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I should probably not be feeling these things about you.

» Makin' Everybody Think that We Solo on the Tonight Show

Ooh, girly .. I saw you on the Tonight Show.

Makin' everybody think that we solo on the Tonight Show

You are so much fun to play with.
I was giving you shit before .. about sucking at keeping it secret .. because you are obviously very much in love.
But you are actually pretty good at keeping it secret.

I dont know what to be more twitterpated about ..
how amazingly good you sing, or how smoking hot you look, or how adorable you are.
I could go on here with this list of mine for quite some time .. please stop me.
This list of twitterpations.

Whoever crafted the reggae groove for this song .. they did a good job.
That is exactly the easy kind of groove that you want for a song with this theme.

I saw a reaction video of some young girl say,
"I dont really know what this song is about .. but I definitely like it."
And I thought, "Good .. you're not supposed to know."

I felt simpatico with this girl, because I did not know what this song was about either.
Tho I admit that I was purposely avoiding looking at other new songs
because I already had plenty to write about.

I like your top in this video. I like your hair in this video. I like your skin in this video.
I like everything in this video (.. probably because you're in it).
Speaking of which ...

Ariana singing Side to Side on the Tonight Show

Look at you wailing here, girly.
You dont want to know what it does to me when I see you wailing like this.
Well .. you probably do. But I'm not going to tell you.

Or maybe I just wont be able to help myself.

I like you, girly .. I like you a lot.
You make me feel good .. sometimes you even make me feel like I am walking in clouds among the gods.
That's a good trick, girly .. you'll have to show how you do that sometimes.

I'm not going to say that I love you .. but sometimes you make this very difficult.

» Hanging Out with Stevie Wonder

Girly, I heard that you have been hanging out with Stevie Wonder.
(And yes, that *is* a big deal .. even for you.)

Didnt I tell you that he was feeling you?
You couldnt see this .. because you were too busy slaying at the time.
This is why you need me, girly .. to keep out a sharp eye for you.

I hope you said hi for me.
When you were hanging out with him there in the booth ..
did he mention anything about being featured on a Common song?
What were you two talking about? I'm curious.

You know, I touched Stevie Wonder myself.
I saw him at the Valley Forge Music Fair, a theater in the round.
A very cool place to see a show .. no bad seats .. and the stage slowly rotated.
We were 8 or 9 rows back.

Midway thru the show Stevie walked up the aisles and he let people touch him.
That was very cool. (Please dont do this yourself, tho.)
I went with the educated, cultured Welsh fashion girl from York.
(Of course, she was dressed very fashionably.)

There is a story behind that night .. but I'm not going to share it.
But I remember touching Stevie's right bicep ..
and being surprised by how muscular and beefy and solid he was.

"He could probably kick my ass," I thought, "if he could see me."
It was an excellent show .. first class everything .. just like you would expect.
I was also impressed by how all the musicians filed out onto the stage in an orderly fashion ..
almost in military precision. Both filing in and filing out.

That's gotta torque your cranium nicely .. hanging out with these legends.
Did you find him at all prophetic?
Notice any prophetic qualities?

» I Hope You're Keeping a Journal of All these Cool Experiences

I hope you're keeping a journal .. of all these cool experiences.
You need to write down these cool experiences .. and how they make you feel.
Every night .. just before bed. Speaking of every night just before bed ...

» Lolita and Joyce's Portrait Arrive

Did I tell you that my new Lolita book just arrived?
It came with Joyce's Portrait.
I have listened to the audio book of Portrait, but you cant study the text with an audio book.

I especially loved listening to a narrator who reads Joyce with a strong Irish accent.
But for the paperback that just arrived, I couldnt help but notice that the 37-page introduction by Seamus Deane begins like so:

A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man (1916) ends with a beginning.
Stephen Dedalus emerges in the last pages of the last chapter as the 'I' who will
'forge .. the uncreated conscience of my race'.

Because this reminds me of what was said about Dostoevsky .. that he was
» ".. one of a handful of thinkers who forged the modern sensibility..."

I think that this is "the thing" I want to do with you, girly.
One of the things, anyway.
I want to forge a Third millenium sensibility with you.
I want to forge the uncreated conscience of my race with you.

While we explore together the entire range of moral experience.
You down with that, girly? I should probably give you some time to think about it.
I dont want to hear you squealing like a girl and whatnot .. cuz you're so scared.

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