort into their job and to say that these people are stupid for not working for Vector. Keep those type of comments to yourself and simply say that you enjoy working for Vector because of the income you are receiving. There is no need to put everyone else down just because they chose not to work there.
#3: "The reason you talk bad about Vector is because you were no good for the job in the first place"--first of all, do you know the abilities of the person who posted the comment? No. So who are you to judge what this person is capable of doing, or what they are not? I can assure you that ANYONE, at any given time, can lie and manipulate anyone into getting what they want, so what would make selling Cutco products any different? And besides, if the training is as good as they say it is (so good that anyone with no experience at all can succeed in this job) then how can you say that not "EVERYONE" is made for this type of job?
Final thoughts: For those who are working at Vector made it on their "highly selective list." For those who are undecided--(someone posted this same idea earlier) go to the interview yourself and see what you decide after knowing what you know now about some of the bad experiences shared on this website, and be more skeptical about everything that they will feed you during the interviewing process. Note the people around you and ask yourself if YOU would hire them if you were running a very important "Top Notch" company, and see if they end up landing the job or not. (Most likely they will.) For those who prefer not to even step foot into the Vector territory--you have your reasons for choosing not to, and they are respected; just make sure that you are not put down by anyone else for taking this action.

Posted by: C_in Chicago at May 26, 2004 12:29 AM

hello guys... well to start off: last summer I was interviewed by vector, the only problem was that I wasn't 18 yet, and when I was going to turn 18 I was moving FAR away to college. Well now I'm back home for the summer and I also know that vector has an office where I go to school. I need quick & easy money right now because I'm going to need to put a down payment on the apartment I'm getting next year. Not only that, but I'm going to school 3000 miles away and I would like to have a lil time to visit friends and family while I'm home - so the flexible schedule seems to work for me. I know that to some people selling knives or whatever may seem boring, but for me-hardly. I'm going to school and majoring in culinary arts - I want to be a chef & own my own restaurant. I've researched vector AND the cutco products. TRUTHFULLY: Cutco is not a bad brand of knives.. I know many chefs who actually own these knives for at home use. I wouldn't go trying to sell these to an exec. chef for him/her to use in a restaurant.. but they are good knives for everyday kitchen use. One thing i noticed that is a 'scam' about the knives particularly is the french/chef's knife they offer. Normally a french knife can be used for just about everything.. yeah it is an expensive knife, but it does everything like i said & it is a good investment for the right person you can be cutting meat, veggies, you name it. But the knife cutco offers is only supposed to be used for cutting veg. & fruit. (IT WILL BREAK IF YOU USE IT TO CUT MEAT!!!) SO what they do, is make you buy ANOTHER knife that can cut meat to make up for what the french knife doesn't do. It is definitely cheaper to buy ONE good quality french knife that does everything than to buy these two seemingly cheaper knives. Ok people.. so yeah, I am considering working for vector, but I'll tell you one thing, I won't lie to the customers I'm selling to and tell them that this is a great knife when I wouldn't buy it myself.. and let me tell you, I KNOW my knives. I suggest to vector employees to gain the trust of your customers by telling them these little things that other people don't normally hear. I'm sure that your customers will appreciate this and buy OTHER knives from you or at least give you more appointments and recommend u to their friends (especially for your honesty). This is also a good business strategy... just think of it this way: someone is selling you a car and you were looking at this nice looking one in the lot when he says, "oh that IS a nice looking car, but to tell you the truth, (this this and that) is wrong with it, how about I show you a better quality car.. I want you to get your money's worth"... now aren't you more likely to buy a car from this person? It's called customer-business trust, and I think you really should use it. Don't be a sell out if you are going to go into this business.

Posted by: adriana at May 26, 2004 08:19 AM

Going in for an interview tomorrow.

How exactly DOES Vector work? Do you get money per appointment? How do appointments work? I hear pros and cons from both sides and I'd like to know more...thanks.

Posted by: Trinity at May 26, 2004 05:11 PM

Just a few comments about the knives. Anyone who thinks these knives are worth their price haven't done enough research on them. First of all check the #8 link on this blog entry, it gives some good info on Cutco compared to other brands. Secondly, Master Chef Wylie Dufresne told GQ magazine "I have plenty of friends whose parents have Cutco in a knife block. You pull them out and they're all as dull as can be." Norman Weinstein, a nationally recognized kitchen knife skills instructor was quoted by the Baltimore Sun newspaper as saying this about Cutco: "Why, why, would you buy such a knife?" (the Baltimore Sun article has a lot of other good info in it, you can read it here: )
Consumer Reports found the handles (similar to the ones Wear Ever Cookware dumped decades ago) were more uncomfortable than most and the blades corrode easier than most. They are stamped, thinner, more flimsy, lack bolsters and have inferior balance, use serrated "Double-D" edges- which are generally to be avoided for most tasks- as a main selling point, and are sold by questionable means.

Posted by: KL at May 26, 2004 05:59 PM

Oh and one last thing I forgot, for unbiased information about how Cutco and other various kitchen knives have done in kitchen knife reviews, check out this site:

Posted by: KL at May 26, 2004 06:01 PM

Only one professional reviewer likes Cutco knives. Cutco is sold exclusively through door-to-door sales, much like Amway products. On consumer opinion sites like Epinions and, we found glowing testimonials for Cutco knives, but it's hard to tell how many of these are written by salespeople. In fact, even in reviews of other brands of knives, Cutco is mentioned. This leads us to suspect that some members of the Cutco cult are not beyond writing negative reviews of another product in order to bolster their own claims. In fact, it seems that Cutco makes a perfectly fine (though very expensive) stamped knife, but the odd commentary on these sites takes the edge off our desire to include this brand in ConsumerSearch Fast Answers.

Posted by: Cutco_sucko at May 26, 2004 06:15 PM

Wow, I have my interveiw tonight. I heard about the company through a friend who found a job ad in the paper. She had her interveiw the other night, and was hired right away. When I had called for an interveiw, I was asked barely any questions, and though I ask a lot of questions, a got almost no answers. it wasn't till I asked my friend how the interveiw went did I even learn the name of the buisines. She seems to be completely into the idea, I mean $14.50 (supposedly) an hour sound great, too good to be true, which it is. I started researching the company last night, and today during studyhall I found some very disturbing complaints. It is sad that a company has to rely on the unexpirenced youth of America to sell their over priced products. I know now that even if this job is ligit, It would not be the job for me, I just can not sell expensive knives to my friend ans family for a ridiculaous inflated price. I will be informing my friend, and my cousin (Who Ironically has also gottin into the business) before they get screwed over. It would be great if they, or myself made that kind of money. But very few (the lucky) actually do so, so until then I will be working more than one job, like every other working shmuck.

Posted by: Jenn at May 27, 2004 07:24 AM

Interesting comments. I spent my college summers selling paint and hardware at Sears for barely a little higher than minimum wage. Now as a 30-something homeowner, I knew 2 college kids from my church that sold Cutco knives of which I bought a $700 set from one of them about 5 years ago. Are these knives better than Ginzu? Yes. Are they professional quality? More or less yes. Do I feel ripped off? The cost is high, but these are better knives than any I've ever used and am happy with it so far along with knowing it has a lifetime warranty. I know that much of the price I paid goes to the sales rep, but so do things like Girl Scout cookies and Entertainment coupon books. Do I feel the reps were nuisance? Absolutely not, I accepted his house call. If you as a sales rep feel you are lying about the product you are selling or just don't like selling, do something else. If you believe in it, and can make some decent summer money, go for it. Is is a scam? Probably, as much as kids selling the GS cookies and Entertainment coupon books or school raffle tickets or neighbors selling life insurance to you.

Posted by: Homeowner at May 27, 2004 02:56 PM

Thanks so much for this fiance was ready to go have an interview at Vector and I'm glad I did some research before he got sucked in, as most of you have been saying. The letter they sent us made it sound like a telemarketing job...very interesting.

Posted by: Shannon at May 27, 2004 09:04 PM

I went to the interview today. #1, before i came into "Vector" i realized this place was right next to a high school, hmmm i wonder thing i noticed: vector was not the best looking office iv been in. The place seemed like a scam right away. As i went in, i realized there were a shitload of people there, then i noticed a pile of fil-out sheets, hmm....1st question in my mind: Do they do this everyday? Then i went into the..."office", or whatever they call it. Looked around, and realized that all they had is sports magazines, and trophys. The room looked like a joke to me. I started laughing and smilling everytime i looked around. I knew right away that this place was bullshit. If you make millions of dollars per office, then why dont you make the "office" more welcome. Next we filled some bullshit out, and they called us into the room three at a time. The manager asked me why i was not wearing a tie, cause everyone else was. I told him i dont know why. Ohh man........i was about to tell him, fuck you have a nice day. Then the guy looked at us and said he would love to keep us for the second interview. How the fuck is this a second interview if we are already here? Alright, the story goes on. He then finished his little I MUST REMEMBER YOUR NAME GAME(the reason he try's to call all of you by your name is because you feel more special or more important that is). Then he told us to gather around his desk. He did his little demonstration with the knives. Once that fucker looked me in the eyes, i could tottaly tell that he wanted us to pay something. BINGO! next thing you know, buy your set of knives for $145 and carry them on you at all times. Okay, did you know, that if you get hired by a sales company they provide you with an account for gas, lunches, and your tools or other expenses. HMMM vector is not that smart after all. Now he tells us how great the company is. Honestly i think the knives were amazing, but im not gonna pay 600 for plastic and metal. I can buy a set of knives at the 1 dollar king and they will do the job. Who cares if the knives cut through a penny or leather. Ill do 28 strokes to cut that leather and save $599. Does that sound like a deal to you? The guy goes on with the interview, and then calls us in one by one. Tells me im hired and welcome to the company. HMMM, usually once you are hired they will give you a sheet to sign as a contract. Hello! wake up. So in my opinion they waste your time while you let them borrow 145 and let them invest in whatever they are doing, once you get fed up with the job and ask for money back, they made triple of the amount you let them borrow. Plus how do you think they are paying you. 145 you pay, they take 16 per hour out of that, and pay you. Thats about 9 hours for you. 1-2 appointments per day, 4-5 days. Hmm does it ring a bell to anyone yet? Im not gonna say it is a scam, because it is totally legal. They are not braking any law. You are not signing a contract, plus im pretty sure the 145 you pay is just here give me the money and fuck the paper work. We will think about refunding that money to you. I say go to your first interview and see how they try to brainwash you. If you are stupid enough they will boss you around for about 3months, ok for the smarter ones about 1-4 weeks, and then you will end up doing drugs or drinking, cause college can already be depressed. Plus think about this; if you are gonna sell to your own family, then as soon as you get your BENZ on 20" rims, you can tell each one of them which part of the car belongs to them. Your grandma gets the wheels, your next door neighboor gets the stereo system. You are left with the change in your ash-tray, which you use for the parking meter, when you arrive at the "VECTOR INC." I hope you get some idea of who vector really is.

