A Chronicle of the 508 Semester at USC Film School
USC School of Cinema-Television Production
Los Angeles
, California

The World's Finest Film School

In the second semester of their first year, two students pair up to create two b&w, 16mm films,
each no longer than 5 minutes, 33 seconds long.

For the first, one student writes, directs, produces & does sound - the other shoots & edits.
For the second film, they swap roles.

Colloquially referred to as the semester from hell
the goal is to tell a story using images, without dialogue.

If students can survive the 508 semester, the rest is downhill. 
Here's why:

1. [
Welcome to 508] 07sept2000
2. [
First 16mm Shoot] 10sept2000

3. [Script-lock & First Dailies] 13sept2000
4. [
First Primary Shoot] 16sept2000

5. [Production Woes] 19sept2000
6. [
First Tears] 22sept2000

7. [Mas Production Woes] 29sept2000
8. [
Completed Shooting First 16mm Film] 07oct2000

9. [
Picture Lock] 14oct2000
10. [
Home Stretch] 24oct2000

11. [Work-Print Screening] 01nov2000
12. [
Producing a 546] 08nov2000

13. [Preparing for the Pitch] 18nov2000
14. [
Editor's Position Accepted] 02dec2000

15. [Wrapping up the Semester] 10dec2000
16. [
Grades] 04jan2001

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