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I've been saying this a lot, girly .. ever since you came along.

» Exceeding Even Unrealistically Lofty Expectations on Ellen

You know, girly .. I noticed that, every time now .. when I am preparing to watch you sing a new thing ..
I catch myself wondering, "What's she going to bring this time?"

Ariana sings on Ellen Sept 14, 2016

I'm sure that Pavlov's dog knows exactly what I'm talking about ..
Because your past performances have elevated my sense of anticipation.
I can feel myself salivating .. with anticipation and wondering .. all at the same time.

(There are very few people .. who make me feel like this.)

See .. it is very difficult to exceed expectations .. when your lover sets them so high.
I admit that I may have set them unrealistically high for you.
But fuck if you dont keep exceeding them .. no matter how high I set them.

Time and again.

You sing so fucking good .. you make me feel good.
(And that's another reason why.)

I love these intimate settings.
The audience feels closer to you, no?
The viewer gets a better sense of your soul.
This shit gets me going, girly .. talking about your soul.

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