Posted by: vector is victor at June 1, 2004 10:02 PM

Vector is as good as you want it to be. there are no lies and scams...its why only smart people should work at vector..stupid people don't really understand it. i don't think company would be around for as long as it has if it was in any way potentially bad. i worked for vector, i paid for my college over a summer for the next two years..tell me where i went wrong? i couldn't have done that waiting tables at shoneys...thats for sure. you have to work for it, you can't be stupid. my grandmother had a set of henkels...the receipt was 1,565 dollars..only 3 more than what it mentions on the comparison, doesn't look like a lie to ridiculous people.

Posted by: Travis at June 1, 2004 10:46 PM

vector = scam, if not then only a few would complain about it, not thousands of people. DRRR!!! vector retards, u guys probly dont make much more then that guy at mcdonalds, either way id rather be broke then steal money from my family and friends. If the rest of you can do that, then go suck your managers dick, may be he will pay you for that too.

Posted by: yahoo at June 1, 2004 11:19 PM

If anyone wants a little hint about vector, go to and type in cutco you will get about 200 results. that means there are about 200 people trying to get rid of that junk. If not more. So if the knives are so amazing and you bought them, why are you selling them? pricey arent they, now u realized that your old set was decent enough. Not everything is perfect, so dont try to pretend that vector is perfect, everyone makes mistakes and i think it is time they admit it.

Posted by: blahdadada at June 2, 2004 12:30 AM

I just called one of the "Office Managers" in the Northbrook, IL, and the manager told me that it was "illegal" sell Cutco on the Internet. He actually thinks that selling Cutco door to door is a fine are missing the working business world. JEEZ.

When I actually went on an interview, the office looked like a methlab. It was disgusting. Every single person I went with got the "job" suprisingly.

I called and told him to take me off his list.

Posted by: at June 2, 2004 10:36 AM

Vector marketing is a great company, they helped me get rid of all my friends, and my relatives. These people are great, they keep your money for you so you dont have to cary that heavy box of cash you got, and the weapons they sell are great, i stabed one of my managers with it, he told me: what an excelent idea; he is gonna use that move at his next interview, to demostrate how cutco really "cuts". I suggest getting the whole set of knives they got, you can become a collector too. Being a ganster is tough these days, you need a well sharpened knife, stab someone and you wont have a problem selling these knives, the product speaks for itself. I did it, so can you. the cutco cutter.

Posted by: hahha at June 2, 2004 11:24 AM

Those shitheads are cruel to students. I would give them a taste of their own medicine. I would apply ONLY if you are unemployed and have the desire to scam those fuckers back. You can fill out 50-90 demo sheets and get paid $15 and really do NO demos or have random people (using fake names) order shit. Then, they pay you for all of the shit. LOL...suckers. Let me know if that works for anyone.



Posted by: Karen at June 3, 2004 08:35 AM

I was recently "hired" at Vector and what put me off the most was that they lied to me about what i would be selling. The receptionist told me i'd be selling outdoor products. Then i waste my time with a 2 hour "interview". I went to the first training session and 2 hours into it I said i had to go to my other job and work. They weren't too impressed and a scene was had. Frankly though, they're lucky i didn't smack the stupid out of them.

Posted by: erin at June 5, 2004 09:01 PM

vector is a legal scam. my aunt works for one like it. She has been brainwashed by the company she works for. these things are legal, but just incredibly unethical. They tap the student pool because many students are looking for easy work and don't know much about business. My parents have been in sales for a combined total of 35 years, so I know a little about this from them. I called, made the interview appt, and was pushed to come in NOW. IMMEDIATELY. I showered and shaved, but then realized that the receptionist wouldn't answer ANY questions. When vector employees post here, they really believe what they are saying. My aunt and uncle have been doing multi-level marketing for 20 years, even as he struggles with cancer. These companies take advantage of those without business experience. When my father saw the letter, he told me to cancel immediately. it may be legal, but it is not ETHICAL.

Posted by: joe at June 5, 2004 10:10 PM

vector is a legal scam. my aunt works for one like it. She has been brainwashed by the company she works for. these things are legal, but just incredibly unethical. They tap the student pool because many students are looking for easy work and don't know much about business. My parents have been in sales for a combined total of 35 years, so I know a little about this from them. I called, made the interview appt, and was pushed to come in NOW. IMMEDIATELY. I showered and shaved, but then realized that the receptionist wouldn't answer ANY questions. When vector employees post here, they really believe what they are saying. My aunt and uncle have been doing multi-level marketing for 20 years, even as he struggles with cancer. These companies take advantage of those without business experience. When my father saw the letter, he told me to cancel immediately. it may be legal, but it is not ETHICAL.

Posted by: joe at June 5, 2004 10:10 PM

I just started for Vector a week ago and now I don't know what to do. I just hope I get paid

Posted by: Nunya at June 6, 2004 08:46 PM

I have been working for Vector for 2 weeks, and i have made $170 for 4 days of work and i only worked for about 6 hours. So i got paid very well. Im not sure if i should stick arund with Vector, because they make a hell of a lot more money than you ever wil, even if you are an FSM. You will work your ass of for them and you will only see about 10% of all your sales. Vector is a good job if you are willing to work hard, but i mean real hard. You wont make any real money unless you stick with it, and karen that fake name thing wont work. Anyway, if you can work hard enough, and can live with sleeping between all your appts,then whatever free time you have will be spent setting up appts, then Vector is a good job for you and u will get paid really good money. Vector may be a scam, but what do i know? WE DONT KNOW EVERYTHING, WE ARE STUPID COLLEGE STUDENTS, MOST OF US GOT PULLED INTO A JOB WHERE THEY ARE USING US TO MAKE MONEY, AND WE ONLY SEE A SMALL PART OF IT. If you sell tons, you will make tons, but u have to lower your morals and standards. If you people dont want to do this forever, just milk whatever money you can out of this job with people u know and quick aquaintces. i mean CUTCO is a good product, people will want it and u wont feel guilty about selling it, and if they dont buy u get paid anyways. Make your money back from that kit, and a little bit more, if you dont like it. See people u know then quit, be honest with your customers u see, and dont try to scam them, show them all their options. After u get tired of the job or u feel that u are being a dirty salesman just quit. Get every honest dollar ou of them and quit. If u have any questions or comments or advice, e-mail me at

Posted by: steve at June 7, 2004 02:04 PM

I just got hired at vector should I go in for training the next 3 days or should I just skip? I've already been offered a job elsewhere. Can some people please give me their unbiased opinion?

Posted by: tino at June 9, 2004 07:54 PM

hi, i also just got hired and am risking my current job with a more known company. now i am scared... i have had to demmand the days off from my current employment in order to go to these unpaid trainings and want to know if it is worth it. not that this site hasn't been helpful, but i would really appretiate some more official sites with equal representation from the negative and positive points, sites where no one is paid to leave an oppinion! help!

Posted by: muskegon mi at June 9, 2004 09:21 PM

Although I have no "official site" that you go can go to...I know that Students Against Vector Exploitation (SAVE) have a website that you might want to check out.
In my humble opinion muskegon, I'd advice you to not waste your time at Vector and to stick to your current job. The pay may be less, but you'll avoid any problems you may encounter working at Vector in the future. However, the ball is in your court.

Posted by: at June 10, 2004 10:10 PM

Although I have no "official site" that you can go to...I know that Students Against Vector Exploitation (SAVE) have a website that you might want to check out.
In my humble opinion muskegon, I'd advice you to not waste your time at Vector and to stick to your current job. The pay may be less, but you'll avoid any problems you may encounter working at Vector in the future. However, the ball is in your court.

Posted by: at June 10, 2004 10:10 PM

ok...i called in on a tuesday,got scheduled for and inteview the same day,went the next day because of sheduling problems and got the job the same day. i've never really heard of jobs the hires on the spot...but alot of things are new to me though.i went to their seminar for three days and wasn't told that buy the end of it alll i had to have $143.10 for the sample kit untill the morning i showed up (today). i came in a little late and i called up an asist.manager to tell i'll be late, he said come on in. i get there while they've started and i was turned around at the door and asked to speak to the asist. manager . he asks if i have my deposit and i said no.he told me there's no reason to stay because the deposit is due today and i have to either get it in a couple of days and he'll finish me up or i could have it buy the next seminar (next saturday) and attend then. about 10 mins later, another employee show up and i her if she had her deposit...she says no.she walks in and takes a sit.i'm black and she was of another ethnic. the manager PRE-ASSUMED that i didn't have it!he should've turned her around too. racial discrimation? i think so.after getting hired, i checked another website slamming Vector and they said the they do target young, little or
no income ,college or high school students and i have to say...everyone that showed up for an interview were at 'tween the ages of 17-25,and there were only like 5 black people in the whole thing. at interviews,unless its for summer job, you see all ages and ethnic backgrouds applying.i think Vector,in more ways than one, is a scam.and don't get me wrong, i understand the thing about the deposits...but, you have to have money in order to work there and how could that be if you never had any to start with?

Posted by: kenneka at June 12, 2004 10:53 AM

Reading all the complaints, I feel sorry for those that misunderstand the nature of sales and what a company requires you to do as far as their requirements and standards are concerned. Those that truly are willing to put in the effort and want to make a good income, let us hear from you. We have sales position available with very high commissions. There is, of course no charge for anything. We are a manufacturer of advertising units for businesses. Only those with outside sales experience or the dedication and willingness to put in effort need apply.
Email for details. Prefer those with outside sales experience, and think like a boss.

Posted by: general manager at June 12, 2004 11:06 PM

yeah, so thats y u target ppl that just come out of a high skool who most likely have NO experience??? i would curse u off but i have no idea if im allowed here, but i bring every bad word upon u, ur no better than a tobacco company!!!!

