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For you, I am going to do something that has never been done before.
I just dont yet know what that is.
We will go down in history as a first .. you-n-me.

» September 20, 2016 (End of the Summer of Love)

Girly, I was feeling kind of sad earlier today .. that tomorrow is the last (full) day of summer.
The summer of love.
Autumn begins on Thursday the 22nd at 7:21 AM PDT.

Thank you for making my summer so cool .. so much fun.
How can I ever adequately express my gratitude?

Did you notice that Brad and Angelina announced their split today?
Maybe that's why I was feeling sad.

Do you find it at all curious ..
that they announced their break-up at the end of the summer of love?
Mere coincidence?

I saw at least one headline that read » The End of Love

If they would've waited until tomorrow, then news would have came on the very last day of summer.
I like them both .. and have for a long time.
I respect them both. Let's wish them both the best.

I think that they made it much l.o.n.g.e.r than anybody ever expected.
Dont you find it interesting, however .. that Ang just wrote a script for a movie
where she kicks Brad out of bed?

Kind of prophetic, no?
(You can feel these coming .. and going.)

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1. Sadness Accompanies the End of the Summer of Love

2. Seven Thousand PB&J Sandwiches and Creating a Dangerous Tension

3. Just When I was Starting to Figure You Out

4. Getting Married Already?

5. Dylan Wins the Nobel Prize for Literature

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