Friday: 13.June.2003

NOD32: World's best anti-viral software

NOD32 released v2.0 of their vaunted anti-viral software. Most people who research such software consider the Australian NOD32 the world's best. Nothing but good reports for v2.0 so far. I'm still using v1.x, but have downloaded the 30-day trial for v2.0.

The truly paranoid [like me] use two different anti-viral solutions: one as our resident [always-on] scanner, and a 2nd as a back-up, to scan hard disk(s) on a weekly basis. We do this because each anti-viral program has certain strengths [such as heuristics] and weaknesses [such as unpacking].

Usually, the complementing program is a freeware version, and is strong in the area your "resident" scanner is weak. You never want two "resident" [in memory] versions operating at the same time [to avoid generating conflicts]. You can learn more about Internet Security here.

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Sunday: 08.June.2003

Motherboard Monitor

Alex sent word [from the Netherlands] that he just released an updated version of Motherboard Monitor [v5.3.3.0]. I [along with many other sites] mirror this file for him. It's posted on the Downloads page.

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Thursday: 05.June.2003

RADIFIED: 3-year anniversary

Today is the site's 3-year anniversary. You can read the very first Radified post by scrolling to the bottom of this page. Kind of fun to go back and re-read some of those early posts. Brings back memories. I still remember the excitement. It's scary to think how little I knew back then.

I had no idea which direction the site would take. I just wanted to learn about web sites and get invloved in the Internet revolution. The site seemed to have a mind of its own. How will Radified develop in the future? Your guess is as good as mine. Stay tuned and we'll both find out.

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Tuesday: 03.June.2003

Updated Partitioning Strategies

Updated the Guide to Partitioning Strategies.

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Monday: 02.June.2003

The Italian Job

Saw the Italian Job last night. Was pleasantly surprised. Enough to put it on my Recommended list. Great soundtrack. Especially enjoyed the film's understated tone .. featuring an abundance of subdued scenes .. a welcome respite from the relentless inuring sensory-overload we usually get from Hollywood.

Surprised to see Mos Def, who I first saw hosting Def Poetry on HBO. Nothing else like it on television. Great entertainment. Again, his understated style added to the film's enjoyment. No weak performances. Lots of big names.

Napster creator Shawn Fanning made a cameo appearance. The message "You'll never stop the real Napster" was displayed for all to see. You'll have to see the movie to learn the humorous spin they put on this statement. But anyone with a broadband connection who knows anything about today's new file-sharing methods, understands the subtext of what they really meant.

Speaking of Napster, I recently discovered a good site named I especially like their intro's to the different file formats such as lossless,.. MP3 & MPC. I did something like this a couple of years ago with the Radified guide to Ripping & Encoding CD audio.

For example, I discuss lossless audio codecs here. That guide has been the most difficult to keep up-to-date, cuz things change so quickly in that field. This topic really needs an entire site to address it properly .. which is why is so attractive.

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Sunday: 01.June.2003

Tragedy strikes Tania

The month opens with a tragedy: Tania was hit and killed by a bus while walking her bike across the street. We don't know all the details except it happened near the corner of Figueroa and Jefferson [Los Angeles]. Readers of Wendy's Film school chronicles will recall Tania from way back.

She graduated from Film school at USC only last year [grad school]. Tania was one of Wendy's closest friends. Wendy is devastated. Tania was a big part of her support group. She just saw Tania the day before. Tania was planning to help Wendy with her foley session [sound effects] tomorrow .. for her thesis film.

I still remember climbing the stairs to Tania's 2nd-floor apartment [called "the pink palace"]. The walls were lined with black & white photos of her and friends having fun. She was a people-oriented person. Wendy learned to edit with Final Cut Pro on Tania's Mac G4. She would often crash on Tania's couch after a long night of editing cuz her house was only a few blocks [walking distance] from campus.

Tania's thesis film, Seahorses, which Wendy edited, is currently screening at various festivals around the country. Her site is here. Bio here. She always had such a zest for life .. never said a bad thing about anybody .. made a mean salad, too. She was an interesting/fun person. The videopool describes her like this:

"Trepanier has just completed her MA in an innovative inter university Women's Studies program in Halifax. Trepanier is a bilingual, binational, bisexual woman who grew up in the Comoro Islands, Malawi and Trinidad. Much of her artistic and academic work addresses issues around cultural and sexual identity."

I remember the irony when Tania started dating a guy, and had to keep her heterosexual relationship underwraps [no public displays of affection] because she was receiving scholarship money from the Lambda Alumni Association, and she didn't want to jeopardize those badly needed funds. Opposite the usual scenario.

She was so young and had so much to look forward to. I can only imagine the thoughts that must've run thru her head those last seconds. Life seems so fragile and fleeting.

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