Posted by: some dude at June 14, 2004 06:56 PM

I personally think that any job where they can't tell you what you will be doing until after you're too far in to change your mind is a joke.....that's exactly what Vector did to me.

Posted by: at June 16, 2004 09:41 PM

I have been a recpeetionist at Vector for about 8 months. I love it. As for any one who says the receptionists are told to lie, you yourself are lieing. If any REAL manager catches a receptionist lieing or giveing false info to a caller you are FIRED...thats it see you later receptionist. We tell people the truth. They come in for an interview and we tell people that they will be selling knives. If some how you are not that smart to understand that the qoute "you are selling knives to customers" means YOU WILL BE SELLING KNIVES TO CUSTOMERS, than I feel sorry for you. What ever your guarenteed base pay is you will get it forever whether you alot or not. Sell nothing get paid. Sell something get paid more. Its simple. If you don't succeed I'm sorry for you. I know that burger King is always hiring and if you are the fry guy you don't have to sell anything. Although you do have to pay $35 for the Burger King tee-shirt.

Posted by: ash@p.b at June 17, 2004 05:25 AM

I have been a recpeetionist at Vector for about 8 months. I love it. As for any one who says the receptionists are told to lie, you yourself are lieing. If any REAL manager catches a receptionist lieing or giveing false info to a caller you are FIRED...thats it see you later receptionist. We tell people the truth. They come in for an interview and we tell people that they will be selling knives. If some how you are not that smart to understand that the qoute "you are selling knives to customers" means YOU WILL BE SELLING KNIVES TO CUSTOMERS, than I feel sorry for you. What ever your guarenteed base pay is you will get it forever whether you alot or not. Sell nothing get paid. Sell something get paid more. Its simple. If you don't succeed I'm sorry for you. I know that burger King is always hiring and if you are the fry guy you don't have to sell anything. Although you do have to pay $35 for the Burger King tee-shirt.

Posted by: ash@p.b at June 17, 2004 05:26 AM

I have been a recpeetionist at Vector for about 8 months. I love it. As for any one who says the receptionists are told to lie, you yourself are lieing. If any REAL manager catches a receptionist lieing or giveing false info to a caller you are FIRED...thats it see you later receptionist. We tell people the truth. They come in for an interview and we tell people that they will be selling knives. If some how you are not that smart to understand that the qoute "you are selling knives to customers" means YOU WILL BE SELLING KNIVES TO CUSTOMERS, than I feel sorry for you. What ever your guarenteed base pay is you will get it forever whether you alot or not. Sell nothing get paid. Sell something get paid more. Its simple. If you don't succeed I'm sorry for you. I know that burger King is always hiring and if you are the fry guy you don't have to sell anything. Although you do have to pay $35 for the Burger King tee-shirt.

Posted by: ash@p.b at June 17, 2004 05:26 AM

I have been a recpeetionist at Vector for about 8 months. I love it. As for any one who says the receptionists are told to lie, you yourself are lieing. If any REAL manager catches a receptionist lieing or giveing false info to a caller you are FIRED...thats it see you later receptionist. We tell people the truth. They come in for an interview and we tell people that they will be selling knives. If some how you are not that smart to understand that the qoute "you are selling knives to customers" means YOU WILL BE SELLING KNIVES TO CUSTOMERS, than I feel sorry for you. What ever your guarenteed base pay is you will get it forever whether you alot or not. Sell nothing get paid. Sell something get paid more. Its simple. If you don't succeed I'm sorry for you. I know that burger King is always hiring and if you are the fry guy you don't have to sell anything. Although you do have to pay $35 for the Burger King tee-shirt.

Posted by: ash@p.b at June 17, 2004 05:27 AM

OK, I was hired and tomorrow I start my second day of training. I'm having mixed feelings about the company. On the one hand, I was annoyed by how vague the intial info was. I haven't encountered their false pricing of Henckel, but I'm going to keep my eyes open. I must say, I do like their business ethic. We have been specifically trained to *not* pressure the customers. We tell them over the phone that they do not ahve to buy anything. I get paid a base of $16 per appointment, so that seems to be true. We can't just open up the yellow pages and start calling people. What we are told to do is get 2 referrals from customers but obviously in a nice way, like "if you like what you saw today it would be appreciated if you could *ask* two of your friends if they'd liek to find out Cutco". We can't call those potential customers until they give their approval to the current customers. i do think I'll have to spend a lot of time calling people and getting to the apointments, but we were pretty much told that; if I only wanted to see 3 people a day, fine. If I wanted to see 8 people a day, I'm gonna be hella busy. As for not getting paid for the training, it is legit because we are technically independant contractors and not employees. About the money for our Cutco sets; we were told that it would be a $145 deposit, which would be 100% refundable when I returned the set. If I chose to keep it, I would have been buying it for myself at a discount price. That seems fine to me...I mean, without having to give a deposit what stops someone from taking it and never showing up again? I agree with some of the posters that having you "practice" with your family is just a sells ploy, which is why I won't do it. I'll ask some other people who I'm on good terms with, stress that I don't want them to buy this at all, but would appreciate them telling friends whom they think would be interested in buying. My real plan though is to go to an affluent area and have lunch somewhere while viewing my Cutco set. Someone is bound to come up and ask what it is, and I'll explain that I sell these. They'll ask for more info, but I'll tell them that I can't advertise like a telemarketer or door to door salesman. If they press for more info, I'll give them my card. Rich people have money for cutlery, and so do their friends. Cha-ching! I do have a concern about the base pay; you only get it if the person you are presenting to is over 25 and employed full are we going to make certain that this is the case so we don't just stumble blindly. Furthermore, how is Cutco going to knwo the difference, if they get paid all the same??? I want to stress that Cutco is the BESt quality cutlery I have ever seen (although I must admitt it is outrageously priced). I saw all the demonstration and even did them myself and I can sincerely say that Cutco beats the crap out of that Walmart stuff my mom has. Tomorrow I'm going to ask the manager what happens if we make a sell, but the customer returns we keep the comission, or at least the base pay? I mean, its pretty shitty if you get a paycheck and then 2 weeks later OWE them money. I'll ahve more questions tomorrow (today! how time flies) and get come back to the board.

Posted by: Someone at June 18, 2004 12:36 AM

My mom gave me the website for Vector Marketing. Let me tell you, it looked like it was too good to be true. The pay was great, and the whole spiel sounded awesome. After some research, I found out that it's all just a damn, idiotic ploy, and that it's useless. Having to pay money to buy their knives and then sell them after? Anyone who doesn't think this is weird is stupid. And for those of you that are for the company, you're brainwashed asses!

Posted by: E-Man at June 18, 2004 09:40 AM

i called earlier for an interview with Vector, after receiving a letter in the mail about the job opportunity. afterwards i decided to do some research about this, because things just didn't seem right... so i stumbled upon this website. immediately after i read through most of this site, i called back and cancelled my appointment.

thanks for the heads up, guys.

Posted by: Preston at June 18, 2004 07:30 PM

I posted here yesterday, after hearing a lot of disconcerting things about Vector.

OK, I finished my second day of training, and have come to the conclusion that Vector is indeed FULL OF SH*T. I went to the manager with several questions, which he answered in his "office". I expressed my concern for a lack of explanation between independant contractor (IC) and employee. As ICs, we would not have employee benefits and would ahve to pay taxes ourselves, instead of having it taken from wages. Kinda important thing to tell a person, don't you think? I also asked what happened should a customer return the merchandise after recieving the commission (you owe Vector the difference b/t the base pay and the commission) and what would happen should a sale be made to someone who doesn't meet the qualifications. Another thing he never clarified was that if you make a sale, you don't get the whole commission right away unless the customer paid in full. For example, if you are at the 10% level and made a $300 sale, but the customers chose a 3 month installment, you just get your $30 over a course of three months....$10 per month! I went on about a few other things too. He kept trying to look at the notebook I had written my questions in--what a jerk! I asked if we would be given a list of references to start with (which they seemed to want to make you believe at first), or would we have to use the references from families and friends (we had to use those). I expressed concern to the manager that my family didn't meet qualifications, and neither would their friends. When he found out my parents' occupations, his face fell, but he made a quick comeback with a too-large fake smile and a half-assed "that's great!"

What really pissed me off is that he didn't make these questions/concerns known to the class...they are pretty important!!! Another point of contention is that we were in training for over 6 hours but only had a 5 minute break!. No shit, we were told to be there by 10:45, but didn't get out until 5:12pm. We didn't have a break the first day, either, but the training wasn't as long so I shrugged it off. We were told that we'd have a break for lunch today. That turned into a "short break" so that we could finish 30mn-1hr early. That turned into a "15mn break". When we finally had a break, he told us to be back in 5 minutes! AND we finished LATE, not early. This actually isn't illegale since 1) we were not technically hired and 2) even if we were, we'd be Independent Contractors instead of actual employees, so they wouldn't be violating any employee's rights laws.

That was bad enough, but then he springs on an "advanced training session" on Monday--WTF!?! We were told that we'd have 3 days of unpaid training, and then he breaks out with an extra one. I questioned him about it, and it turns out we'd have at least one more in addition to that.

At this point I knew that I never wanted to hear the name "Vector marketing" again, but the final straw was when a girl in training went to the manager and said she did not wish to continue after that day...he was a total a**hole. He didn't even let her finish, he just turned away and brushed her off like she was dog doody on the sidewalk. If someone had told me this guy--this smiling, relaxed, funny guy--would have that response, I wouldn't believe them in the least. But I suppose if you don't have a peon to bring in more money, then you don't want anything to do with them.

Please, please stay away from Vector. The Cutco products are really good (if somewhat overpriced), but the Vector company that markets them are shady. I honestly believe that you can make a lot of money doing this, but you have to be careful not to fall into one of their unspoken loopholes. In case you're wondering, this was a small, unimpressive office at 6565 Sunset Blvd #8 , at the Sunset Plaza on the corner of Sunset/Highland in Hollywood.

Posted by: Someone at June 18, 2004 08:57 PM

NOTE: Apologies in advance for this being REALLY long... I just quit Vector today so I have a lot of pent up frustration on this issue. ;)

Okay, my intuition told me from the get-go that something was shady about this whole operation. Maybe it was the crap office building with the stained-beyond-belief carpet, the superfluous amount of random trophies strewn about, the botoxed-into-place fake and vapid smiles on every employee, or maybe it was the constant rap and top 40 music played whenever given the chance. But something JUST didn't feel right about this company... yet, being the naive (and broke) hapless college-bound high school grad I was, I was suckered into the torrent of deceit and manipulation that is Vector and Cutco cutlery.

