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Our New Tent, Sequoia National Forest, Southern Sierra Mountains

Copyright © 2004, Rad

Our new tent: The Trailhead 4, made by The North Face
The best thing about this tent is that you can look up & see the stars while lying down at night
(when the fly isn't installed)
because 2 of the 4 top quadrants are made of nylon mesh.
Many more stars are visible in the mountains, away from city lights.
Very cool, with the sound of the river in the background.
We also got a Coleman air mattress (queen size) with battery-powered pump.
Might've been smarter to get 2 twin air mattresses.
If one person is a fidgeter, it could keep the other awake.
Limestone campground, campsite #12
Located on the Kern River
Sequoia National Forest
Southern Sierras
Photo taken: 08August2004 with a Canon G2 digital camera
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