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Page 4 » Creating Nested Templates with Dreamweaver CS4

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Page 4 » Creating Nested Templates with Dreamweaver CS4

Step.07 » Creating Nested Templates in Dreamweaver CS4

Nested templates .. are child-templates based on parent-templates.

Nested templates are useful because a single template is rarely enough to build an entire site. Nested templates are more specific templates based off of more global templates.

Updating global/parent template would still update all nested templates .. giving single-file control that makes templates so attractive & powerful.

  1. Create new page from global/parent template (ensure checkmark in 'Update page when template changes').
  2. Modify template properties as necessary so new page reflects new template.
  3. File » Save as Template
  4. This new template will look pretty close to parent template, so re-structure as necessary.
  5. Instead of adding lots of default structure a page, you can create a single instance and use that to create a 'Repeating region" (which is covered in next section).
  6. Save template.

On the next (and final) page, we'll look at creating Repeating Regions and Modifying Templates. See below for linkage.

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