I am seriously AMAZED at how strikingly similar your experiences all are with mine... okay, so I show up for this initial interview, and yes, I get called in by threes into this woman's office... I go in there with two girls (one who had the speaking skills of a sea sponge, the other looked like she was dressed to work her corner on Fifth and Main) and lo and behold, we ALL get "welcomed back" for the second, more extensive, 90-minute interview. Yippee! Bear in mind that we are CONSTANTLY reminded about how "selective" this yuk of a process is. She tells us how she is forced with the tumult and trials of whittling down the hundreds among hundreds of people from weeks past to an elite few. The poor girl has such a difficult decision ahead of her... it must be so hard being the Cutco "talent scout"... psh. Gimme a break! Half of those people were half-dead, the other half looked like they wandered in off the streets asking if they could use the place's bathroom but were suckered into getting a job interview the second they walked through the door. So much for selectivity! Anyways, the same woman who accepted me into "phase two" gets up into the room and stands in front of the other 3859357395 people who moved on with me, and runs her mouth for a freaking hour and a half about how Cutco is the greatest thing to grace the green Earth. "I've had my set for over twenty years, it's so durable, it's dishwasher safe, my cousin iced her wedding cake with it, my mom swears by it, it rescued our cat from a tree, Cutco this, Cutco that..." Good GOD woman, it's a freaking set of knives, get OVER yourself! And that was only the beginning of the brainwashing. I ended up being hired, but apparently, if you had a pulse, you got the job... ol' Sea Sponge was welcomed aboard as well, among many of the other non-professional-acting and looking "candidates." Then, like all of you, I had to go and waste hours of my life at the lame "training" process (aka: the tenth circle of hell)... THIS is when the deception really got intense.

So the head guy, who comes off as extremely cheerful and genuinely interested in you (oh, the irony) ringleads this whole shebang, with, you guessed it - more blind Cutco praise! "I'll never forget the look on my mom's face when I sold her my first Cutco!" UGH! These people are like a cult or something! GET A LIFE! Anyways, I signed up for this job thinking that I would be given a list of strangers who said they were interested in the product - did they EVER address this throughout the interview or early training? No way, Jose. They remain as vague as humanly possible. (I loved how they just casually dropped in the more extensive "advanced training" and 145 bucks for the kit at the tail end of day 2 training). Instead, I was asked to make a list of everyone I've ever met, and then pick and choose who I was going to present and sell the knives to (bear in mind that these people needed to meet "Cutco qualifications" - they needed to be 25-50 years old and be either married or engaged). Sorry dudes and dudettes, I don't know about you, but I do NOT feel comfortable intruding into the homes of the people I care about and coax them into buying ridiculously overpriced kitchenware. And then they go on this trip about how this is SO much different from telemarketing... "we're so low key and laid back, you only present to people you're permitted to, we use an entirely different method..." HUH? Not only WAS this, in principle, telemarketing, but it was telemarketing in its ugliest form. In "regular" telemarketing, you're calling up people to ask if they're interested in a product. With Cutco, not only are you calling people to see if they're interested in the knives, but to see if they interested in you COMING OVER TO THEIR HOUSE for a full fledged hour rambling about how great these damn knives are. And to people you KNOW, no less! I don't care if you're guaranteed money for base pay... it's just not right. I can't believe these people call themselves a "great company" with a straight face. (Speaking of racial and age issues, there was a woman of Hindu descent who was clearly at least in her 30s, was pleasant during the interview, but didn't get a job. Hope these guys are an equal opportunity employer!)

By the way, there are loads of deceptive and misleading claims about the product... LOADS. While it IS a high quality knife, there are many bent truths surrounding the hopelessly twisted identity that is Cutco. I remember seeing a post in April of 2004 (so I guess it was posted here just a couple months ago) about how the manager said Cutco is made out of 440A, "the highest quality steel," when in reality the highest quality is 440C. Yet, in June, when I was in training a matter of days ago, MY MANAGER TOLD US CUTCO WAS MADE OUT OF THE FINEST 440C STEEL BLADES. Unless the boys up in Olean, NY switched their manufacturing methods lickety split to the higher quality material, then something is definitely rotten in the state of Denmark. Another thing - since you're only allowed to make appointments with people who will "allow you to come over," you need to get that initial wave of appointments with people you know to recommend you by "word of mouth" to future prospects. The shady part of that whole procedure is that THEY ARE EXPECTED TO DO THIS WHILE YOU ARE IN THEIR HOME. You finish the presentation, and are supposed to tell them to physically pick up the phone and recommend you in order to guarantee bookings while you're getting ready to leave. That's fighting with brass knuckles and totally puts unwanted pressure on the customer (that is if they haven't had pressure to BUY the set from you since they know you and don't want to feel guilty in the first place!).

So today was supposed to be my third day of training and I called this morning to explain that I want out. The woman from before answered the phone, and I COULD NOT BELIEVE HOW RUDE SHE WAS TO ME. She was just like, "What?! Why?! Why?! This is ridiculous!!!" SHEESH! You might as well have thought I asked her to sell me crack she was so livid! First of all, I should have told that Cutco-loving bimbo to mind her own damn business; second of all, why should SHE care? You have any idea how many saps get sucked into this thing on a WEEKLY BASIS? (Plus, the managers make less money as the reps make more. That's why they're always looking for TONS of new people... so they can have more people staying at that initial level in which the rep makes nothing and the managers make everything... and replace them when most of them drop out before they get too high up on the ladder). This has so many brushes with the legality bullet it's mind boggling.

And I'll tell you another thing... to the Vector supporters: I could have sold those friggin' knives if I wanted to - you Vectorites say it yourself, it's not rocket science. I left the job not because I'm lazy, but because the company's philosophy didn't jive with my values. For those of you preaching how wonderful this company is because of the minimal amount of work you have to do, look yourself in the freaking mirror... don't you feel even the slightest amount of guilt making money this way?! (Oh, and by the by, for those of you posting in Vector's defense, the vast majority of you - if not all - sound exactly like those godawful videos I had to watch in freaking training... "Vector is so great! I get as much as I put into it!" PLEASE! Either that or you're a Vector manager... one of the two.)

All in all, while Cutco isn't a horrible product, I think people should have better things to spend copious amounts of money on than freakin' knives (ESPECIALLY when most of Cutco's realm of customers is NOT gourmet chefs that would truly appreciate superior cutlery, but they are 25-50 year old professionals who could easily get their cooking done with the regular stuff). Vector feeds off of innocent (not to mention harmless and hapless) college students and coerce them into taking advantage of their family and friends... thank GOD I got out of this thing when I did. If you or anyone you know is even considering about getting involved with this system of total lack of ethics and morals, let them know the truth. Let them know that they're too good for this, and is NOT a job that would rest easy on the average honesty-respecting individual's conscience. Let them know that Vector is a scam.

Posted by: good riddance!! at June 20, 2004 12:24 AM

my name is ryan and i am a manager at vector. first off for all of you people who claim you didnt get paid, did you even turn in your qualified presentation report? for those of you who doubt the quality of cutco my parents previously owned a set of henckels 5 star line, they cutco from me last year and they told all of their friends that cutco is way better and this wasnt even in front of me. ya like everyone else said it is not for everyone. just try it
the next issue, now some people can work very little and make a lot of money, however thats not how it is for everyone including me. i work very hard and from this hard work i have a 2003 bmw, i am paying my though a private college i also just bought a movado watch for myself and one for my dad. plus i have over 15 thousand dollars invested all of this with the money i made from vector.
i have put my resume on monsters and have received over ten responses all paying over 50k a year. and vector was my first job.
for all of you stupid ass people who have your heads all the way up their asses you cant read a damn manual give me a break put in the work and follow the manual and you will do just fine. i mean really is it that hard to listen to someone who knows what they are doing.
let me address another point for of you that go to ebay i found a playstation 2 on there the other day for 20 bucks, obviously people do sale things, come on, jesus christ.
what is up with everyone these days everything is someone elses fault if you get fat is jack in the boxes fault, if you get a ticket its the cops fault, if you fail its vectors fault. can all just take a little f***ing responsibility.
but you know what it funny that all of you who are against vector are waisting all of this time talking about how bad vector is you have nothing better to do than play video games, masterbate and talk about vector
just follw the manual and put the work in.

Posted by: ryan at June 24, 2004 03:54 PM

omg!!! did i just get scammed by vector????????? i really don't know but i will find out. some of the people here say that Vector doesn't even pay you the base salary... i hope that it is not true because i really want to get paid according to what the contract says. plus, i live in around the L.A area and if any of you guys know, people in this area aren't exactly the richest people in the world. So far, i am 0 for 12 sales, not that i didn't do the demos and call-isn, the buyers just simply gave up on the overpriced products. this should be interesting for me to find out if Vector is really a scam or not when it comes to the base salary pay next monday. also, i have the advance training 1 tomorrow and that should also be interesting to see how my wonderful manager JP Arlie goes around the loophoes ( if vector is indeed a scam). either way, i can't make a decision until they actually pay me my base salary. thanks for the time reading this haha

Posted by: rumble at June 28, 2004 05:42 PM

I interviewed for the sales position at Vector Cutco and was hired as a receptionist because I have experience in that area. Eventually I left the job to go back to school. I haven't worked there since, because I moved to another town. While I was working for Vector, I scheduled appointments for people interested in the job. All incoming calls. I learned a great deal about the products. They are very good quality. 440C Is carbon steel used by chefs because the blade is sharpest. Stainless steel dulls faster than carbon steel, but the metal is more resilient. Good for people who will have them for a long time. 440A is a grade between carbon steel and stainless steel. Sharp like carbon steel, and although it is resistant like stainless steel, it dulls faster, (which is why vector reps. resharpen them as long as you have them, for free). 440A is the grade that Cutco sells. Now that I've cleared that up, there is some good common sense I would like to impart to you if you are willing, for a moment, to clarify the situation with logic. The point of getting a job is to make money. When I worked at the Santa Barbara, CA branch, I came into contact with a great number of sales representatives (I'm not referring to the manager). All I can say, based on my personal experience, is that these kids were satisfied with the job because of the money they were making. Some had trouble, but help was available. I saw more reps. that were happy than not, and several of them were very enthusiastic about how good the job had been for them and how they made a pile of money, (according to them, much more than their peers). If Vector was a scam, it would not have been in business for as long as it has. Vector is a subsidiary. It's owned by the Alcas Corp. that's been turning out Cutco knives for about 50 years or so. If Vector COULD scam the same way for even 10 years... damn. I'd admire the cleverness it would take if I didn't know that it was impossible. If it were a scam for this long, the higher-ups would all be in prison by now and the company would be shut down. Look up how many employees Vector has. When you see that number, ask yourself this question, "If this were an illegal scamming operation, how could it have so many employees in every state of the U.S. and never get caught?" The answer is that this is a legitimate business. Vector Marketing techniques are unusual and inventive. They have been extremely successful. You may not like their strategies, guidelines, or techniques. If so, then working for Vector Marketing is not for you. Don't work for them. Get a refund on your kit. No one has a gun to your head. Case closed.

