A Chronicle of the 507 Semester at USC Film School
USC School of Cinema-Television Production
Los Angeles
, California

The 507 semester is the first of a 3-year program at the world's finest Film school.
During the semester each student makes 5 digital video short movies by themselves.

They write, produce, direct, shoot, edit & do sound.
In other words, they do everything (but sleep).

Also available:

The 508 Semester] Fall, 2000
The 2nd semester of the first year

The 546 Semester] Spring, 2001
The first semester of the 2nd year

The Fall 2001 Semester] Fall, 2001
The 2nd semester of the 2nd year

For Wendy, this marks the beginning of a dream-come-true.
Enjoy the journey.

[Intro, Part one] July, 2000
[Intro, Part two] July, 2000

1. [Acceptance Letter] 24sep1999 
2. [She's Off] 07jan2000 am

3. [First Impressions] 07jan2000 pm
4.[More First Impressions] 08jan2000

5. [e-cinema] 10jan2000
6. [First Day of Classes] 11jan2000

7. [End of First Week] 16jan2000
8. [Film #1 Report Card] 19jan2000

9. [End of Second Week] 20jan2000
10. [Week #3] 27jan2000

11. [Week #4] 03feb2000
12. [Film #2 Report Card] 03feb2000

13. [
Week #5] 06feb2000
14. [Film #3] 09feb2000

15. [End of Week #5] 10feb2000
16. [Done Shooting Film #3] 15feb2000

17. [Sad & Disturbing] 19feb2000
18. [Done Editing Film #3] 24feb2000

19. [Film #3 Report Card] 25feb2000
20. [Prof Puts Smack Down] 28feb2000

21. [Midterm Progress Report] 01mar2000
22. [Prof #2 Puts Smack Down] 3mar2000

23. [ Halfway Point] 9mar2000
24. [Breathe Posted] 14mar2000

25. [Spring Break] 17mar2000
26. [Film #4 Picture Lock] 20mar2000

27. [
Film #4 a Wrap] 23mar2000
28. [Film #4 Report Card] 24mar2000

29. [Vandancing Posted] 27mar2000
30. [Shoot Film #5] 01apr2000

31. [First look at 16mm Cameras] 04apr2000
32. [Spike Visits USC] 07apr2000

33. [Film #5 a Wrap] 13apr2000
34. [Film #5 Report Card] 15apr2000

35. [Metallica Sues USC] 18apr2000
36. [Pearl Diver Posted] 20apr2000

37. [Final Week of Classes] 01may2000
38. [She's Done!] 17may2000

39. [Grades] 25may2000

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