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Create Repeating Regions in Dreamweaver CS4 & Modifying Templates

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Create Repeating Regions in Dreamweaver CS4 & Modifying Templates

Step.08 » Create Repeating Regions in Dreamweaver Templates

  1. To create a Repeating Region, select/highlight item(s) to be used as basis for Repeating Region and SELECT > Insert > Template Objects > Repeating Region
  2. Name repeating region (unique, descriptive).
  3. Can add as many Repeating Regions as necessary.
  4. Note: Repeating Regions are NOT editable.
  5. If you want to be able to EDIT the content in a repeating region (you normally do), need to wrap the content in an Editable Region .. by creating an Editable Region inside the Repeating Region.
  6. To create an Editable Region inside a Repeating Region, select/highlight desired content (found inside Repeating Region) and SELECT > Insert > Template Objects > Editable Region.
  7. Name the Editable Region (unique, descriptive) & click OK.
  8. This may create a NESTED editable region, and the color-code for the handle of the outer one will become yellow.
  9. Save Template and close.
  10. Pages created from Templates that contain Repeating Regions will contain 4 small buttons » + - ^ V (add-RR, remove-RR, move-selected-RR-up, move-selected-RR-down). So you can create a duplicate of the original RR with a single click (of the + sign).
  11. It's easiest to change gfx is by selecting the image and using the Point-to-File icon. (All gfx in Repeating Regions must be same size or » problems.)

Templates require considerable planning, but are worth the effort.

Step.09 » Modifying a Template

Modifying a template allows you to make site-wide or area-specific changes. This is the single most powerful feature of working with templates. (Site maintenance.)

  1. Go to Assets panel and click on Templates icon.
  2. Click "Edit".
  3. Can also open templates via File menu » Open.

Spend extra time when planning templates .. so they are both powerful and flexible.


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