Posted by: Receptionist at June 28, 2004 09:05 PM

Did you guys know that vector marketing pays people to go complaint sites and tell everyone what a wonderful company they are? So who knows how many of these "happy" employees are real.

Posted by: Vector sucks at June 29, 2004 11:32 AM

Receptionist, in case you didn't already know Vector has only been in business about 20 years and in that time they've had the authorities come after them at least 3 times for fraud in which they settled each time, admitted to it, and promised not to do it again. It won't be long before this scam is shut down. More than 95% of all Vector recruits end up quitting once the figure out they've been lied to. Of the rest who actually bought into the scam hook, line, and sinker; some are still unhappy with it. What a terrible company.

Posted by: KL at June 29, 2004 05:50 PM

KL, Is that so? Well if this is the case, then maybe you guys are right. But, why don't you post a link to whichever site provided this information officially, (aka. not a website where some random person CLAIMS that this happened). I'm hoping you found this information in the news or on an official site that provided these legal records and that you didn't take some random person's word on it. I won't. Doing so would not be the educated choice. So let's see the proof. If you're right, I'll humbly retract my earlier statement. If you cannot provide verifiable information, then my statement will stand, because (no offense) nobody's word is good enough.

Posted by: Receptionist at June 30, 2004 02:17 PM

haha dang, this is such a huge argument. sadly, i still don't know whether vector is a scam or not until they pay me my first paycheck, or not. haha i'll see

Posted by: rumble at June 30, 2004 08:01 PM

Thanks for this imformation! I went to my interview today and was going to go to the training tomorrow until my parents told me they had found this on the internet.
My impression of all of this, having gone to the initial interview, is that Vector/Cutco is not a scam for the few people who end up doing well with it, but it is a scam for the rest. So if you know that you are extremely career/success/money oriented and driven, Cutco may be a great way for you to make a lot of money, no problem. Go for it.
If you are not in that small group, you have a big chance of getting scammed.
In my interview, selling the knives was called a "self supporting program" where every person you present to calls about 2 (or if it's a family member, maybe "14") people they know who will set up an appointment, who since they know you through their friend and the knives "pretty much sell themselves" will then call 2 other people, who will call 2 more, etc. until you soon have "192" customers lined up. This is made to seem like a minimal or average number, so basically the whole thing is a walk in the park.
This is the total opposite of all the reports I've heard online about selling well to family and friends (who want to support a college student in their first "independent" business venture) and then selling almost nothing.
I agree that the interviewer was not up-front at all about all of these things, and hearing that the more reps they sign on, the more they get paid makes a lot of sense.
I got a wierd feelings about the place when I got there, and I did notice what I thought was preferential treatment for myself and the other two white guys while the Asian and Kenyan guys were very blatanly given less attention. I glossed over these things because I'm in a position where I am under a lot of pressure to find a job. I was very ready to give my best at vector when I was offered the job.
One more thing is that I was asked whether I could start ASAP at the beginning of the interview, before I even knew what the job was or that knives were involved. Thinking I wouldn't get a second chance and that I had little chance of getting the job otherwise I said yes.
I guess that if people are in need of a job so much that they will answer an ad with no information about the job, they are very open to accepting any conditions without knowing what the work will be like.

Posted by: Dan at June 30, 2004 10:51 PM

Did any of you go to the Vector office in Edina, MN? Mitch Bloom is a real asshole, huh.

Posted by: JFA at July 2, 2004 10:42 AM

dude, i will find out soon whether vector scams me or not next monday when my paycheck comes in!! *cross fingers*

Posted by: rumble at July 3, 2004 02:30 AM

this has already been posted here but here it is again: a document showing the action the Australian authorities took against Vector

The other two suits were mentioned in a Washington Post article you can see here:

They've also been mentioned in two other Wisconsin newspapers. Again, of the 20 years Vector's been around they've settled with the authorities at least 3 times for fraud.

Maybe you should re-read the comments here and check out other sites like

Posted by: KL at July 3, 2004 10:18 AM

I love how i didnt get paid for the base pay after the 1st week.These "qualified presentation reports" that must be turned in every monday; its great that they only gave me 1 of them for the 1st weekend on that saturday after the 3 days of training, and never spoke of them again,the following week i had several demos with qualified prospects but 0 sales, and i did not get paid for them even with the PDI's which are a huge waste of your time, i guess they write down that your doing the demos just not paying you for them..took me a month to realize this was a scam. i read here that people say "its just not for you" when thats untrue because i know of people who have sales positions for respectable companies and theyre so good they could sell a freezer to someone living in an igloo.i wanna get my name onto that petition with that 1600 people or however many it is if i can. I can continue to rant and flame this company about how sketchy they were from the start but i guess the complaints speak for themselves,in closing: avoid vector like the plague theyre about as cool as falling off of a ladder. Btw, happy 4th of july i hear its a huge vector sales day.. if a vector sales rep shows up at my cookout with that sales pitch im gonna shank him with his own petite carver HAH..kidding of course...or am i?

Posted by: Dznutz at July 3, 2004 09:21 PM

sorry forgot to mention: those really good sales people working for good companies couldnt sell the knives because most people dont want them and told vector to screw.

Posted by: Dznutz at July 3, 2004 09:31 PM

Everyone here seems to be missing the point. Cutco is a multilevel marketing firm, much the same as Amway and the others. Are these all illegal organizations? Probably, as can be found in the many court cases filed against them. No, I'm not going to do your work for you and give you links to indivdual cases. You are so smart, look it up yourself! As with any multilevel marketing firm, there are some who, for whatever reason are successful. However, for every one who is a success, there are thousands who are not. They are not failures as the company would like to tell them, the odds were against them from the start. Several postings warrent remarks here. Shea stated that she was working long hours for little pay. Further she stated the sold $2500 and was due $270 in commissions. That would be about an 11% commission. Jeff Chapman says he sold $30,000 and received $10,000 commission. Of the postings I find most interesting is the one unsigned and posted on Feb 22. This person stated they had sold $10,000,000 in only 2 days. Sorry folks, but that is $10 million dollars worth of knives! They then proceed to further show their ignorance by stating that in 10 years they will have made $10,000,000,000 after taxes. That is a tidy sum of $10 BILLION dollars! I'm sure the folks at Cutco would appreciate the efforts of this person as they only work part time. Just think of what you could accomplish if you worked full time! The comment about all teh money earned and not paying taxes is also interesting. Yes, it is possible to have enough expenses to offset your tax liability. However, to accomplish this you are showing no profit which means you either have a tremendous amount of expenses, or else you have very little income. Neither case is particularly good. I would not brag that I didn't pay taxes. You never know who might be listening! As a Sales Manager for a medium size company I can assure you that in the "real" world you do not get hired on the spot for a job, nor do you pay for your demo kit. You also do not attend training at your own expense in most reputable positions. Car salesmen were mentioned in one post. The even get paid for training and many get a base salary as well. One last thought if I may. When a company is hiring sales people based on their ability to buy a demo kit, regardless of them being a college student, high school dropout or other semi-breathing person, you should excersize caution. Sales is a honorable profession. Multilevel marketing companies are not the best training grounds unless you wish to continue along this road. If so, you need to get aquainted with your local Amway representative. Who knows, maybe you can trade some knives for Amway!

Posted by: SalesManager at July 3, 2004 10:53 PM

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Posted by: Admin at July 4, 2004 04:23 PM

did anyone here never gotten the base salary pay from vector like it said it would?

Posted by: rumble at July 5, 2004 01:00 AM

Just applied for the position today in Canada, and forget $145.00, out here it's $175.00 for a start. When I talked to the girl at the office she tried to brush me off, trying to evade my questioning saying "I don't have time for this"... They lure you into the interview so they can ask you for the money. Just a warning.

Posted by: anon. at July 5, 2004 03:32 PM

My paycheck is over 2 weeks overdue and my manager says, "It was placed as a late CPO... it'll be here next week." He said that over a week ago! Also, I did a presentation within my first couple of days along with meeting their requirements for base pay (25 years of age or older and gainfully employed). I haven't received that pay either. How come it's not a scam???

Posted by: Screw Vector at July 6, 2004 06:44 PM

thankx for the info man. now i won't even bother to talk to vector about my base salary pay. anyway, anyone here knows whatz the best way to return the stupid sample kit?? after all, does the sample kit worth anywhere near 146 bucks??

Posted by: rumble at July 6, 2004 08:41 PM

My mom brought an ad she found the classroom she teaches in. She knew i was looking for a job. It had in bold letters "work for students" and beneath it in bullets were "must be 18, no experience necessary, flexibility, etcetc." Sounded like the greatest job for me. So I went to their website and applied and the next day they called, and of course scheduled me for that day because "they were filling up fast." So i had to leave early from my b/f's house to go there (their brea suite), and their suite wasnt even labels. The receptionist seemed pretty nice. But everthing seemed strange when i was in there. It looked empty, and as if postered and trophy were placed here and there just to appeal to others, especially the poster that said "travel with vector to hawaii!". seemed strange already, as if this job was a dream come true. So i went into the first room, and like previous people have already said, they had their trophies with strange names and rap/pop music on and plenty of magazines, from the teen girl ones to pretty sexual ones. posters on the wall seemed way cheesy. After i turned in my application, about 10 mintues later, i was called in for the interview, along with another girl. The ofice was plain looking, as if it was decorated last minute. The woman interviewing us was the assistant manager. She started asking questions, such as "any work experience"? I only did volunteer work, because that is what i loved doing during high school, and because that was flexible for me, also because i really didnt need a job at that time; i was focusing on my studies. She also asked if i had a car. My answer: no. The other girl of course seemed more appleaing because she was custumor sales-help for cingulair, and she drove. So the assistant manager dismissed me while she stil interviewed the other girl. I was the only one, that i knew of, that was dismised. I was out, i guess i wasnt qualified because of those 2 questions. I really hated that. Everybody else stayed for the second session. O well, after this site, its great that i was out. I can now get a real job that doesnt require taking money from your family.

