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GoBack causes configuration problems. (Read 44041 times)

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Re: GoBack causes configuration problems.
Reply #30 - Jan 20th, 2008 at 9:15am
Reading through this thread again, I'm so happy to hear that some folks have actually used GOBack and got good results.....

But as a technician who's worked on literally thousands of PC's over the past 27 years, I share the feelings of many other techs when I say that GoBack may be OK when it's working correctly, but when a HD glitch disables it, or corrupts it, you've effectively just LOST your HD and everything on it. 

It's not a program we see every day, so when it fouls up a HD and you can't access anything, there's no pat answer as to how to perform a recovery. 
So far, I've never seen a "Screwed Up GoBack Recovery Tool".

Most PC Service Dept's won't even try.  They reformat the HD and reload the OS and start over.

I think, NO I KNOW, that the better solution is to make a Ghost Image to a bootable DVD or to a second HD at least once a week and be assured that your valuable data is SAFE from destruction.  On most modern PC's, that process only takes just a few minutes.

Another problem with any program that only saves info to the same drive the OS is on, is that when that drive squalls, balls and smokes, the backup copy is gone right along with the master.  That's kind of fool-hardy to say the least.
And, most computers that came with GoBack installed, only have one HD. Cry

You'll find more horror stories on the internet about GoBack than for any virus.

Sorry, I got a little long-winded there.

Y'all have a great day now, Y'hear!
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