Wednesday: 11.April.2007

YaBB Forum Glitch > 300 : No such file or directory (& Killer Waves at The Wedge)

Had a little glitch in the forums today. Received an email early this morning from NightOwl (who never sleeps), saying the FAQ had disappeared.

Of the 3,000+ threads we have (representing more than 25K posts), this is probably the worst one to lose .. cuz it's linked on every page of the Ghost guide.

Still half asleep, I originally imagined someone must've accidentally deleted the thread .. cuz that's the only way I know to 'lose' a thread.

Then I noticed the FAQ-thread still had a link on the index page (stickied near the top). [When a thread is deleted, it also removes its link from the index page.]

We've never had this problem before > An Error Has Occurred! 300 : .txt No such file or directory. (Bad juju.)

today's entry continues below

So I shot off an email to tech support of my web-hosting provider (Lunarpages), to see if they could possibly restore the missing file from their back-ups. But they wanted $75 to do that. (They wanted my credit card number *before* even discussing the restore.)

We still have an archived copy of the FAQ at the old forum, so I knew we could rebuild it (by hand) .. if worse came to worse. But I hoped for a more elegant solution.

I also posted a question at the YaBB forums (the folks who created the forum software) to see if they had any insights. While waiting for a reply there, I Googled the error and discovered the problem was not uncommon (12,600 links).

This thread (also at the YaBB forums) mentioned a guy *searching* for (using the YaBB forum software) key elements (text) used in posts contained in the missing thread. Well, I knew *exactly* what to search for, since we still had the contents of the FAQ archived at the old forum.

Lo and behold, subsequent searches brought up all posts contained in the FAQ-thread .. so all posts were still there .. even tho we could not see the entire thread (as normally is the case).

From these posts (found via the forum's search function) I was able to re-generate the entire FAQ .. in minutes. (Whew!)

But I still don't know *why* the problem occurred (meaning it could happen again). Over at the YaBB forum, Captain John (very helpful) suggested two "mods" (MOD1, MOD2) as ways to fix the problem, saying:

"I would recommend BOTH of these for your board .. since it is so large. Also I noticed you fixed your 300 error problem, but here is a fix to prevent and repair that."

I already have 4 mods installed, and you typically lose any mods on (major) forum upgrades, so I only want to install ones we really need. Maybe if this happens again .. well see. I'll look over the mods and see how complicated they are to install.

Another consideration is > I had increased (upon installation) the maximum post size from 5500 characters (default) to "9999", so folks could post bigger posts. (Suks to get a "post too big" error when you make a big post.) But maybe that's a little hard for the system to handle.

Troubleshooting contained in this thread > FAQ disappeared, and solution detailed in this thread > YaBB 300 : .txt No such file or directory

different topic

In less technical news .. monster waves rolling in today. (Hurricane at sea somewhere.) Took the bug down to the Wedge this morning (Newport Beach). It was huge (gnarly, dude), or as they say in surf lingo, it was "Going off!" Thunderous, bone-crunching waves shook the ground.

About 100-200 people stood mezmerized on the beach, watching a handful of (brave? crazy? insane?) surfers & body-boarders ride waves. Sometimes they applauded when a surfer or body-boarder caught a wave and successfully rode it in. But mostly they groaned, saying thing like, "Ooh, that *had* to hurt."

KCAL Channel 9 had a news truck there, and shot some footage of the bug (wearing orange jacket), so you might see us on the news tonight.

The cops there (Newport Beach police) said two people (1 male, 1 female) were fishing from the jetty when they got swept off by a big wave .. said they searched with helicopters for hours, but never did find the bodies .. only a straw hat and a guy's shoe. The story made front-page news in all local papers. Killer waves, literally.

Here's what Surfline says about the Wedge:

The Wedge is not a wave - it's a 20-foot-plus meat grinder dreamed up by the devil himself.

Here's some YouTube Wedge action for you. Awesome (totally). This one might be better. Here's an article from the travel section of the New York Times, titled The Lure of the Wedge, California's Freakish Wave

For more along these lines, here's a Google search pre-configured for the query > wedge newport beach surf wave

Posted by Rad at April 11, 2007 12:43 PM


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