Posted by: Roxanna at July 6, 2004 11:01 PM

Ok, for all the pro-Vector people... For what I said above... I didn't get paid but I had also turned in my QPR AND had a PDI right after my presentations. I still have not been paid.

Posted by: Screw Vector!... again! at July 7, 2004 09:27 AM

Salesmanager's post from July 3, 2004 is right.

Same stories, over and over, this time with yet another MLM-type called Vector/Cutco. Happens in every industry -- a vague job description with an impressive-sounding title that proposes to pay you well over what you're worth. I'm never surprised when they don't deliver FOR THE 95% THAT TRY. NOBODY should fail if they are given all the facts up front (like the actual number of salepeople who waste their time and fail, and it's invariably very, VERY high!). And it's always the same bunch that defends the company with the same garbage: "You didn't try hard enough!" "Where else is a 19-year-old going to make so much money?" "Of COURSE they don't pay you for training -- you have to pay THEM for this 'valuable' training!" And six months later, 95% of those defenders are GONE and never receive all that pay anyway... and their clients are now the company's, and so are the commission trails. Let's not forget that they likely illegally hired you as an "independent contractor", so a VERY hefty chunk of your 1099 earnings go to taxes anyway. Doh!

The financial services industry has its share of these dishonest types as well -- see for a description of the same garbage at work in that industry. It's useful for anybody considering working for ANY type of MLM or any company that employs MLM-type practices. The same complaints, the same defenses, the same outcomes. There is, however, hope for legal recovery.

So... NEWS FLASH: If it sounds too good to be true, it is. The company makes its money, only a few at the top earn enough to be called a "living", and you at the bottom "fail" and are writing it off as a collegiate "learning experience". In short, avoid any company that isn't completely up front about what the job entails. You have NO EXCUSE TO FAIL. If you have all the facts and fail anyway, don't blame yourself -- put the blame where it belongs. You just may find yourself one of thousands in a class-action lawsuit.

Posted by: Scam-O-Matic! at July 7, 2004 05:24 PM

This Place Sucks!!!!!!!!!! Do Not Do It!!!!!
I went in on an Interview and let me tell you they speak a million miles a minute and its a scam I will tell that

Posted by: Nathan Horn at July 9, 2004 12:47 PM

This Place Sucks!!!!!!!!!! Do Not Do It!!!!!
I went in on an Interview and let me tell you they speak a million miles a minute and its a scam I will tell that

Posted by: Nathan Horn at July 9, 2004 12:47 PM

dude, it looks like the vector manager guy typed in the computer on the vectorconnect to pay my base salary... whoa, if they do pay me, i guess it's not a scam as everyone says, just a very fucked up way of business.

Posted by: rumble at July 11, 2004 12:05 PM

I just got the letter, and I'm really glad I read this because I wouldn't want to be placed in that position. The letter is so incredibly vague, yet somehow gets you interested. Hail the powers of the internet. =)

Posted by: Kelsey at July 13, 2004 05:43 PM

I just got the letter, and I'm really glad I read this because I wouldn't want to be placed in that position. The letter is so incredibly vague, yet somehow gets you interested. Hail the powers of the internet. =)

Posted by: Kelsey at July 13, 2004 05:43 PM

I just quit Cutco the other day because of their shady business methods. Only 2% of people succeed in vector and it's because they are so blinded by the brainwashing of the corp. that they do not see that what they are doing is morally wrong by selling a product with lies, or they have no morals and don't care that they are ripping people off.

Posted by: Nicki at July 14, 2004 12:16 AM

Hehe, thanks for the info. I was actually accepted just yesterday to work with them, but after thinking it over, I had already decided to quit, figuring it was, indeed, a scam. I found this blog while searching for the office's number to tell them I changed my mind.Thanks for the info, whoever you are.

Posted by: Lance at July 15, 2004 09:49 AM

I found out about Vector and who wouldn't agree the add sounds good? Well to make a long story short I got the job, sat through butt-aching never ending jabber while we didn't even get a break to eat and it was alll day long! I did my appointments , never sold a homemaker and made a little bit of money. I didn't see any scamming from my managers; however, I wasn't having the meetings. Twice a week my PRECIOUS TIME . Sitting there not getting paid to be brain-washed. I live in Cleveland and they expect you to go to these division meetings in Columbus?! 4 hours away?! What a waste of time. PDI too, that sucks. I quit to work at a hotel and I personally am bettar off that way. There is potential with this job but let me warn you, to be successfull with vector you must stoop to a low level in going to the meetings and all the other crap because you are the ones who are falling for it and trying to find the easy way to get money. You can make alot of money but you haveto figure it if it's really worth all the hassle that comes with vector. I decided it's not me and it's not worth it, but I suggest deciding BEFORE you go to training!!

Posted by: Katy at July 15, 2004 08:30 PM

wow. this is some controversial shit. It seems as if the two sides that say either "vector is a scam" or "is not a scam", are represented clearly by those who aren't motivated or intellegent enough to do well with cutco, or those who are and made an ass-load of money. I have been with vector for 3 weeks and have sold about 8,500 dollars worth of knives. Some of these posts speak of bothering people who dont want or need this product. Quite obviously that is false. Factual evidence states that cutco does sell more cutlery than anybody else! I make appointments, tell them repeatedly that they under no obligation to purchase a single thing, and give my presentation. Yes, the way that we approach discounts, giving (not giving) free cutco, and which information we choose to explain and not explain about the knives is sneaky. But take your fucking moral dillemas to your local priest. We dont lie. We dont cheat. We just make it easier (if we understand how to manipulate a consumer about a product they like) to make money for ourselves. If you have never manipulated another human being to get what you want you are a fucking lier. i worked one hour today and made 115 dollars. I slept in until 1 pm. If you got up at 6 this morning to landscape because you failed at cutco i would advise taking it to your lawyer, because your time would be better spent trying to convinced a judge that it was cutcos fault that you are too dumb or morally self-riteous to read a script.

Posted by: vector lemming at July 16, 2004 10:16 PM

uh, lier is spelled "liar". maybe you should learn to spell before you make falsely positive claims about cutco/vector.

Posted by: spell checker at July 17, 2004 01:53 AM

I made no positive claims about vector itself. Lets first get this fact straight. I made a claim that intellegent and motivated kids are given here, an opportunity for success if they work hard. I also definately noted that the way vector approaches its business is somewhat dishonest, but in now way illegal. Quite obviously 18-22 year old kids are ignorant and naive, and the company preys upon these qualities through countless loads of positive propaganda. Just like every other company out there. I noticed that most of these complaints about the company are about how vector makes tons of money through those who make little for how much they work. This is not illegal! These people signed a contract that said they would not be paid hourly, and have no one to blame but themselves that they did poorly. These are also the people who said that if they did do poorly that they would fill out a sheet that makes them 13-16 dollars an hour for an appointment! Thats still more than any friend I know makes. All of my coworkers are scumbags. My boss is a scumbag. But so is yours. Everybody is driven, and fucked up, by money. So once I abuse the "vector opportunity", I'm out. And to whoever "spell checker" is: There is so little substantial content in your reply that it is almost too insignificant to respond to. Next time someone makes a minor spelling error, do your best to overlook it. Because your obvious lack of factual information for a comeback leaves you very vulnerable in an argument. If I made an error in this one, take it out on your dog. But in reply, see if you can tell me why I am wrong. Becuase I truly am interested. Im probably not as brainwashed by this giant corporation as you think I am. I merely understand that the capitalist system fucks over simple people. And unless you are going to singlehandedly solve this problem, there is no reason to take your teenage woes to an internet blog diary.

Posted by: vector lemming at July 17, 2004 01:01 PM

anyone who thinks cutco is a scam is a pussy and a little bitch. they just were stupid and sucked at the job. I've only been working with them for 8 weeks and I make a grand a week if i work hard, and yes, i get a pay check.

Posted by: eddie wisdom at July 18, 2004 07:12 PM

well... wat do you know... Vector actually pays me the paycheck today. so now i think i can conclude that vector/cutco is not a scam, but it's a very ridiculous way of business. if you know ppl that are rich and willing to spend money on craps they don't reallie need, then cutco is the perfect job for you. however, if you don't know any rich bastards, then cutco is the worst job you can ever have since you will never have the customers that will buy. i'm done with vector today because i don't know any rich families that would buy a set of knives at ridiculous price ( compare to Henkels... ya.. cutco's price is way ridiculous)

Posted by: rumble at July 19, 2004 03:45 PM

I made 300 dollars yesterday in two appointments. i didnt know either of these people. This proves that its not about knowing "rich bastards", but =that its about your persistance.

Posted by: vector lemming at July 20, 2004 12:30 PM

I made 300 dollars yesterday in two appointments. i didnt know either of these people. This proves that its not about knowing "rich bastards", but that its about your persistance.

Posted by: vector lemming at July 20, 2004 12:31 PM

sorry about that double post. read it twice though.... words of wisdom.

Posted by: vector lemming at July 20, 2004 12:32 PM

How do we know you're not a lying Vetor lackey?

We don't.

How do you explain so many negative comments?

You can't.

What do all these posts add up to?

Vector sux.

Posted by: Skeptic at July 20, 2004 11:30 PM

CUTCO IS BULLSHIT! Overpriced knives, overzealous managers, don't do it!

