Radified Bandwidth Usage for July, 2001
Posted: 31jul2001

Radified used 2.86 GBs of bandwidth (not including FTP) for the month of July, 2001.
Tomorrow (01aug) it resets to zero.

I'm not sure how these numbers compare to other sites,
but I know they're growing at ~20% per month.

Small potatoes for mega-sites, but encouraging for me,
especially since the site is barely a year old, and serves primarily text-based web pages.

I don't advertise.
Traffic comes strictly from word-of-mouth (
Referrals) & search engine queries.

Notice that I'm only using a small fraction (19%) of the allotted disk space.
Plenty of room to grow.

The site's web-hosting plan is
here. (They have since imposed a 25GB/month limit.)
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