Posted by: Tony at July 22, 2004 11:44 AM

I had a feeling this whole vector deal was a scam. Yesterday, i went for a two hour "interview". It was ridiculous, half the time i was trying not to laugh as this girl tried to be so professional while spewing bullshit. i sat through it and was offered a job. I wonder how many people quit after selling to their families. Luckily i save my family the expense. i am glad i found this website. Now i wont have to sit through 3 days of listening to another self important person spew bullshit

Posted by: jsoh at July 23, 2004 10:30 AM

Skeptic. I personally have already explained these negative comments time and again. They are generated by those who were unsuccessful with the business. Vector did one thing wrong by using kids to market its product: when they dont succeed they find every opportunity that they can to self-riteously rise up and do something about what's "wrong". Well, be my guest and wash cars, or dogs while your rise takes place. Because I made 500 dollars on vacation two days ago, and 1000 for the entirety of last week. You may call me a lemming, or tell me Im brainwashed... but I know Vector is dishonest like every other company, and Im making a fuckload of money from them.

Posted by: vector lemming to skeptic at July 27, 2004 11:20 AM

Mr. Lemming,

How much is Vector paying you to make these false claims for them? Have you no scruples?

Dr. Skeptic

Posted by: Skeptic at July 27, 2004 11:59 AM

I worked for vector for over 6 weeks and no I was not lazy actually I sold more in my first day than the top rep in my office at that time sold in an entire week. However the problem was that I was working for the vector office near my school and I knew no one qualified in the area so inorder to sell to qualified I had to drive 4.5 hours back to my hometown to sell because of the pressure tactics and brainwashing used by my managers who make you feel like you are a failure if you can't come up with demos. After that I refused to keep going home in order to sell so I made service calls where I called people who had owned cutco for a number of years and asked them if I could sharpen their knives. Most were either upset that I had called or disconnected or wrong numbers seeing as most people had given these numbers out when the first purchased their cutco many years earlier. I was guaranteed base pay for these service calls however today when I went in to talk about a problem with my statement my manager informed me that he had not been paying me base pay on them for the past 3 weeks because I had done too many and I should be doing demos not service calls. Now this would have been fine if he had told me earlier that their was a cap on the number of service calls I could do or had let me know that he was stopping begining this week however he was taking it out without informing me. This is completely misleading and dishonest and I felt like I was lied to and used for weeks.
As far as being paid base pay for demos you will get base pay at first however most people I talked to who were doing regular demos without high sales had base pay taken away from them after a few weeks for "incentive".
And although they tell you that you make your own hours that is a complete falsehood. Yes you do get to book your demos at the times you want to however you are required to call in at least twice a day and after each demo also you are supposed to do at least an hour of phone time each night and morning, you must meet with them after each week to turn in your presentation reports, there are also mandatory meetings that can last till 1am (begining at 8:45)pm. Also managers are very tunnel visioned I didn't call into PDI for an entire day (one which I had no demos or service calls booked) because my boyfriend was taken to the hospital the night before and i had driven him 2hrs to his hometown so he could have his injury looked at by his doctor and all my manager cared about was that I didn't call in and wanted me to do phone time which I thought was entirely unsensitive. They also push you to call people either very early in the morning 7:30 am or during dinner time (hello telemarketing).

also things change once you work there for awhile they teach you new "selling techniques" which are very pushy and after awhile you don't need to have people call their friends anymore all they have to do is give you their numbers which is again a lot like telemarketing.

I feel like I wasted time and money doing this and definately ended up doing things that I would otherwise consider immoral and unethical

And anyone who says they have made a lot of money doing this remember you do have to pay taxes on it in april and also consider the gas, mileage and wear and tear on your car


Posted by: platy at July 28, 2004 02:23 PM

haha ya!! i agree wtih platy! but platy, u forgot about parking fees and all the headache/stress u put out from driving all over the places haha either way, vector wouldn't be able to scam any of the students from my school because i will be posting an entry about vector in the school newspaper! ;D i'll try to be fair in the post when i come to writing it

Posted by: rumble at July 29, 2004 11:22 AM

Vector Lemming wrote: "I personally have already explained these negative comments time and again. They are generated by those who were unsuccessful with the business."

WRONG. I, for one, have NEVER worked for Vector, and I have never been burned by an MLM. My anti-MLM comments are informed by the many, MANY complaints against MLMs. They all share common complaints, and the defenses are always the same: "You just didn't try hard enough;" "You weren't prepared for SUCCESS!!!" "I'm going to be rich in two years while you're still at a J.O.B.!!!" Bullcrap. Every one of those people who made such comments left their MLMs within a few years when they lost more money than they made, and they saw fit to create websites or post to other websites warning others not to make their same mistakes.

Your comment should read: "They are generated by those who got wise about the 'business' and are taking time out of their busy lives to help protect others." You will likely find yourself doing the same in only a matter of time, so save your comments for at least a year to avoid further embarrassing yourself.

Posted by: Scam-O-Matic at August 2, 2004 03:14 PM

Dont forget ppl, Vector 'appointments' are all warm calls, meaning they KNOW your coming / have requested you to come. Hence you not as low as a car salesmen :)

I've worked for Vector for 3 months now and have been making a steady 1800 a month. Not to shabby for doing basically nothing. Any my initial investment for the knives was only 145 dollars. How bad is that for a side job?

Posted by: Ravi at August 3, 2004 11:41 AM

To Scam-O-Matic:
What are you thinking? Your argument was "WRONG. I, for one, have NEVER worked for Vector." hmmmmm. So you have been worthlessly digging up information online that is just as biased as the money driven fucks who actually run cutco. First of all, I might add that you are wasting a fuckload of your personal time for something that menas nothing to you. As far as I am concerned this lame-ass argument will continue forever. Those who made a lot of money use that as their primary point. Those who made nothing have any number of points to justify their not making a lot of money. But one thing remains: The corporate system is fucked up. I, personally, have earned 3,000 in my first month. This is undisputable. Take that or leave it, but you cant tell me that the money that I have in my bank account doesnt exist.
That was very clever how you revised my sentence to give structure to your case. I, however, also feel that it is a bit unfounded. Maybe your sentence should read "I, for one, have NEVER worked for Vector, and I have not the experience to fully comprehend the fucked-up capitalist system of the country that I so proudly promote."
Vector is fucked up guys. But if you know the right people, and have the right intellegence, you can make a very serious amount of "hard-earned" money. Vector is merely a depiction of how our country drives the drivin to selfishly earn their status in their society. Until you understand that there is someone on top lieing to you to get more of what he already has, you need to continue to get fat by your 17" flat screen and complain about how bad you have it. You people act like you dont understand that once you gain your sainthood from "saving" all your friends from vector, that they arent going to go across the street and be eaten up by every other coorporate latter just like you are. The reason why none of this shit ever changes is that all our generation does is bitch on the computer and write an article in their fucking school newspaper. Our Presidential candidates are a testimate to how we will refuse to do anything but type our woes to a couple buddies. Its just unclear to me how you can justify getting a job at Starbucks after Vector just because they dont blatantly take advantage of you like Vector does. (vector just gets away with it because they can also earn you a lot of money) All these corporations are selling you something at all times. No matter what you do in this society you will still be lied to by who ever is on the top. Because, unless its you, there is nothing that you are going to do about it. So respond; but I want to spark meaningful conversation. Not this insulting bullshit about how I am telling "lies" about vector. Ive said nothing untrue, and I continue to beg you for conversation, but continue to get annoyingly petty sarcastic comments about how "maybe you should think first before spreading lies". If anybody is intellgent enough to come up with evidence of my "lieing", I would be very interested to be informed. But, Im telling all of you vector nay-sayers, right now, that I think that way of business is just as fucked up as you, but I am abusing it and learning how it works so that I dont have to moan the entirety of my life away about how Im too low on the financial food-chain to not be taken advantage of. But like I said, once I do, I am out. So red white and blue. Next fourth of July wave your Vector Marketing flag...because these two big busineses (America and Vector) practice interchangeable social concepts. Dont immediately rise up when you read this. Take a second to let simple emtions settle so that I dont have to read some lame comment about how Im being paid to say positive things about this company. Think for a minute about how we opperate. Its funny that the same people who are so simple to be wowed by the lies of a cutco manager in the interview, are the same lemmings who are writing all of these postings about how they continued to try and be motivated but ended up just losing all of their money to a giant business. Its the same concept that those simple minds who are so easily taken by drugs in their youth, are the same simple minds who are immedately taken by Christ (or really whichever religion get to them first) after their drug binge. These people must, and will always need to be lead by someone that our societal makeup will so willingly always provide.
Sigmund Freud- "America is a mistake, a giant mistake."

Posted by: vector lemming at August 5, 2004 01:50 AM

I think someone here has ISSUES. Learn to hit the ENTER key once in a while.

Posted by: SFreud at August 5, 2004 10:06 AM

SFreud, you dissapointed me. I asked not to be unjustifiably mocked. One thing I also forgot is that if a passage takes too long to read, our generation just does not read it. I do have issues, sir. But they are legitamate issues. So once again I beg of someone intellegent to respond with something.... anything....other than this pointless mudslinging that shows obvious weakness in your argument. I hope that someday one of you will respond with legitimacy. Goodnight.

Posted by: Vector Lemming at August 14, 2004 12:50 AM

Look, not to get personal, I really suspected Vector of being a scam at first. To begin with, it deals with sales, then they asked me to pay for a "sample kit" a whopping $145. I took 15 hours of free training (what some arrogant people refer to as unpaid-for classes), and on my first appointment, i sold over a thousand dollars, made my first promotion, and made over a hundred dollars (in 35 minutes). The next day (being as i only had one appointment my first day) i sold another 500 dollars worth of goods to my own girlfriends mom, who has been so happy with the product, the whole phillipino comunity on that side of town knows about it. I made my sample kit's charge back in two appointments, then kept selling, i make an average of about 45 dollars an hour. Truth be told, i dont work all the time, nor do i want to. My dad is a lawyer and he only makes 10 dollars an hour more than me. If you are reading into this scam thing, why dont you ask the hundreds of sales reps that are making 50% commissions on their sales. The poeple that complain about unfair job hiring, well, maybe i am just lucky to have an awsome manager, and an awsome assistant manager. And about age, yes, that has to do with the focus of helping out college students all over the United States. I do think its kinda cute though, in America, don't we all wish everything was a scam, wouldnt that be nice? Then all you rejects could be right when you posted your unenlightened comments. But seriously, if you haven't actually worked for them, don't knock them, they are the number one highest paying job for college students in America right now, but go ahead, go back to flipping burgers, i will continue to work not only whenever i want, but get paid slightly less than 50 dollars an hour for it. : )

Posted by: Advisor at September 16, 2004 12:00 AM

I forgot to add, some people are making cracks at us cutco supporters, it seems as though the only people who are condemning it either sucked as sales reps or didn't og far enough into the prrocess to know anything about it. It is funny to look at your memos about how "it seemed fishy" wow, all you little detectives. Oh, and for the record, i havent sold one knife to anybody related to me. And just about 60 percent of my appointments are sales, not to mention about a fifth of my customers have called me because they heard from a friend that i was selling them. it must be a scam, i mean, if someone wouldnt hire YOU! wow, maybe vecotr is bias! Maybe, just maybe, you have to have an IQ over 70 to make money or even get past the interview without "feeling fishy." Damn, you peole make me sick, you and your little conspiracy theories. Go ahead, live up the thirteen-year old girl's dream of uncovering some scam, to any educated monkey that knows his ass form a sack of potatos, you sound like idiots spouting your catch frases, like "felt a little fishy." Whoever wants to work for them, do two things, pay attention to your training, and ignore those people who talk about "real jobs" the ones where you work from 7 to 4 scraping up McDonalds Ratburgers and dont make as much in a day as i do on my lunch break.

Posted by: Advisor at September 16, 2004 12:20 AM

Vector is an unethical company; however, it is not a scam.

I apologize for the fact that this entry is so long, but I'm going to try and explain a lot of things about the way a Vector office works.

After working for only two weeks, I became the Asst. Manager. This happened because I was in the first group of sales reps hired, and I think the manager was pretty desperate. I worked 70-80 hours a week and my pay came out to be less than minimum wage (I was paid 2% of office sales). This part I don't regret. My manager told me upfront that I would be working crazy hours for shit pay.
What I do regret was the way we hired. First of all, the receptionists were not supposed to tell the applicants what the job was; they were supposed to say they didn't know. If the receptionist wasn't there, and I had to answer the phones, I had to pretend that I didn't know the details of the job because 'I was just a receptionist.' From what I understand though, this practice changed last fall, and now they tell you upfront that you will be selling knives.
Second thing that I would like to say is that yes, we did hire everyone that could speak English and wasn't obviously mentally retarded. We never discriminated based on race; really it made no sense to, because the way the company is set up, it is nearly impossible to lose money by hiring anyone. The manager even gets a small bonus (I think $10) when you buy the sample kit...which yes, you can return to get your money back...but to the company itself, not your office. You still have to pay shipping.

The interview was a sales pitch, and we kept records of the percentage of people who:
1st Showed for the interview
2nd Showed for training
3rd Were "launched"...meaning that they bought the sample kit.

The reason why most of the offices are so dodgy is because the manager is renting it out himself. He is an independent contractor just like the reps, and during the course of a manager's first year, he or she runs a high risk of going out of business. This is where the stories about offices mysteriously shutting down and reps not getting paid come from. Most of the base pay is paid out by the company, not by your manager. Some of the base pay does come out of the manager's check, and a few shady ones will try to get away with not reporting your appointments to the company. I doubt many are like this though because managers don't have to pay a percentage of the whole base pay. They only have to pay a percentage of the amount your base pay was over your commission pay.
If you didn't turn in a form listing your appointments, you didn't get paid for them. Managers don't bother reminding reps to turn them in because most don't need to...their commission pay is higher than their base pay, so that's what they get paid. 90% of the time a rep will only need base pay for their first week of work, after that the commission is more usually more.

This is the part where I tell you that you have to be a moron not to be able to sell these knives, overpriced as they are. Reps on average really do sell on 60% of their appointments. They don't need to be super salesmen because the sales pitch has already been scripted out for them; all they have to do is read they're manual.
Selling to strangers is not anymore difficult than selling to your family; strangers buy just as often. It is however a whole lot harder to get the appointment in the first place. This is where many of the reps start getting bored and quit...They have to spend more time on the phone, and the phone is the most hated aspect of the job.

Yes, you can make good money working for Vector. Yes, the knives sell well. Yes, they pay you. No, they're not particularly ethical. No, most reps don't make very much money, but that is only because most of them only work for two weeks in which time they only do 10 or so appointments because they don't have the initiative to get up, get on the phone and make more.

No, never ever in my life would I work for Vector again.

Posted by: Sarah at September 22, 2004 12:52 PM

I was very skeptical about Vector, I just had a feeling, but I thought Id just go to see what they had to offer me. My interview with Vector is scheduled for tomorrow, however, after reading all of the complaints, the interview will be CANCELLED! I knew I should have trusted my gut feeling and my parents skepticism. THANK YOU to all of you who expressed your feelings and opinions, I appreciate it. This is a good web site.

Posted by: Faith at September 22, 2004 08:11 PM

Before actually going to Vector, I actually went to another one of those places, basically work for student type of thing. I bullshit through the interview. I mean what type of Company calls you constantly for an interview? THEN when you get there they tell you they don't want you? Seriously if they didn't want me, why would they keep leaving messages for an interview?

I've heard about Vector, but I didn't know there were like sales, they're like those businesses "Make $$$$" no experience. Blah blah, yadda yadda. Anyways I went to the vector interview and lied on my application, I mean what the hell who cares right? They also had all those trophies around the room, like look how tight we are. Anyways, I know sales is supposed to be hard...BUT we are college student looking for a job, why the FUCK would we then pay a company to give us a job? That to me sounds like one of those mail work at home thing. I've worked for McDonalds where I had to pay for my clothes, but they took it OUT of my paycheck, I didn't have to PAY them. I mean, the reason people look for a job is because we don't have money. NOT because we have money to throw away.

For those of you who made money from Vector, more power to you, and I understand sales is not for anyone, but I've become cynical of ANY company that ask for money before I can start working for them, or have their employees say "OH we can't tell you the job because it will take too long to explain"

The real world requires hard work and dedication yes true, but it doesn't require for someone to pay for a job before you start working. Vector just preys on the college student because we are the ones who are seeking for jobs that can fit our school schedule and when they play out how much money you can make, it starts spinning in your head. Its just like that damn website where it says make 175/hr.

Posted by: lilmomo at September 29, 2004 02:24 AM

Hi all, Vector is a scam, the so called managment is full of money hungry jackasses. I worked at vector in Femont, Ca 2 years ago, for one month, I was paid two checks totaling 12.24 each!!! pissed off I went to the managment demanding my "17.25 base pay" for the 8 demonstrations I did per wk for that first month, at thet point I was told, " you only get paid the base pay, when you don't sell anything if you present to people who are likley to buy, homeowners, married, full time jobs, between certain ages, ect." this info was not disclosed to me when I was hired. I was so enraged my this process, I would have loved nothing more then to smash in their faces, a law suit, please, I knew that would be time consuming, and even if I won, what did they really owe my a couple hundred dollars? then theres the collecting process. So I found a way to get back at them, a way to scam them, and make money like I never did before, at their expense, it feels great, and there is nothing that they can do about it, so I am a top seller in a way. I didn't want the sample set anymore, so I decided to sell it on E-bay, I didn't have a digital camera so i could not post any pictures, my set sold for $378. thats when I got my idea. First I asked family and friends to go in and get hired, the first time I did this 5 of my family and friends went in, and did get hired. I gave each of them $148 for the sample set, They got their set, passed it off to me, andnever showed up for work, I used my mothers digital camera, and posted all 5 sets on e-bay that day, I posted a 7 day auction. All five sets sold for $429 I think was the cheapest. ooooo I tought...this could really be something. Then I did the process again, the following week, and so on, I still do this today. I'm out of aquaintences to use, so I use regular people, post a newspaper message, offer people $50 for their time to go in and get hired for you. I still do this, all over the place, the internet is If vector has done you wrong, and your pissed, but dont know how to get the last word, this is the way. this is the ultimate revenge, if you will, and also a way to make as much money as they said you would working for their company, it's great to know that 85 percent of people coming in and getting hired are 'working for me for the day, just so I can turn around and sell their products, for a direct profit. I hope this helps those of you who have had vector steal money, that you worked for, and rob you of your time. pay no attention to the idiots coming on here prasind and defending vector, they are just like the idiots, who appear on "make money fast" infomertials. Only trust yourself, sit down and really think before you take a job like this, especially sales, or use your money on anything that sounds suspicious, if you feel taken afterwords, then you probably got took, Take it back. I'm 21 years old, married with two kids, i'm not a college student, just someone who wanted to stay home with the kids, think about it, do the math, we moved to florida and bought a home. Just some friendly advise, and a suggestion, "dont get mad, get even"

Posted by: Kendall at October 4, 2004 07:08 PM

My son worked at CUTCO for a short time before he went into the USAF. I was happy to pay for the starter kit because I have a CUTCO knife since 1968 that is still my favorite. I think the problem I see in most of your comments is you were looking for a J O B that pays by the hour, but CUTCO is offering you a business of your own. It is unfortunate that they target young people who don't have anyone to educate them in the real world. You're not really mad at CUTCO, you're mad at yourself for being naive. The ones who made money understood that it was their business and they were the ones responsible for their income.

Posted by: Diana at October 9, 2004 04:37 PM

Diana, who are you to make the young people of society seem ignorant. Cutco does sell a good product, the knives do last, I own a henkles set, and it is just as good, no I cant cut a penny in half with the kitchen shears, but is that really worth a grand? no it isnt. I will say that the knives are a decent product, I however have more fun selling it for half of what vector does, selling the knives for what they are really worth. If you bought the set for $900 bucks, then you are dumb and naive. Not us. We were looking for an hourly job because that is what the ad stated, Even car sales men get a base pay when they don't sell, the pay rate is shitty mind you but they still egt some kind of hourly rate. We did not, and that is the law. No body is mad, We should all just get even, the way that I have, while still attacking them legally, and reporting them to the Labor Commission, I've done that too, and of course Vector thinks that they are to good to show up for a hearing which awarded me $800 for unpaid wages and time I took away from my family to file, and appear, over and over, then you go to your local courthouse and file civily. once you win collecting is the hard part. But if enough of us do this then either they will have to pay, or wont be able to afford to and end up filing for bankrupcy. Help end the vicious cycle that they have started, and Diane, The youth of America are not stupid naive kids, thats the problem with the middle aged, most of you are uptight anyway, your husband left or what ever, if we need someone older to tell us that we were wrong, then we will consult our own parents, keep your opinions to yourself, or parent where you should be, your son.

Posted by: Kendall at October 11, 2004 03:21 PM